Top 9 Best Wire Connectors [2023 Review] – Buying Guide

Yellow wires managed with a white strap

Wire connectors connect two wires. That is the extent of their functionality according to most people. But what if we tell you that there is more to it than meets the eye? So for all you aspiring tinkerers and handymen, let us dive deep into the importance of these intricate devices. Top 10 Best Wire …

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Top 11 Best Water Shut off Valves [2023 Review]

A divider with a shut off valve

A small leak from under the bathroom or kitchen sink can lead to a major disaster. Sometimes we can’t even hear the water trickling and slowly taking the shape of a flood. Hence, it’s important to get the best water shut off valve to prevent it from happening. Top 10 Best Water Shut off Valves …

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Top 10 Essential Items for Tactical Gear Checklist

Holding and nagivating a map

A tactical gear should contain the most essential tools that can help you survive. It should be flexible no matter what situation you will be put through. From nuclear attacks to foreign invasion, it should help you survive.  Top 10 Tactical Gear Checklist 1. A Gun (With Ammunition) First of all, you need a gun …

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Best Brass Cleaner [2023 Review]

Brass lamp and pots

While you can make your own brass cleaners with natural ingredients like lemon and baking soda, there are some commercial brass cleaners out there that can make your life easier! To save you from the headache of getting on a hunt for the top brass cleaner, we have compiled a list of the brass cleaners …

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How to Test Alternator by Disconnecting Battery

Car's clean alternator

Are you facing issues with your alternator and want to learn how to test an alternator by disconnecting the battery? We got you covered. This guide highlights the prominent reasons behind its damage and the step-by-step methods to do it in detail. How To Test Alternator By Disconnecting Battery Before we get into our major …

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What Is the Average Lifetime of Brake Rotors?

Old rotor brake

Have you ever kept track of how many times you slam on the brakes to stop or slow down your automobile when driving even a short distance? Probably not. Do you know what the average lifetime of brake rotors is and how you can extend its life? No?! Then, let’s find it out below. What …

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What Is the Best Distributor for Chevy 350?

Close up image of Chevy 350 engine

Is your search for finding the best distributor for Chevy 350 still on? But, you don’t know which specs you should focus on? Then you should definitely check our guide on what is the best distributor for Chevy 350.  What Is the Best Distributor for Chevy 350? HEI Distributors come in various shapes and sizes. …

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Best Oil for Subaru Forester [2023 Review]

Subaru Forester in the forest

Subaru Forester is a compact crossover SUV with a strong engine and powerful capabilities. Therefore, it is important for its owners to choose a proficient engine oil that comes with the specification API PS, ILSAC GF-6. This is the grading that gives a clearance of motor oil to be used over the Subaru Forester. So, …

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Best Lockers for Jeep JK [2023 Review]

Jeep off-roading in the mud

There are endless stories of how Jeep JK owners get themselves into problematic situations during off-roading. If you have a Jeep JK, then you are probably an off-road lover. A locker is responsible for spinning the wheels in different directions to make the vehicle a bit more agile and maneuverable. Therefore, it is important for …

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How Long Does It Take To Drain a Car Battery?

Jumper wires on car battery

Batteries are the most vital part of any vehicle. A battery is installed into a car to convert chemical energy to electrical energy when the user turns on the car’s ignition. The battery also helps in keeping your car sustainable. The battery provides power to all the components installed inside a car so that they …

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Are Ikea Allen Keys Metric?

Set of black allen keys

Trying to find the right hex keys for your furniture? Then we highly recommend you use Ikea Allen keys. But are Ikea Allen keys metric? Or do they only sell imperial ones? We have got all of your queries covered in this guide, so let’s dig in. Are IKEA Allen Keys Metric? Hex keys are …

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