Belt vs Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – Comparison Between them

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Close to 96% of the sales of garage door opener has two distinct types, and they are the belt drive garage door openers and the chain drive garage door openers.

These two types of garage door openers are so evenly popular that most times one might feel like, belt vs chain garage door opener, which one to go for?

Yes, this question tends to compare the two garage door openers and finds out which is the best type of the two.

Of course, in answering the question of belt vs chain garage door opener, one would tend to argue in support of one of the two garage door openers. However, these two door openers have their own sets of advantages and their disadvantages.

Individual discretion would also come into place in choosing the best between them and, of course, the personal choice won’t cease to play a part there.

Here, the advantages and disadvantages of the belt drive garage door and the chain drive garage door would be openly discussed. So, you can feel free to choose which is the best between them.

How To Determine The Right Garage Door Opener For You

The chain drive door uses a metal made chain to drive the doors while the belt drives use a belt to drive the garage doors on their track.

Herein, chains are interlocked and joined together while the belts are matched together with successive loops inside the belt.

To know the one that’s best for you, simply read on as the comparison will be done.


It is one of the most important things to check about any garage door opener you have on the choice list. Strength is vital and works as a major determinant while choosing between two choices.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
In terms of strength, the belt drive can lift almost all garage door types. They are very durable, and they have really been developed with time to be extensively used across other machines (such as motorcycles). Chain drive has the ability to lift two garage doors at the same time. This may be a struggle in the case of the belt drive. Also, when doing the lifting of that amount of garage doors, they will do so without any fear of slipping in the process.


Noise is another fact you will want to think about. After all, you never want to intentionally disturb your neighbours and receive complaints when you meet them for a casual chitchat.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
The plain truth is that the belt drive is very quiet when bringing up or lowering down your garage doors. They make concise or no noise and are so quiet. In their operation as well, they are quiet to operate, and noise is eliminated with it. Chain drive, no doubt, makes noise when in use. There is just no way you can avoid the noise with this garage door opener. When lowering the garage door, you can be sure of noise as is when raising it. Chain drive is best for garage doors which are detached from the house as the noise would not have any effect on the people in a home. The chain drive door uses a metal chain to drive the doors, and this would show that they would sure make noise when in use.


Yes, speed matters, at least as much as the strength of your door opener does. We say, these two go hand in hand. Who likes to die waiting in the car for the garage door to open? We bet, you don’t.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
Belt drive garage door opener opens your door at a faster speed at least when comparing it with the chain drive. The efficiency in doing this is well adapted for with the make of the belt drive. The chain drive would open doors too at its own speed but with a speed lesser than the belt drive counterpart.


The installation process is another consideration fact here. It is obvious that some will be easier and others will be a bit complex when installation hassles come at hand.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
During installation of a garage door opener, the belt drive garage door opener brings ease in its way of installation. It is easier to install than the chain drive. The chain drive is slightly not so easy when you want to install it. It takes a bit of time and other things when you are trying to install the chain drive.


Now, availability can become a big issue if a certain model, specifically you model of choice is rare in the market. This issue gets even bothersome while finding repair parts or accessories for that unit too.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
You can sure get the belt drive at various places where they sell related things. It is not scarce, and a replacement can be done easily. Chain drive, just like the belt drive, is also available at various places where they sell such products. It is easy to replace them without having to look all around.


This maintenance thing is important as heck! None of us wants to have a door opener that requires frequent maintenance and repairs. It adds up extra cost and labor that will make you hate the door opener you have.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
Belt drive garage door opener has a little maintenance cost and commitment in comparison with the chain drive door opener as it needs not be lubricated. The Chain drive garage door opener, on the other hand, needs to be lubricated and this is an extra cost which also adds additional commitment.


No doubt, every car owner wants a long lasting garage door opener for his money. You don’t like the trouble of buying a new one and replace the one you have bought last month.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
This garage door opener has a lesser lifespan in comparison to the chain drive garage door opener. They will need a constant replacement at a certain period of times. The chain drive garage door opener, on the other hand, will last longer. It is durable, and replacement takes longer, unlike the chain drive.

Natural Phenomenon

Nature can turn your garage door openers shit in no time. This happens when your thing is prone to humidity, temperature changes etc. Therefore, it is better to opt for a material that can withstand the natural phenomenon.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
Natural phenomenon like humidity or temperature would affect belt drive. They may shrink it or just change the form. The Chain drive garage door opener, on the other hand, is very strong against temperature or another phenomenon. They stand firm and strong in changing humidity or temperature.

Price Point

Last but not the least, the price! Sometimes you win with the price of a certain product. Like; you will find many alternatives that offer more in lesser price tags. So, keep that search intend in mind while going a garage door opener too.

Belt Drive Chain Drive
These are a little bit expensive in the market, and this may even account for the reason why it may be scarcer than the chain drive. The chain drives are less expensive, and in fact, this may account for its abundance. They are easy and affordable in the market.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. My garage door is refusing to close, what might be the problem?

It may be from the light beam sensor.  Most of the modern garage doors have a built-in beam sensor that detects if anything is blocking the way. If there is, it refuses to close the door to avoid destruction or cause injuries.

2. My door does not have beam sensors and is not closing?

If you’re sure that your door does not have beam sensors, check there might be a physical block on the path.

3. My door is not responding to remote inputs, what might be the issue?

Check the batteries of your remote controller. If they are just ok, check your door for proper installation.

4. Do I require someone for the installation of the new garage door?

Not in most cases. There are many models that come pre-assembled, and you can easily install or troubleshoot for problems on your own.

5. My door is making odd squeaky sound and vibrations, is this normal?

Though Chain openers generate more vibrations that are usually louder compared to their counterpart, the belt-driven door drives. However, if you find that more sound and vibration is being produced than usual, something may be wrong with the chains or belt. Check for rust or damaged area.

Final Verdict

It’s still your choice to choose between the belt drive garage and chain drive door opener. There will always be the one which appeals to the mind of each person. Whichever one you choose, just make sure to use your heart’s content and be satisfied.