Best Cam For Stock 350 Chevy [2024 Review]

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If you want to improve your vehicle’s performance and how much power it can output, a camshaft can help you with it. A cam is beneficial for piston-driven internal combustion for engines like Chevy 350. But how to find the one? Don’t worry because this guide has summarized the best cam for stock 350 Chevy in detail for your help.

Our Top Best Cam For Stock 350 Chevy Reviews

It’s worth it to upgrade your Stock 350 Chevy with the correct camshaft as you’ll see immediate improvements in performance. We have categorized the top picks in five different fields to provide a better point of view to you.

COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr Camshaft

The Camshaft from COMP Cams, one of the best comp cams in the market, takes the top spot. They have put in a lot of effort over the last 30 years to develop and design the Thumpr series of camshafts.

This camshaft kit operates well with premium-performance street stock converters, but it performs best with converters and gears rated at 2000 or higher, giving you the best possible engine performance.

Furthermore, this comp cams product has a very high RPM operating range, allowing it to perform at its best across a wide RPM operating range — from 2000 to 5800 RPM operating range.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that it has a complete set of tools. It doesn’t just only come with it; it also comes with a group of lifters, assembly lubricant, and a written manual with installation instructions.

It also has an optimal overlap created by the early intake valve opening and long exhaust valve duration, which results in a tough exhaust note and increase in power.

Its numerous outstanding features will significantly improve your vehicle’s performance, providing more horsepower at the most affordable price.

The shape of the circular rings determines the duration of the valve opening on the cams. The faster the engine works, the more air intake and exhaustion it can handle. The circular rings on the COMP cams are pretty crucial since they aid in extending the exhaustion period and contribute to the engine’s distinct sound.

To get a flawless result, you’ll need a stall converter of at least 2800. Torque converters are also recommended if you want to use your vehicle as a streetcar. It rotates at a rate of 2500 to 6400 revolutions per minute. This little cam outperforms any larger cam in terms of performance. Because of its lower price, you do not have to sacrifice the camshaft’s longevity or performance.


  • Excellent engine and idle noises
  • RPMs are of high range.
  • Exhaust note with a lot of oomph
  • Cons: All-inclusive kits are available.


  • Idle time is high.
  • High vacuum pressure is a possibility.

Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Plus Camshaft and Lifter Kit

Next up is Edelbrock’s camshaft and lifter kit. Since 1938, the comp cams company has been one of the best manufacturers and distributors of high-quality comp cams and replacement components for the automobile aftermarket cams.

This camshaft and lifter assembly work with Chevy V8 engines with displacements ranging from 265 to 400 cubic inches produced between 1957 and 1986. From the low to the intermediate level, it may provide an increased torque performance.

You can couple it with Performer manifolds for vehicles that run from off-idle to 5500 RPM. As a result, they are smooth idling COMP cams ideal for daily driving, vans, trucks, 4x4s, and recreational vehicles.

Torque parameters and throttle responses will both be noticeably improved. Torque graphs, among other things, can be found in the various sections. The torque graph will illustrate the power gains from the Performer-Plus COMP cams and Performer manifolds.

This variant also comes as a complete kit with flat tappet lifters, assembly lubrication, and an instruction manual. As a result, when it arrives, you’ll have no trouble utilizing and setting it up.

Overall, this is a fantastic product that is jam-packed with superior characteristics that provide you with the highest level of performance and functionality for your vehicle.

It weighs nearly 14.15 pounds, making it slightly heavier than standard camshafts. With the help of this camshaft, you can increase the maximum torque to your vehicle’s long engine life if it has low compression.

This cam will precisely provide excellent torque and power whether your engine has a flat top piston or not. So please don’t put it off any longer and purchase the greatest camshaft!


  • It makes the engine sound more forceful.
  • For those searching for a subtle alteration, this is a good option.
  • Edelbrock is known for its high quality and proven performance.
  • Quite a step up from stock.


