Can I Use Sandpaper To Clean My Toilet?

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The toilet bowls very commonly attract brown stains, and they are quite frequent. It depends upon the material of your toilet, which makes it more prone to staining. People do not often seek frequent replacements of their toilet bowls, as it is expensive and a complex job.

Therefore, they prefer to use different stain removal techniques for this purpose. And people do have queries upon whether they can use sandpaper for cleaning the toilet. 

Can I Use Sandpaper To Clean My Toilet?

The answer is yes! You can definitely use wet or dry sandpaper for cleaning out the stains from the toilet bowls. The mineral build-ups due to hard water are the primary cause of those brown stains. Apart from that, another reason is improper flushing. Irrespective of the reasons, sandpaper is an ideal pick for cleaning your toilet. 

In case you want to know more about cleaning your toilet with sandpapers, follow this article. It will answer your question, “Can I use sandpaper to clean my toilet?”. Please go through it in detail and get the necessary information.


Ideal Way Of Cleaning The Toilet Bowl With Sandpaper

Without wasting much of your time, let’s help you get an idea of the steps that you can use for cleaning toilet bowls with sandpaper. 

  1. Get all the essential supplies, especially the sandpaper of appropriate grit size. 
  2. Also, you need to put on latex or rubber gloves for the cleaning approach.
  3. Cut small squares of sanding paper or screens. (2 pieces)
  4. Use a solution named Barkeepers Friend, and sprinkle it inside the toilet bowl. Barkeepers Friend is a universal solution that consists of oxalic acid, feldspar, and DDBSA (Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate). It is most preferable for cleaning Porcelain or other sanitary-ready materials. Also, keep in mind not to let this solution come in contact with your skin, as it might cause irritation! 
  5. Use the sandpaper pieces, and scrub the toilet bowl in a circular motion. 
  6. Be gentle on your approach, as you might damage the toilet bowl if you exert more force. 
  7. The hard water stains will go away with gentle scrubs! 
  8. Continue to clean the toilet bowl until you observe a clean toilet without any stains. 
  9. Now, flush the toilet to remove the residues of sandpaper and the barkeeper’s friend. 

This YouTube link describes the hacks of how to clean your toilet with sandpaper! And, you can also get a visual demonstration for proper understanding. Hence, check it out!

Things You Need To Avoid For Cleaning The Toilet Bowl

There are commercial cleaning kits available for you to clean out those hard water stains, but some people prefer using household remedies for this purpose. One such product is sandpaper. But, there are certain products that you need to avoid too. They are: 

  1. Bleach solutions- The bleach solutions will worsen the hard water stains and might even make them permanent. 
  2. Also, do not apply the vinegar solution and leave it overnight. 
  3. Do not use baking soda upon your porcelain toilet bowl. 
  4. Borax is also an enemy for your toilet bowls. 

These products might give clean outputs to your toilet bowls but will damage the material. Damaged toilet bowls will hold up more stains, and eventually, you might have to seek replacements for them. Also, Porcelain and other sanitary materials used for toilet bowls are fragile. Hence, you might need to be extra cautious while using sandpapers as well. 

Clean toilet bowl

In addition to that, do not use industrial-grade sandpapers that you have in your workshop. They may damage the surface texture of your toilet bowl, and there might be a bigger problem than stains. Therefore, you can prefer using a 1500grit drywall sandpaper for cleaning the hard water rings and stains off the toilet bowls. 

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This article has put up a clear answer for how you should clean the toilet bowls with sandpaper. Apart from that, now you are aware of what you need to avoid. Therefore, keep in mind all preventive and adaptive measures to get a clean and tidy toilet free from stains and foul odor.

But, do follow the sanitary hygiene as well, and flush the toilet properly after every use!