Best Lockers for Jeep JK [2024 Review]

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There are endless stories of how Jeep JK owners get themselves into problematic situations during off-roading. If you have a Jeep JK, then you are probably an off-road lover. A locker is responsible for spinning the wheels in different directions to make the vehicle a bit more agile and maneuverable.

Therefore, it is important for you to get your hands on the best lockers for Jeep JK. 

Our Top Best Lockers for Jeep JK Reviews

If you do not prefer to go for a locker system, you will miss out on the agility aspects of your Jeep. There will be situations where one of your wheels will be off the ground while you are off-road. In those scenarios, having a locker within your Jeep will help you maneuver it and bring it back to a stable position.

But, choosing a locker is a tiring job, as there are many options out there in the market. So, to help sort things out for you, here are the reviews of the best lockers for your Jeep JK.

Aussie Locker XD-13027

If you are looking for the best overall locker system for your Jeep JK, then this Aussie Locker XD-13027 is an ideal option for you to consider. It is because this system has the potential to implement maximum traction performance. Unlike other local locker products, you just get around 40-60% of traction.

But with this product by Aussie, you can enjoy full 100% traction. You won’t find any airlines within this model, and it helps avoid leakage scenarios. In addition to that, there are no cables within it as well, which will prevent it from fraying. No breaking of electrical wires anymore! 

This locker has a unique manufacturing process. And the manufacturer has adapted careful construction for offering high traction potential. If you are not sound with automobile technicalities, you might need a professional to install this locker.

Right after the installation is complete, you will experience dry thrust upon your Jeep JK. Also, this locker will help your Jeep maintain stability and agility, even in extremely slippery road conditions. This locker helps control the friction to maximum potential to help you increase the maneuverability of your Jeep. 

Locking features are an upgrade to your Jeep JK. But, you should always stick to the manual for DIY installation. Furthermore, this product comes with a manual with detailed directions on how to fit the locker into your Jeep JK’s unit.

Follow them, and you might not need professional assistance anymore.


  • The brand is offering a 2-year warranty on this locker system. 
  • It supports automatic transition, which is very much precise as well. 
  • It allows you to implement different installations on your Jeep JK. 


  • It is hard for the new drivers to get used to the locker mechanism while taking turns. 
  • There is a slight popping sound when you take turns with this locker installed. 

Yukon Dura Grip Limited

Yukon is one of the best brands in the market to offer locker systems for Jeep JK. All of the Yukon products are known for their sturdiness and durability. Also, the materials used by the brand for its Dura Grip locker system were tested for their utmost potential before the product was launched.

This locker system has 4320-grade steel material as the interior and offers an ultimate grip with the vehicle. In addition, the teeth within this locker are very robust, strong, and durable. 

This locker system allows the users to re-build it. Hence, it is an advantage for the heavy drivers of Jeep JK, who keep demanding such parts in circulation. The re-building process seems to be difficult, but the end result is high compatibility and longevity.

This locker is a clutch-free system with four springs that makes it potent enough to withstand high traction. Moreover, it offers a proficient grip to help you enjoy all of your sharp turns while off-roading. Irrespective of how tough off-roads you pick for your ride with Jeep JK, this locker will make the journey more adventurous. 

Moreover, heavy off-roads give some blows to your Jeep JK, but with an ideal locker, you can be sure of holding your vehicle in place. You might need to give in some time to adjust yourself to the performance of this locker. In the process, you will understand how to control the mechanism of this system in critical situations.

It is better if you take your vehicle for quick test spins after installation. 


  • The steel structure of this locker makes it proficient enough to withstand the pressure. 
  • It is pretty much easy to install, as you get the detailed manual book with the product. 
  • Not just Jeep JK, but any vehicle with a 30 splines axle can use this locker. 


  • The initial run with this locker might produce some sound. But the sound will go away after few rides. 

USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker

If you are a proud owner of Jeep JK, then this is the product you should go with! The USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker has undergone high potential manufacturing with heat-treatment of steel. The locker system is sturdy and robust, which makes it a very durable pick for your Jeep.

Also, the metal is chemically strong with the ideal treatments imposed upon it during the manufacturing process.

This locker system comes with covalent bonding to ensure a perfect hold. And this is what you need to have in your Jeep JK locker. The instruction for installation is available with this product. If you have a slight knowledge about automobiles, you won’t need a professional to help you install this locker.