  • It is not a racing cam.
  • If you’d like a more powerful camshaft, this isn’t the best option.

Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones 224/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam

When you need exceptional mid-range and upper RPM power, the Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones is another hydraulic flat cam to consider. The Lunati Bare Bones camshaft series delivers huge horsepower increases without breaking the bank, making it an excellent deal for thrifty hotrodders.

So, if you’re on low funds, keep reading to find out more because this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

We suggest this one because of its asymmetrical lobe separation angle. This cam, like the others in the Lunati Bare Bones family, improves throttle response and acceleration. With slower closing sides, it also minimizes early valve train failure and reduces noise.

The lobe separation angle is 112mm apart, which is more than any other COMP cam series product we’ve seen. There will be more room for fuel economy intake as a result.

It has a 0.465′′/0.488′′ valve lift to allow additional air for combustion. In addition, the valve lifting duration is 224/234 at a valve lift of.050′′. As a result, you’ll receive a longer exhaust duration here than with the SB Chevy Hi-Performance RV Cam.

Finally, the kit includes a camshaft, a pair of lifters, and assembly lubricant for easy installation. The included lifter is far superior to the SB Chevy I previously tested. However, some consumers said they did not receive the lifters as shown in the advertisement.


  • For street rods, it is a high-quality camshaft.
  • Camshaft with a modern design and a low price.
  • Fits a variety of Chevrolet Gen 1 automobiles built in the United States.


  • There isn’t a hardened ring on it.
  • New valve springs are required after some time.

COMP Cams 102100 Xtreme Energy Cams

COMP Cams’ 102100 Xtreme Energy Cams is made by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Comp Cams are known for making great, high-quality products that a lot of people like. It works best with Ford’s 4.6 L and 5.4 L 2-valve Modular V8 engines.

Furthermore, it is a significant upgrade from the factory cam that will undoubtedly increase power and torque. It works well with the factory computer and much better with a custom tune for a smooth idle.

Without a doubt, the Comp Cams product offers a wide operating range that can be beneficial for various applications. It operates at speeds ranging from 1200 to 5200 RPM. It also has a valve lift of 0.495 inch/0.503 inch.

It can also provide excellent performance for a variety of applications, such as street carbureted and street riding engines cam. This cam also has quicker profiles for the opening lobe separation angle, which will provide improved responsiveness and a more extensive valve lift area beneath the curve.

It also has a 218/224 duration and a 0.050-inch resolution. It produces more vacuum, which increases the duration of the vacuum for better performance. It will be able to assist with the power brakes as well.

Overall, all of these parameters will provide you with the most satisfactory possible performance.


  • All-in-one package
  • Three grinds with distinct designs
  • Compatible with many Chevy 350 models.


  • Requires a lot of idle time.
  • It necessitates a significant amount of vacuum pressure.

Melling MC1383 Camshaft

Melling is regarded as a prominent worldwide producer for its product creation and remarkable engineering, allowing them to create some of the best on the market. This camshaft, the Melling MC1383, is no exception.

OEM applications match the engine’s specific needs, such as horsepower, efficiency, and torque.

You will be able to use it to its full potential in a variety of applications. It’s also made to fit your vehicle perfectly, ensuring a quick and painless installation.

This camshaft has a 0.28-inch exhaust lift and is made of hydraulic roller tappets. It also has 281-degree intake manifold and 291-degree exhaust durations, respectively.

This product might be the right solution for you if you’re seeking a high-quality replacement with a high level of quality, dependability, and performance. It will undoubtedly improve the performance of your vehicle!

Because of the engine type’s uniqueness, it’s best for 350 Chevy engines. But, It can’t be easily adapted by any other engine types or styles. It has a huge RPM range of about 5500 and is very easy to operate.

The camshaft’s maximum lift makes a loud note, which serves to draw everyone’s attention to your vehicle. Simply replacing camshafts can radically affect the performance of your car.


  • Offers exceptional performance.
  • It sounds great.
  • Highly Durable.


