Top 9 Best Wire Connectors [2024 Review] – Buying Guide

Yellow wires managed with a white strap

Wire connectors connect two wires. That is the extent of their functionality according to most people. But what if we tell you that there is more to it than meets the eye? So for all you aspiring tinkerers and handymen, let us dive deep into the importance of these intricate devices. Top 10 Best Wire …

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Are Ikea Allen Keys Metric?

Set of black allen keys

Trying to find the right hex keys for your furniture? Then we highly recommend you use Ikea Allen keys. But are Ikea Allen keys metric? Or do they only sell imperial ones? We have got all of your queries covered in this guide, so let’s dig in. Are IKEA Allen Keys Metric? Hex keys are …

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How to Jack Up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

Man and a woman sitting outside the trailer

Dual axle travel trailers provide additional stability when traveling at highway speeds. Extra tires on the trailer make it easier to carry heavier loads while providing greater suspension than comparable trucks. So, how to jack up a dual-axle travel trailer? Let’s check it out in this guide. How to Jack Up a Dual Axle Travel …

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Can I Use Pliers Instead Of A Wrench?

Various types of pliers

Do you miss out on a wrench to carry out your bolt tightening application? If yes, then you are definitely up for some improvisation. It is better to look for some household tools that can replace a wrench for your immediate application. People have questions about whether they can use pliers as an alternative to …

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Can I Use A 12 Point Socket On A 6 Point Nut?

Various types of sockets

A 6-point socket is hexagonal in shape, whereas 12 point socket is double-hexagonal in shape. In fact, the 12-point socket also has the name ‘double-hex.’ All the points within the 12-point socket are in the spacing of 30° increments around the circle. And the 6-points socket has the spacing of each point at 60° increments. …

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Are Torx Screws Better Than Phillips?

Phillips screws

The Phillips screws come with a cross-shaped head that centers the driver over the screw. In addition, the screw head has round corners and angles, helping the driver slip out during application or implementing high pressure. Phillips screws are widely available but are less expensive in comparison to Torx screws. Torx screw, on the other …

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Are Hex Screws Better than Philips?

Three pieces of hex screws

Both hex and Philips screws have got their names depending on their screw drives. In fact, screws are the most important essential in all engineering and construction projects. But, there is often confusion regarding which screw type is better than the other and why. Similarly, people are in a dilemma to choose between hex screws …

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Are 12 Point Sockets Bad?

A set of socket wrenches

The points determine the number of sides within the socket. And there are mainly two preferable sockets with 6 and 12 points. A 6 point socket is feasible to go along with any of the standard hex bolts or nuts. It is hexagonal in shape, and when spaced at 60-degrees, it can hold an entire …

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Can I Put an Allen Wrench in a Drill?

A set of Allen wrench keys

If you have Allen wrenches that you have not used, then it is time to put them into use now! When you have a workshop, you do have some loose Allen wrenches around the place that are not in their toolsets anymore. And, they can be good drilling attachments with the correct implementation. Also, that …

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How to Use a Strap Wrench: Beginner’s Guide

A nylon strap

You probably know the pipe wrench, the adjustable wrench, the socket wrench, the Allen wrench, and even the combination wrench. But you probably don’t know about the strap wrench. Don’t worry, though. We’re going to teach you what it is, the different types available, their benefits, and how to use a strap wrench correctly. You …

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Top 10 Essential Hand Tools Checklist for Your Toolbox

Some hand tools on the table

Do you want to gear up your home with all the most useful hand tools available? Then you’ll want to know about our essential hand tools checklist. Here, we’re going to talk about 10 of the handiest tools you can have at home. From drilling a hole in the wall to screwing or nailing things …

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How To Use A Tap And Die Set: Let’s Find Out

How To Use A Tap And Die Set

We are living in the age of scientific achievements. In no era in history, mankind have made so much advancements in science and technology. We are literally living with machines. Machines have made lifestyle easy and comfortable for us. So let me ask you a simple question. What is the contribution of nuts, bolts or …

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