Best Oil for Subaru Forester [2024 Review]

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Subaru Forester is a compact crossover SUV with a strong engine and powerful capabilities. Therefore, it is important for its owners to choose a proficient engine oil that comes with the specification API PS, ILSAC GF-6. This is the grading that gives a clearance of motor oil to be used over the Subaru Forester. So, you need to look for the best oil for Subaru Forester that meets its requirements and supports high performance. 

Our Top Best Oil for Subaru Forester Reviews

Subaru Forester, out of all the vehicles, specifically demands the use of the right oil and filter for long life and proper functionality. In case you fail to use the correct oil or filter in your vehicle, you will probably trigger wear & tear in your engine. And in some worst cases, your Subaru engine might just give up and fail completely.

Therefore, you need to get your hands on the best motor oil for your Subaru. And this guide is here to help you compare the best options of motor oils for Subaru Forester. 

Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil

Idemitsu is offering full synthetic 0W20 engine oil that has the grading for being used over Subaru Forester. The engine performance is refined with the use of this replacement motor oil. Furthermore, this oil is blended with friction-reduction technology that intends to smoothen the functionality of the engine.

If you prefer to use inexpensive engine oil with low properties, you will end up with build-ups and deposits within your vehicle’s engine. But with Idemitsu, you won’t experience such deformities.

The viscosity of this engine oil doesn’t change even in the worst climatic conditions. Whether the temperature is too low or too high, the viscosity of this engine oil is optimal to bear all situations without hampering the engine’s functionality. The technical quality aspects of this oil make it stand out in the crowd.

Also, this oil provides a tight seal and supports complete fuel combustion. Hence, it prevents soot from sticking to the engine components, especially the pistons. 

This 0W20 full synthetic oil by Idemitsu has the potential to suppress overall emissions as well. As a result, your Subaru Forester won’t be responsible for harming the environment by any means. Not just Forester, but every engine that demands high-performance oil, can use this product to enhance the vehicle performance.

But the only condition is to match the specifications of your vehicle to that of the engine oil. It is to ensure that your vehicle remains safe!


  • It supports perfect cleaning of the engine and lets you cover few extra miles before seeking a replacement. 
  • All of the harmful exhaust emissions are limited and controlled with the use of this engine oil. 
  • The additives within this engine oil are all frictionless, which enhances its quality. 


  • This engine oil is only available for the petrol variants of the Subaru Forester. 

Subaru 0W20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Subaru 0W20 Synthetic Motor Oil is certified engine oil that meets the oil grading specifications for use in Subaru Forester. It has a unique formulation in order to lower the friction outcomes within the moving components of your engine. It is specially designed for the non-turbo Subaru Forester engine.

Also, it has the potential to give you high-end performance under varying conditions. For example, the operating temperature might vary depending upon the driving conditions. Here, one adequate engine oil is essential to handle the highs and lows. And this genuine Subaru motor oil is an ideal pick for the same!

This motor oil has the potential to withstand the stress imposed on the Subaru Forester engine. It puts up strong protection over the engine components to prevent deposits from building up. With this oil running in their system, all modern or 2nd generation Subaru Forester engines can expect high-end performance.

Using genuine Subaru oil will ensure a long and healthy life span of the vehicle. With this product, you can expect no corrosion or rust adversities over the engine. 

There is an indicator strip on the side part of this oil bottle. It is to help the Subaru owners keep track of how much volume of motor oil is left and how much is used. The varnish conditions are also dealt with, as the formulation of this oil clears out existing varnishes and prevents the build-up. 


  • It increases the power of the engine and provides ultimate fuel consumption. 
  • This genuine Subaru oil offers ideal protection to the engine from oxidation adversities. 
  • It offers additional protection to the engine from deposits and paints. 


  • There are no such cons for this product that can be highlighted! 

Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil

Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil will help you save funds without compromising on the engine of your Subaru Forester. This engine oil has the potential to help your engine run seamlessly for around 20,000 miles before it can demand a replacement. In fact, this oil is blended with Fluid titanium technology, which is ideal for the Subaru Forester.

All of the vehicles that demand some extraordinary performance & protection need quality oil. And Castrol has brought you an ideal option to consider. 

You can expect to have some exhilarating performance while driving your Subaru Forester with Castrol Edge. Castrol’s patented Fluid Titanium Technology allows this oil to transform into a stronger entity under certain engine pressure. Moreover, it helps keep the metal apart and deal with the friction scenarios for achieving optimum engine performance.

In addition, this oil can maintain viscosity stability under the extreme force of the engine. Hence, you get to experience protection against wear & tear. 

This engine oil prevents rust and corrosion, thereby enhancing your engine’s performance. In addition to that, it smoothens the metal-to-metal collision within the engine to prevent drawbacks. 


