Are 12 Point Sockets Bad?

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The points determine the number of sides within the socket. And there are mainly two preferable sockets with 6 and 12 points. A 6 point socket is feasible to go along with any of the standard hex bolts or nuts. It is hexagonal in shape, and when spaced at 60-degrees, it can hold an entire circle bolt. And a 12-point socket also has the name of a double-hexagon or double-hex socket. But, people have doubts regarding the 12 point sockets. They want to know if the 12 point sockets are bad or not.

Are 12 Point Sockets Bad?

The 12 point sockets do have their advantages and disadvantages. But, in most cases, people prefer 6 point sockets over 12 point sockets because they consider it a bad option. The reason behind calling the 12 point sockets bad for application is quite evident. It is because using 12 point sockets rounds off the edges of the bolt, and the grip fails. However, with 6 point sockets, it is easy!

A set of socket wrenches

Most people do not consider 12 point sockets for their heavy-wrenching applications. But they do have particular usage over the lightweight repairs. Therefore, if you intend to know either side of the story, to get answers to the question, “Are 12 point sockets bad?”, then refer to this article till the end!

6-Point Socket Better Than 12-Point Socket

The tools that demand a massive force for fastening or unfastening must make use of 6-point sockets. It is because the likeliness of these sockets slipping through the bolts is less or negligible. But you cannot say the same for 12-point sockets. In fact, they slip through the bolt grooves, making it difficult to carry out the application. 

The 6 point sockets do have a thick wall that has the potential to lift almost everything heavy. Other sockets, such as 12-point ones, flow out concerning heavyweight. All of the applications that demand you to use a heavy force need 6-point sockets for efficiency. 

In addition to that, the major problem of socket slipping over the bolts is that it strips out the outer thread of the bolt. And this creates a problem for removing or fixing the bolts again. Therefore, the professionals instruct to make use of 6-point sockets for both lightweight and heavy applications. 12-point sockets are not feasible for heavy force works, but using them for lightweight applications might also be a problem. 

The surface coverage is more for 6 point socket in comparison to 12 point socket. Hence, it intends to help you deal with accurate gripping of the bolts without making adjustments. In addition to that, the durability quotient is also high for 6 point socket, as it has the potential to bear heavy force or weight without incurring damage. 

Here is a pros and cons video for you to address the efficacy of 6-point and 12 point sockets. It will help you understand why 6-point is more preferred over 12 point sockets. Check out the YouTube video now!

Few Use Cases Of 12 Point Sockets 

The 12 point sockets are bad when in comparison with 6 point sockets. But, it is essential to consider their minimal uses. They include:

  1. One of the most significant benefits of using 12 point socket is that it connects pretty easily with the fastener. The points are higher, for which it finds an easy way into the fastener. Hence, the job of preparing the tool for application is easy with 12-point. It is near about the same as that of 6 point socket!
  2. 12 point socket comes with a flexible motion range, which is an important factor that makes it usable. The range of motion allows you to reach out to the tight areas for desired applications. 
  3. 12 point sockets are ideal for gripping bolts with square ends. 
Selective focus of a chrome 12-point socket

These are the few efficacies that one can state upon 12-point sockets. It doesn’t have many usages for which people are demanding the manufactures to stop producing it. It is because people are not getting the stocks for 6-point as they are high in demand, whereas they get stuck only with 12-point ones.

Therefore, the manufacturers should focus more on producing high quantities of 6-point sockets of different sizes and less upon the 12-point sockets. 

Related Questions

Why Are 12 Point Sockets Cheaper?

12-point sockets are cheaper because they are less efficient on applications in comparison to 6-point sockets. Therefore, people who want an affordable bit for their applications prefer to go with 12 point ones. And if someone intends to ensure no damage to the bolts, they prefer to opt for 6 point sockets. For more information, you can go ahead and check this source

Are There Any Special Sockets For Square-Shaped Bolts?

You can use 12-point sockets for square-shaped bolts, but there is a special 8-point socket for square-headed screw heads as well. In fact, the drains of small motorcycle engines and gearbox plugs demand 8 point sockets. Therefore, it is better to use 8-point sockets as an alternative to 12-point sockets. 


It is evident for you to use these sockets for your desired applications. It is because, without the right tools, you can’t attach or detach the bolts to/from their threads. Therefore, if you have heavy applications that demand much driving force upon bolts or screws, then omit the use of 12-point sockets right away. But, if you are short on budget, and have a light application with your bolts or screws, then 12-point sockets are a good option. But it might damage the bolts! So, do consider this aspect as well.