10 Essential Knife Making Tools List For The Beginner

A knife being sharpened

Looking to set up a knife-making shop at home? Then you need the right tools. That’s what we’re going to help you with today. If you want to start a knife shop or simply make your own knives – then you’ll be glad to know that it is possible. You just need to find a …

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Different Types of Sharpening Stones

Sharpening a chopping knife

Sharpening stones are the perfect tool to get some edge to your knives. Without them, you may never be able to re-sharpen your kitchen blades. These are the different types of sharpening stones so you know which one is best for you. Different Types of Sharpening Stones But you won’t have to do that. Instead, …

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How to Forge a Knife

Hammering a hot bright knife

​You might face a situation where you need to make your knife and forging it. Forging a knife doesn’t require you to be a blacksmith. If you can somehow manage things that are necessary for forging a knife, you are good to go without anyone’s help. To start forging a knife, all you need to …

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