You can do it all by yourself! You just need to follow the manual book, letter-by-letter and the installation will be done in a matter of 2 hours or less. Also, this Spartan locker functions quite well and will cause no sounds or vibrations while you take some sharp and steep turns.

You will have to give time to yourself for adjusting to this locker right after installation. Take your test drives frequently before you take your Jeep off-road. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert off-roader, this locker can give you the best performance experience. Also, this locker system is built especially for Jeep JK to support its off-roading capability. It is affordable yet the best product on the list because of its high-performance potential for the vehicle.

In fact, you do not have to spend too many funds to own this. 


  • The axle setup of this locker system is manufactured keeping in mind the industry standards. 
  • Heat-treatment of steel is responsible for implementing chemical strength to the metal. 
  • The installation is pretty much easy, as the manual has detailed directions for the same. 


  • You will need some time to get used to this locker and its performance after the installation. 

Additional Locker Option for Jeep JK

After you have gone through all of the three products stated above, you might conclude what is best for your vehicle. But to help you re-consider your choice here is another option to compare your current selection. And it will help you finalize to either switch your selection or go with the one you chose first. 

Eaton 912A585 Detroit Truetrac 27 Spline Differential

Eaton Detroit Truetrac 27 Spline locker is one of the top systems for Jeep JK. With it, you do not have to sacrifice trail-readiness anymore. You can expect an optimal street performance from this locker. This locker for Jeep JK consists of a helix design system that is added to the LSD system.

Eaton is one of the very few manufacturers that is offering you this combination at a reasonable price. This unit is quite easy for Jeep owners to install. Even if you are a beginner, there is not much hassle in installing or using it. 

For the heavy Jeep JK drivers, it is very much a prime choice. With it, street driving performance is truly outstanding, while the off-road trips are commendable on an obvious note. The design is easy and simple, as the locker will help all of the other car parts last for a longer time span and help them resist wear & tear.

You just need to consider its oil change needs, apart from which, you do not have to give it any maintenance attention. It is much more than that of any usual LSD traction locker model and can complement heavy works.

It is an excellent upgrade for your Jeep JK to make it more agile and robust on off-roads. The pricing is a bit high, but with so much efficiency and features in this model, you can expect to pay a little more in comparison to all of the other products on this list. 


  • Irrespective of whether you want to drive your Jeep JK on the street or off-road, this locker will assist you for both, as it is trail-ready. 
  • The brand offers one year warranty for this efficient locker system. In case of any problems within this time span, you can get a replacement for the same. 


  • It is not preferable for the older Jeep JK models. 

Features to Consider for Best Lockers for Jeep JK 

Before you finalize the locker you wish to buy, it is important to check the common factors. These factors or features will help give you a scope of a better comparison to reach a conclusion.

Product Manufacturing Installation Convenience Reliability
Aussie Locker XD-13027 for Dana 30Unique Construction ProcessEasy InstallationOff-Road
Yukon Dura Grip Limited Slip Positraction Unit4320-Grade Steel MaterialEasy InstallationOff-Road
USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker For Dana 309310 SteelEasy Installation Off-Road
Eaton 912A585 Detroit TruetracHelical GearEasy Installation Off-Road and Street-Ready
Mud riding with Jeep JK

The Considerable Features or Factors Include:

1. Manufacturing 

Check for the quality of manufacturing stated over the locker specifications. It means that you need to know about what quality checks a particular locker has been through to stand out among others. In addition, it will help you pick the most proficient brand and locker system for your Jeep JK. 

2. Installation Convenience

If you are an old driver of Jeep JK, who is technically sound with automobiles, you won’t demand professional help to install a locker. Instead, you will try to do it yourself. But, the manufacturers design their lockers with a different installation perspective.

So, you need to get the easy one! In addition to that, go for the ones offering installation manuals with the product as a guide to approach the process. All of the products listed above have guides to help owners install the locker on their own. 

3. Reliability

You need to pick a locker that has durable materials embedded within it. Jeep JK is a very tough vehicle that is built for massive off-roading. Therefore, it is important for the locker system to support the durability and robust nature of the vehicle.

In the process, you need to look for a locker system or a brand that uses high-end materials, mechanisms, and technology to build and make it functional. To be precise, look for reliability! 

Jeep off-roading in the mud


If you are trying to look for a locker system to install in your Jeep JK, then it is time to stop the search. It is because you already have the best ones listed on this page. Just visit the buying pages, check the price, and place your orders.

But remember to consider all of the important aspects for better performance of the locker. And then invest in the right product and brand.