Can You Clean a Bathtub with Dawn Dish Soap?

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A bathtub is an elegant essential of any bathroom! And you need to keep it clean to ensure that it keeps replicating the shine and appeal it used to when new! Also, people often call in for professional assistance, which is a waste of money. Why call professionals when you can implement DIY methods for bathtub cleaning! Among all the methods, people are curious about using dawn dish soap for cleaning the bathtub. 

Can You Clean a Bathtub with Dawn Dish Soap?

For your information, Dawn soap is apparently the best solution for cleaning the bathtub scums. It is because dawn dish soaps have the potential to clean out the grease and grime on your pans and dishes. The light and hard water scums are easy to remove with the usage of this soap. You can definitely use dawn dish soap, as it is an easy technique that demands a simple process and is ideally fast!

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If you intend to know about the properties of the Dawn dish soap formulation that help with cleaning bathtubs, then read the article till the end. You will indeed find the answer to your question; can you clean a bathtub with Dawn dish soap?

Clean It as You Like It!

Pick any kind of dish soap, irrespective of the brand, type, or essence. The formulation for all dish soaps is the same, which helps you break down the hard water scums efficiently.

Pour the dish soap solution over your bathtub surfaces. And sprinkle it around the edges and at the center. Do not just let the dish soap solution settle down; instead, you should brush it to clean the surface. Also, you can mix the solution with vinegar for more enhanced cleaning results.

Also, you can prefer using a broom or a brush that will help you remove the mildew, grease, or soap scum. These stains will disappear entirely from the surface of your bathtub, and you can then turn on the shower to rinse out the Dawn dish soap solution.

Once you are done cleaning the inside, you can compare the cleanliness with the exterior of your bathtub. You will be able to observe the results!

Now, sprinkle the Dawn dish soap solution on the exterior surface of your bathtub, and use the brush again to blend the solution and clean the residues. Wash off the solution by using the hand shower. Rinse it off properly to get clean & visible results. In fact, Dawn dish soap gives outstanding results, and you will save a lot of money by not hiring professionals.

Here is the link to the YouTube video, which shows the mixing of dawn dish soap and vinegar to give effective cleaning outcomes.

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Some Incredible Uses Of Dawn Dish Soap

So, you have got your answer that you can use the Dawn dish soap for cleaning the bathtub. But, you need to understand all the other incredible uses associated with Dawn dish soap. It will help you utilize the dishwashing soap solution in the best way possible! The uses are:

1. Unclogging Of The Toilets

You can just pour down the dishwashing liquid detergent into the toilet bowl and let it settle down for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you need to pour a bucket of hot water over the toilet bowl to clear the clogging wastes that are broken down by the Dawn dishwashing liquid. Now, you can flush to check the outcome! 

2. Cleaning of the Pool

A Dawn dishwashing liquid can help you clean out all the dirt and suntan lotion residues from the pool. You will eventually need a lot of dishwashing liquid for the purpose, but the cleaning outcomes will be evident. For carrying out the process, move to the edges of the pool that have the most accumulated dirt or debris. And clean them out easily with dishwashing liquid. 

3. Pre-Treatment Agent for Oily Stains Over Clothes

Dishwashing liquid can also be preferable for pre-treatment of the oily stains over cloths. Irrespective of whether your clothes have cooking oil, motor oil, grease, lipstick, or pen ink stains, the Dawn dish soap solution is efficient to clean them all.

You can scrub this solution onto the stain region over the cloth with the use of a toothbrush. Continue the same until the oil contents go away from the laundry. Now, you can properly rewash the cloth in your machine. 

4. Cleaning the Windows With Dawn Dish Soap

You can eventually clean out the windows with your Dawn dishwashing liquid. For that, you just have to pour three drops of this solution into one gallon of water. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture solution, and spray it upon the windows. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windows. Now, you do not need to buy any window cleaners anymore! 

Woman cleaning a window with a damp sponge

Related Questions

What Are the Ingredients of the Dawn Dishwashing Liquid?

The Dawn dishwashing liquid comprises denatured alcohol as a solvent, sodium chloride, a viscosity adjuster, tetra sodium, di-carboxymethyl, glutamate, a water softener, and others. To know more about Dawn dishwashing liquid, you can go through this link

Can I Use Bleach for Cleaning My Bathtub?

Bleach is a not-so-friendly remedy for your bathtubs. The chemical formulation of bleach tends to easily damage the bathtubs if they have iron traces over them. Bleach will result in causing red streaks over the bathtub’s surface, which will eventually be difficult to remove! 


You need to put an end to looking for professionals for minute cleaning aspects. Instead, find the right solutions to deal with the cleaning procedure all by yourself. Dawn dishwashing liquid is the best solution for this purpose. Moreover, dishwashing liquid is an all-around cleaning agent used for diverse applications. So, you can use dishwashing liquid for not only your bathtubs but also many other applications.