Can I Put an Allen Wrench in a Drill?

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If you have Allen wrenches that you have not used, then it is time to put them into use now! When you have a workshop, you do have some loose Allen wrenches around the place that are not in their toolsets anymore. And, they can be good drilling attachments with the correct implementation. Also, that answers your question about whether you can put an Allen wrench in a drill or not. 

Can I Put an Allen Wrench in a Drill?

Yes, you evidently can put an Allen wrench within the drill by making few adjustments. For example, you need to cut off the ‘L’ shape branch to create the hex driver to fit into the chuck of power drill tools. It will behave just like any other drill bit, and the applications will be efficient! 

In fact, you can carry out the same process to an entire Allen wrench set of different sizes. It solely depends upon your application needs! So, if you intend to know more about the answers to your question, “Can I put an Allen wrench in a drill?” then hold onto this article till the end! 

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Converting the Allen Wrenches Into Drill Bits

Allen wrench is usually preferable for putting together furniture such as a desk, dresser, and others. But using these wrenches by hand is a complex job and might make you slower than usual. Also, if you intend to save time using Allen wrenches, it is better to convert them to drill bits. 

Here are the things that you need to do in order to approach this conversion:

  1. Arrange the tools that you will need for the process. You will only need bolt cutters and pliers for this process. 
  2. Now, you first need to grip your Allen wrench properly from the bottom. Use the pliers for gripping purposes. See that the bottom part of the ‘L’ is well gripped!
  3. Cut the Allen wrenches with the use of bolt cutters. It will help you remove the bottom part of that ‘L’ wrench.
  4. You need to cut further to create a flat-end surface for inserting the wrench seamlessly onto the chuck of your power drill tool
  5. The final thing you need to implement is testing the bit. Insert the Allen wrench bit into the drill nose. Lock it in place, and turn on the drill to check if the bit stays in its place at high drilling motion. If it does, then you have your first Allen wrench drill bit. Do the same with other Allen wrenches of different sizes, depending upon your needs. 

In case the Allen wrenches are too small, you can make use of flat-tweezers to grip them. Also, you can prefer using the fingernail clippers for the said purpose. 

Types of Allen Wrenches 

There are different types of Allen wrenches available for use in the market. Some of the types include L-style, T-Handle, and P-Handle Allen wrenches. All of them are usable for diverse applications, but L-style is the only one that can be converted into a drill bit.

It is because all of the other types are pretty big in size and serves different applications. There are Allen wrench drill bits that are bigger and are compatible with power drills, but they are manufactured and not converted! 

A set of Allen wrench keys

If these Allen keys’ manual usage is considered, they get a different definition, depending on their manual applications. For instance:

  1. L-style Allen wrench is quite preferable as it reaches out to tough spots and offers control when you need it the most. The sizes for such Allen wrenches vary from 1.5 to 10mm. 
  2. The T-style Allen wrench is preferable for motorsport applications and allows the workers to spin the wrench to access the bolt easily. It has a better grip and control over the L-style ones.

P-handle Allen wrenches are used in professional workshops, as they are oversized and have a substantial grip for allowing comfortable usage, just like the T-handle ones. 

Uses of Allen Wrench Drill Bits

The Allen wrench drill bits are applicable for diverse uses that make complex things easy. The uses are as follows:

  1. You can use it for repairing bicycles and unfastening or fastening the hex nuts and bolts over your bicycle.
  2. The furniture repair is the most significant use of an Allen wrench, and when you convert it into a drill bit, you will find it easier to fix the bolts and joints. 
  3. Motorcycles and cars do demand the usage of Allen drill bits because they want to speed up the fastening and unfastening process of all those hex bolts, which, in turn, can speed up the service aspects. 

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People are mostly using Allen wrenches and their drill bits for repairing or maintaining the electronics. Some of the compact electronics demand smaller Allen bits, while bigger bolts require pre-manufactured Allen drill bits.

Is Hex Key The Same as Allen Wrench?

Both are the same tools and are for similar applications. A hex key is used as an Allen wrench or Allen key for driving the bolts or screws that come with a hexagonal screw head. If you wish to learn more about hex keys, then go through this article


Now that you know how to convert Allen wrenches into drill bits, you can save your expense on buying certain-sized Allen drill bits. So, consider your options, depending upon your applications, and you will be good to go! Go through this article once again before commencing with the task.