0w20 vs 5w30

Car engine

0w20 and 5w30 are ideal motor oils with low viscosity for all temperature conditions. Both of these oils are quite popular for all types of car engines. It is because the smoothness of oil flow is proficient in both these oils. Also, changing your car’s oil helps the vehicle engine revive and stay active over …

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Are Car Touch Up Pens Any Good?

Close up shot of a car headlight

The car touch-up pens are also referred to as magic pens by most brands. These pens have the magical ability to remove the scratches from the car’s paint. In fact, the manufacturers guarantee that these pens have the potential to match any color and any paint for hiding the scratches. Also, the price for such …

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Can a Deep Scratch Be Buffed Out?

Person using a buffer to remove car scratch

Buffing a scratch means the use of polish and rubbing compound altogether in phases to treat the area. It is an easy process but demands some experience for understanding the steps involved. In fact, there are different methods other than buffing, such as using a scratch repairing kit or applying touch-up paint. However, they are …

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Are Hex Screws Better than Philips?

Three pieces of hex screws

Both hex and Philips screws have got their names depending on their screw drives. In fact, screws are the most important essential in all engineering and construction projects. But, there is often confusion regarding which screw type is better than the other and why. Similarly, people are in a dilemma to choose between hex screws …

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Are 12 Point Sockets Bad?

A set of socket wrenches

The points determine the number of sides within the socket. And there are mainly two preferable sockets with 6 and 12 points. A 6 point socket is feasible to go along with any of the standard hex bolts or nuts. It is hexagonal in shape, and when spaced at 60-degrees, it can hold an entire …

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Can I Put an Allen Wrench in a Drill?

A set of Allen wrench keys

If you have Allen wrenches that you have not used, then it is time to put them into use now! When you have a workshop, you do have some loose Allen wrenches around the place that are not in their toolsets anymore. And, they can be good drilling attachments with the correct implementation. Also, that …

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Can You Clean a Bathtub with Dawn Dish Soap?

Father and son cleaning a bathtub

A bathtub is an elegant essential of any bathroom! And you need to keep it clean to ensure that it keeps replicating the shine and appeal it used to when new! Also, people often call in for professional assistance, which is a waste of money. Why call professionals when you can implement DIY methods for …

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Can You Cut a Porcelain Bathtub?

A bathroom with white porcelain bathtub

Porcelain bathtubs can add a beautiful appeal to your overall bathroom space. Apart from that, they also have water-tight, sanitary, and easy cleaning properties that make them ideal for bathtub construction. But porcelain is just another ceramic that tends to be fragile in certain scenarios. Therefore, cutting the bathtub to renovate it might not be …

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Can You Get Scratches Out of Porcelain?

Person wearing a yellow glove cleaning a porcelain sink with a sponge

The porcelain sink is mainly preferred to be used in houses. In fact, it acts as an elegant inclusion for household renovations or constructions. Mostly it is fixed in the kitchen or bathroom. Also, it is durable. However, irrespective of being durable and sturdy, it is also vulnerable to scratches and minor wear & tear. …

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15w40 vs 20w50

A heavy-duty engine with a small oil depository

Viscosity is the major factor that decides whether a particular engine oil stands out among others or not. And 15w40 and 20w50 have certain categorizations based on such similar aspects. For example, 15w40 has a viscosity rating of 15 and 40 for low and high-end temperatures, respectively. And 20w50 oil has a viscosity rating of …

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5w20 vs 5w40

Pistons inside a car engine

When choosing motor oil, the primary concern is its viscosity, which decides whether it is ideal for use in vehicles or not. For example, 5w20 and 5w40 are the best picks, as per the top auto manufacturers. Also, 5w20 and 5w40 have similar low-end temperature viscosity that make them suitable for vehicles in cold climates. …

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0w20 vs 0w40

A red oil tank in an engine block

A lubricant intends to help improve the functionality of the engine components, especially the internal combustion engine. With the right motor oil, such as 0w20 and 0w40, which are low on viscosity, the capabilities of powering the vehicle enhances. Not just for cars, but 0w20 and 0w40 are preferable for motorcycles, engine generators, industrial equipment, …

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