Top 10 Essential Hand Tools Checklist for Your Toolbox

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Do you want to gear up your home with all the most useful hand tools available? Then you’ll want to know about our essential hand tools checklist.

Here, we’re going to talk about 10 of the handiest tools you can have at home. From drilling a hole in the wall to screwing or nailing things and even just measuring or cutting – you’ll have the chance to do it all.

Interested in finding out which tools we’re talking about? Then come in and learn about them!

Top 10 Essential Hand Tools Checklist

1. Zip Ties

The first tool in our list had to be something everyone could use and still get the most from in seconds. And that would be zip ties.

Why? Simply because you can secure things together or simply close bags with a simple tightening process.

Get one end of the zip tie inside the locking hole and pull. That will be enough to get a zip tie working.

Go for the sturdiest ones possible if you want extra security. Otherwise, a regular plastic zip tie will be enough.

2. Cordless Drill

Looking to open holes in wood or concrete? Nothing will help you more than a cordless drill.

It is the most practical machine you can get to drill holes and drive screws into wood. Of course, some models are more powerful than others, so they have a broader list of uses, yet it’s mostly about opening holes and driving things in wood than anything else.

We recommend powerful 18-volt cordless drills for the best experience. If they are lightweight and easy to handle, then that’s even better.

You won’t have any problem in opening holes in wood and concrete or using it in difficult areas where power cords don’t reach. It is an essential tool for sure.

3. Step Drill Bit

Once you have a cordless drill ready, you’ll need some bits for it. And in that case, you will find a step drill bit an ideal choice.

This excellent bit will help you to bore holes in a pretty straightforward way no matter how thick you want it to be. Thanks to its escalating design that resembles a pine tree, you can open holes in a wide array of materials with no problems.

The main advantage is that you can pick counter-bore and countersink models. Both offer their set of benefits depending on what you’re looking for. So, no matter what type of hole you want to open, a step drill bit can be a fantastic help.

4. Hose Clamps

Even though the name says hose, they are mostly used for tying or securing things up.

You could say they are even similar to zip ties, but with the difference that these are made of metal.

A hose clamp will help do a wide array of things going from sealing a pipe to a hose, securing two hoses together, or tightening up tubes and the like.

The only issue is that hose clamps demand the use of a screwdriver, so you can tighten and loosen it up as needed. But apart from that, they’re super helpful and a must-have in every home.

5. Screwdrivers

From piecing parts of furniture together to disassembling electronics and even tightening hose clamps – screwdrivers are probably the most practical hand tool you can have.

We usually recommend flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers – both are an excellent choice for most situations.

A flat-head will help you out in a wide array of projects, yet it also works as a prying or nudging tool. For Phillip’s heads, you will have bigger compatibility, especially when screwing things off and on.

But if you want to be thoroughly prepared, get a Torx screwdriver as well. While not as convenient or as compatible, it is still an excellent thing to have in your tool arsenal.

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6. Tape Measure

If there’s one thing that can’t be missing from your toolbox – then that’s a well-made tape measure.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woodworker, a plumber, mason, electrician, or real estate agent – tape measures are always necessary.

Measuring things with one of these is a total piece of cake. Just get the tape off the case and pull it out – the inches/cm readings will let you know how long, wide, or deep is something. Then, let the metal retract, and you’ll be ready for more measuring.

Get something with retractable tape and at least 25-feet in distance capacity, so you can measure enough space. That will be enough to get the right tape measure.

7. Pliers

Trying to grab things with strength and security but can’t find how without using your hands? Well, that’s what a set of pliers is for.

There’s a wide array of pliers to pick, though. But we usually recommend a needle nose plier for its dexterity and thin nose. You can reach places where other pliers won’t, which makes it ideal for people who require precision – like electricians.

Another type you can’t miss is the slip joint. It will help you grab bigger things with enough strength to hold them. And when it comes to pulling nails or screws off holes – it also works amazingly well.

If you need a perfect grip for small stuff, a set of well-made pliers will not let you down.

8. Utility Knife

Want to cut things safely and also store the tool without fear? A utility knife is the tool you’re looking for.

Whether you need to cut, scrape, nudge, or mark paper and cardboard – a utility knife is the way to go. Some types of utility knives will even offer the chance to cut thin wood – so there’s a lot to look for.

For the best experience, try to get the sharpest utility knife available. But sure enough, don’t forget about getting something with a reliable and safe grip. That will make it easier and safer to use.

9. Nails and Screws

Piecing things together, especially when it comes to plastic and metal, usually demands sturdy hardware like screws and nails.

You won’t find any better alternative to nails or screws out there. They’re simply the more accessible and most practical tool for screwing electronics, nailing things on the wall, or just whatever.

If you want to be totally prepared with a nice set of nails and screws, then choose a few finishing nails, a few vinyl sinkers, a bag of galvanized nails, some drywall screws, and a set of outdoor screws. That will be enough to handle most jobs without needing any other tool.

10. Claw Hammer

Finally, you want something that helps nail things down, get nails off wood and other materials, and just whack different objects when needed. For any of those uses, there’s nothing better than a claw hammer.

For the best experience, try to get a 16-ounce hammer that can handle both small and large jobs with no problems. And if it is made of durable materials like carbon steel with rubber handles, then that’s even better.

There are just so many things to do with a hammer that it would be a huge mistake not to get one. That’s why you should strive to get one of these – even if you don’t think you’re going to need it.


So, what are you waiting for to set up that home toolbox with all the most essential tools?

Follow this essential hand tools checklist, and you won’t have any problem being prepared for any situation. Whether it is building furniture or doing a small electrical repair – these hand tools will all be there to help you.

If you build a toolbox with all these tools, you won’t have a single thing to regret. So, start setting it up now!

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