  • Engine specific.

Features To Consider For Buying Best Cam For Stock 350 Chevy

Before you go out and get the biggest cam for your stock 350, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because choosing among the myriads is a difficult task, you can use our buying guide to assist you.

Product Unique Feature Drawback Item Weight
COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr Camshaft   RPMs are of high rangeIdle time is high ‎8.62 pounds
Edelbrock Camshaft Makes the engine sound more forcefulIt is not a racing cam‎1.09 pounds
Lunati Camshaft Valve duration is 224/234 at a lift of.050′′There isn’t a hardened ring on it ‎13.19 pounds
COMP Cams 102100 Xtreme Energy Cams   Three grinds with distinct designs   Takes a lot of time to idle‎8.56 pounds


Your primary issue should be the cam’s compatibility with your engine. It would be best to avoid over-duration, and high valve lifts since they should be kept within typical limits. Otherwise, there’s a chance your cam will become stuck in place. Before you go out and buy a cam, read the specifications for your engine.

Cam for Stock 350 Chevy

Lobe Separation Angle

The lobe separation angle of the camshaft is another crucial thing to consider. The lobe separation angle is the space between the camshaft’s peak lift exhaust and intake lobe locations, and it’s commonly measured in degrees. In a comparable cylinder, it depicts the reaction of the intake valves to the exhaust valves.

The narrow Lobe Separation Angle is usually between 104 and 108 degrees. This close spacing allows for low to medium torque performance. However, it will raise cylinder heads pressure, which will worsen the engine’s idling and diminish the idle vacuum.

If the spacing is too narrow and at zero degrees, the intake and exhaust valves will close and open simultaneously, causing the system to malfunction.

RPM Operating Range

The RPM operating range should correspond to the engine’s specifications. Under-performance will occur if the RPM lobe angle separation is lower than required, reducing horsepower and torque performance. Furthermore, too high RPM range might destroy the engine by putting more pressure on it than is necessary. As a result, be aware of your engine’s RPM lobe angle separation requirements.

A good example of decent RPM range can be your COMP cams shaft that delivers a high lobe angle separation of RPMs.


Because you’re getting the biggest cam for stock 350, it’s clear that your engine will need more power to keep up with the higher lifts for a longer duration. Because each ‘big’ cam is unique in size and purpose, it is critical to match your engine’s potential and power. Otherwise, the biggest cam for stock can be harmful to your engine.

Valve Springs

To ensure more excellent performance, the cam valve springs should fit your engine. A performance spring valves that don’t work or are too brittle and prone to fracture are not a good fit for your Chevy 350. It is the reason why your engine does not achieve the necessary RMP in this scenario. 

The quality and fitment of the valve springs should be addressed when ordering a high-lift cam.

A camshaft size chart is needed because they are the engine’s most important component. And if you’re looking for the most incredible cam for a 350 Chevy, here is the place to go. Choosing the proper cam for a stock 454 can be challenging because there are many factors to consider.


Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of the original Chevy 350 engines so you can select the right cam for them.

Camshaft with a miniature ceramic of a mechanic

The Chevrolet 350 engine has two primary components: a hydraulic lifter and a hydraulic camshaft, with a duration of 218 seconds and 0.5 RPM range for the exhaust and intake valves, respectively.

The valves have a lift capability of 0.457 inches and a total time of 268 seconds. Furthermore, the intake valve’s lobe separation angle is 105 degrees, while the exhaust valve is 110 degrees, with a 1:5 ratio rocker arm.

Using these dimensions as a guide, you can purchase any aftermarket parts for your factory 350 engine, including a camshaft.

Flat Tappet or Roller Cams

You can choose between Flat Tappet and Roller Camshafts when selecting a camshaft. There are particular distinctions between them, as well as advantages and downsides.

A lifter and a gently rounded bottom characterize flat tappet camshafts. Lifters and a degree wheel or a roller are used in the best roller cam, whereas lifters and a degree wheel or a roller are used in a roller cam.