  • The Fluid titanium technology gives an additional potential to this oil for performing strongly under different scenarios. 
  • The formation of engine deposits will reduce over time, which will contribute towards maximizing the engine response. 
  • Apart from Subaru Forester, it is also an ideal engine oil for vehicles that carry out towing processes and other heavy jobs. 


  • There are no indicator strips over the bottle of this oil pack. 

Additional Oil Option for Subaru Forester

By now, you have the best Subaru Forester oils shortlisted! But hang on for the last and final option that can be an efficient consideration. It is because this option is a blend of all the three categories stated above.

So, before you head to compare these products, check out this final one! 

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Pennzoil is a top brand that manufactures full synthetic 5W-20 engine oil for diverse vehicles. Subaru Forester engine is just one of those several others that gets the opportunity to enjoy the efficacy of Pennzoil oil. Undoubtedly, this oil also offers collective protection to your Forester’s engine.

It has a viscosity of 5W20 that makes it an ideal choice for all operating conditions of your engine. In addition, Pennzoil has embedded PurePlus Gas-to-Liquid Technology for blending this oil. 

Moreover, it also has high-performance additives and a fully synthetic base oil to keep the engine generating high performance, even at the highest or lowest temperatures. This engine oil is specifically designed for luxury cars and high-performance vehicles. It has the potential to keep the engine clean just like it was when it came out of the factory.

Moreover, this oil can be used in other vehicle engines, but only if its specification matches the oil’s specification. This formulation promotes oil stability to prevent it from burning. Hence, your gaskets will keep working, thereby ensuring that there are no oil leaks. 

This oil by Pennzoil maintains the cleanliness of your engine pistons. Moreover, it also cleans the other moving components within your engine compartment. The users have reviewed this engine oil, and they have stated that it lasts longer, thereby adding few more miles to the vehicle before seeking a replacement.

In fact, this engine oil matches the grading requirements of the Subaru Forester and makes it an even quieter vehicle. Therefore, this engine oil is apt for you regardless of whether you own an old or new Subaru Forester. 


  • The viscosity is impressive for your Forester to withstand any operating temperatures. 
  • The PurePlus technology is what helps enhance the longevity of the engine without wear and tear. 


  • High-mileage engines should avoid using it!

Features to Consider for Best Oil for Subaru Forester

You have all four options on your list and are ready to make the comparison. Now is the time to help yourself understand the features and factors of consideration to choose the best. It will help you choose and spend wisely on the best engine oil.

Product Viscosity Oil Type Label of Quality Test Pricing
Idemitsu 30010092-75000C020 Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil

Full SyntheticYes $13.54
Genuine Subaru SOA427V1310 Oil – 0W20 Synthetic0W20Full SyntheticYes$17.85
Castrol 06585 Edge Bio-Synthetic 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil0W20Full SyntheticYes$10.99
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic5W20Full SyntheticYesN/A

1. Viscosity

The viscosity of the engine oil is what gives an indication of its potential to withstand high and low operating temperatures. Whether your engine is dead cold or is operating at maximum temperature, an optimal viscosity of the oil will help you prevent engine breakdown. The thicker the oil, the better will be the protection over the moving parts.

For Subaru Forester, you should go with viscosities of only 0W20 and 5W20.

Subaru Forester in the forest

2. Oil Type

You need to consider the type of oil that you are using! There are different oil types: full-synthetic, premium conventional, high-mileage, and synthetic blend oil. For Subaru Forester and other Subaru engines, you should always prefer full-synthetic oil.

The Premium conventional oil type is the standard option for all of the usual street vehicles. A full-synthetic blend is what helps the high-performance engines last longer. This oil maintains the peak lubricity at high operating temperatures. 

3. Label Of Quality Tests

Each motor oil pack has a label on any one side of the bottle. This label has information about the viscosity, brand name, oil type, and other such information about the quality tests. You need to get an idea of what tests have been performed on the oil you selected.

The label also has safety information for the users to follow while using the oil. As you are buying something, it is important for you to count on the label to get a complete idea of what you are investing in. 

4. Pricing

Last but not least, you should consider the pricing of the motor oil pack. Set your funds and go ahead with the one that suits your needs the most. You need to keep in mind that you should not compromise on the quality of oil and the health of your vehicle’s engine for the sake of saving wisely. 

Subaru's engine


Subaru Forester is a compact SUV that demands high performance at all times. It doesn’t matter whether it is a modern Forester or a 2nd generation variant; it is meant to offer performance at peak. And for that, you need to use good motor oil, which acts as a lifeline for the Subaru Forester.

So, invest some time and effort to compare these oils and make your purchase right away.