Top 10 Best Wire Wheel For Rust Removal [2024 Review]

A rusty lock of a rust stained wooden box

Are you tired of those rusty window rails or nooks and crannies of your favorite tools or jewelry? Afraid that it’s time to get rid of those essential metal objects without even being able to resell them because of how unsalvageable they are? Well, there was a time when the slightest specks of rust in …

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Top 10 Best Rhinestone Glue [2024 Review]

Rhinestones and crystals stacked together

If you are into art and craft, you might often want to decorate a variety of objects with paints and rhinestones to further beatify them. To attach rhinestones to something, whether it be on fabric or a solid object, you will need rhinestone glue. The type and quality of the glue used might seem to …

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Benefits of Oil Catch Can and Why You Should Use One

A white oil catch tank

Tired of your car’s poor fuel economy and cold starts? Well, it might just be the best time to install an Oil catch can! Internal combustion engines, there is a lot of build-up pressure in the crankcase. As the pistons inside the engines go up and down continuously, they are pushing a lot of air …

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Wax vs Sealant: What’s the Difference?

A man wiping a shiny car outdoors

In maintaining the paint, texture, and polish of your car, you would need to choose the best protector for this. When you want to do this, you need to think about the wax or sealant preservation. The wax or sealant are two ways of preserving the paint of your car. Both of them have come …

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Difference Between Synthetic Blend Oil and Regular Oil

An oil pouring to the surface

The oil acts as the lifeblood of the engine of your car. It enables the parts of the car engine to move smoothly without one wearing out the other. After going kilometres and miles, you will need to change the engine oil of your vehicle and leave with the choice of synthetic blend oil vs …

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How To Easily Remove Galvanized Coating From Steel

Bolts and nuts on a wooden table

Zinc coating is applied in steel to protect it from oxidization and corrosion. This process is known to us as galvanization. Zinc coating must be stripped from steel before welding it. Otherwise, it will contaminate the environment by releasing toxic fumes. In this article, we will learn how to strip zinc plating from steel in …

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Easy Steps To Clean Concrete Garage Floor

A clean and shiny concrete garage floor

Who likes to have a dirty garage? We all know the answer. Nobody likes to have an oily, stained garage. Having a dirty, unclean garage adds embarrassment in front of family and friends. Moreover, greasy chemicals would be really damaging for your concrete garage floor. If you do not clean your garage floor once in …

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How to Etch Metal With Vinegar? Let’s Find Out

A person trying to etch something with a metal

​How many times did you want to have your own customized logo etched on a metal object you use? Whether it be a stainless steel knife or a random metal sheet, you can etch text, logo and whatever you like by applying vinegar method. You heard me right. You no longer need to take the …

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How to Harden Mild Steel? Check Out Different Solutions!

Person handling steel with sparks and protective equipment

If you ever came across to a mild steel, then you probably wondered how to harden this piece of metal. It’s very interesting to see mild steel that you can give whatever shape you want. Things get interesting when it’s about hardening it. There are various ways to harden mild steel that doesn’t require industrial …

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Best Rust Converter – Top 12 Reviews [2024 Review]

A rusty old set of tools

No matter how well you maintain your metal tools, you’ll see some rust once in a while. When that happens, you can choose to use the best rust converter to remove the rust immediately and save the tool or wait until the rust eats into the metal and you suffer heavy expenses in repairs or …

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Belt vs Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – Comparison Between them

Belt and Chain

Close to 96% of the garage door opener sales has two distinct types, and they are the belt drive garage door openers and the chain drive garage door openers. These two types of garage door openers are so evenly popular that most times one might feel confuse between a belt vs chain garage door opener. …

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What Is the Difference Between 5w20 and 5w30 Oil? Expert Answer

A man pouring oil unto the car

5w20 and 5w30 oils are types of oil which have differences in their rate of viscosity. The rate of viscosity of a liquid describes its thickness and stickiness and, therefore, talks about the property of that liquid to flow easily. When the number is higher (an example of this here is the number 30), then …

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