When comparing top-end and intermediate power, the best roller cam outperforms the flat tappet, hence why most OEMs install to have it in their engines.

The Lift Of Camshaft

It is also known as the Gross Lift, and it is one of the essential elements to consider when purchasing a camshaft. The lift of a camshaft is measured in inches and refers to how far the cam lobe pulls the valve away from its seat.

Higher valve lift results in more power at higher RPM operating range, but it does not always imply better performance. In most engines, the maximum valve lifting position is limited to around 12% of the diameter of the cylinder head bore.

If the camshaft lift is excessively high, it will reduce airflow, and turbulence will occur when air breaks away from the valve surface. It also shouldn’t be too low because too little airflow means less power.

Time Required

A camshaft’s duration refers to the time it takes for the camshaft to open and retain the valve off the seat until it closes. This component is expressed as a percentage of crank rotational motion. It determines the entire area of the open valve, along with the camshaft lift.

The durations of performance camshafts operating range from 220 to 280 degrees. At times, it can even reach 280 degrees. A higher power operating range is achieved with a longer duration, whereas a rougher idle is achieved with a shorter period. A cam with a time of 240 degrees can produce RPMs ranging from 3,000 to 7,000.

Brand Of The Cam Stock

There are numerous camshaft manufacturers in the industry, but only a few brands stand out due to their superior performance and distinctive features. Whether you choose a high-end or low-cost option, there is always a brand that will meet your demands.

Classic red Chevy with an open hood

Competition Cams Inc., often known as Comp Cams, has many excellent camshafts with a wide operating range. Many people trust this brand, and it consistently ranks in the top three in most camshaft surveys. It’s been around for a long time. Their Comp Cams are impressive.

There are still many brands on the market that provide reasonable price camshaft solutions if you want to go with a less expensive option. Camshafts from brands like Hot Cams and GELOUXI are less costly while yet providing good quality and high speed performance.

WMPHE is also a fantastic brand because it is widely compatible and long-lasting. Although its products offer many valuable features, you’ll be able to locate reasonable ones that meet your need. Melling and Edelbrock are two other good brands.


A reasonable price! You must choose between a moderate and a specific amount. The famous camshaft brands are well aware of their buyer’s needs and deliver a quality product at a considerable price.

Thus, don’t shift to low-budget, poor-quality camshafts. It can cause you to do more than you imagined in the long run.

A Good Research

Before you go out and buy something, ask yourself what you want! You must be aware of the exciting stories about a camshaft’s brand or design. Always remember, the cam must be compatible with your car no matter how fancy it looks. Thus, don’t forget to do your part, read the owner’s manual responsibly.

The build quality of the camshaft reflects the high-grade performance. Plus, the combination of quick installation and cutting edge technology equals electricity efficiency!

As a result, the performance of the specialized camshafts pays off handsomely! If your cam increases the HP and TQ system over an extended period, be careful with your pick.

Common Camshaft Problems

  • Not enough lubrication: make sure to always use the camshaft moly paste or other suitable lubrication to prevent camshaft failure. 
  • Wrong way of a break-in: make sure you follow the instructions for breaking in that’s usually with the manual for the camshaft. 
  • Use old or worn-out components: if the components are the problem, make sure to replace them with effective ones or get a new camshaft. 

What Size Cam Is in a Stock Chevy 350?

The cam size in a stock Chevy 350 is generally between 268 and 292. If you’re looking for the biggest, then the COMP Cams CL12-600-4 is considered the biggest cam for stock Chevy 350.


Are you hearing unusual noises coming from your engine’s valves? Bad camshafts can cause the machine to work incorrectly, make a lot of noise, and reduce the engine’s power.

As you may know, the comp cams are responsible for both the intake of air for combustion and the exhaust of air after combustion. Camshafts are used to open and close the valves in the engine. As a result, selecting these camshafts must be done with care.