Can You Cut a Porcelain Bathtub?

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Porcelain bathtubs can add a beautiful appeal to your overall bathroom space. Apart from that, they also have water-tight, sanitary, and easy cleaning properties that make them ideal for bathtub construction. But porcelain is just another ceramic that tends to be fragile in certain scenarios. Therefore, cutting the bathtub to renovate it might not be easy for everyone to attempt. 

Can You Cut a Porcelain Bathtub?

Yes, you can cut down a porcelain bathtub, but you will need the right type of tools for the same. In fact, you cannot expect to cut through the porcelain material using a standard grinder. Also, porcelain ceramics are fragile and demand precision cutting. Therefore, you need to learn the skills to cut down a porcelain bathtub accurately.

There are several reasons for which people prefer cutting down a porcelain bathtub. But you need to know whether that reason is justified enough to go for a cutting job. If you are firm on your decision, then this article has answers to your question, “can you cut a porcelain bathtub.”

A bathroom with white porcelain bathtub

Reasons for Which People Choose to Cut Their Bathtub

Irrespective of porcelain or any other material, some specific needs or reasons promote the necessity of cutting through the bathtubs. The reasons include:

  1. You expected to have a walk-in shower but are stuck with a bathtub that has walls. And, you might be finding it a hassle to jump through the walls of your bathtub, every-time you plan to soothe your body. 
  2. You might have seniors in your house, who wish to use the bathtub, but the walls are bothering them. They are not able to climb up the bathtub walls to go in and out. Therefore, this might be another evident reason for you to seek cutting down and renovating the bathtub
  3. The third reason might be the renovation project that you intend to implement in your bathroom space. If your house is undergoing renovation, you may plan to remove the old bathroom essentials and replace them with new ones. Therefore, cutting the bathtubs is essential to replace or remove them from the bathroom space. 

Irrespective of the reasons, if you have a porcelain bathtub, you need to understand the proper technique of using the right tools and the exact methods for the said process. Also, you won’t like to create a mess in your bathroom by cutting out this fragile ceramic without proper knowledge and skills.

Essential Tools for Cutting the Porcelain Bathtub

Now that you are clear on why you need to cut through your bathtub, it is time to direct your focus back on how to cut the porcelain bathtubs. Most people prefer porcelain for their bathroom essentials such as sinks, bathtubs, floor tiles, etc. It is because of its water-tight and sanitary properties! Now coming to your question of how to cut porcelain bathtubs, you can cut them using the right set of tools. Then only you will get the desired result.

An angle grinder is an industrial-grade tool that can be preferable for cutting through the porcelain material. In fact, the blades of this saw should be of diamond edge, which will define the hardness of the saw. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that such blades are not at all cheap. But, they ensure optimum results. Furthermore, you need to be slow while carrying out the application as porcelain is very delicate and fragile. 

Top down view of an oval ceramic bathtub

The following tool that you can use to cut the porcelain bathtub is a jigsaw. The jigsaw comes with a carbide-grit-type blade. Also, jigsaw blades are not that tough to cut through porcelain with just one round. Therefore, keep in mind to buy spare blades, to use multiple of them while cutting the oversized porcelain bathtubs. 

Apart from the jigsaw or angle grinder, you will need some other tools for the purpose, that includes:

  1. A pencil or marker to mark the pre-planned cuts over the porcelain bathtubs to start with the removal process. 
  2. Use an apron, safety goggles, and gloves to ensure safety while using the machines. 

If you wish to see a visual demonstration of cutting porcelain or any bathtub for removal or renovation, then don’t forget to check out this YouTube video.

Related Questions

Can I Cut My Bathtub to Make It a Walk-In Shower for Seniors?

Yes, it is one of the most accessible outcomes to work for while cutting the bathtubs. Irrespective of the type of bathtub or material, it can be cut easily. You need to use the right tools to start cutting the tub from one side. Also, by cutting it, a pathway can be created for the seniors or everyone to walk into without the necessity of hopping the walls. To know more, you can go through this link that gives details regarding the same.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Bathtub into a Walk-In Shower? 

The professional’s charge to convert a bathtub into a shower ranges between $1200 to $8000, depending upon the style you choose. In fact, the pricing is high because the bathtubs are very fragile, and materials such as porcelain demand utmost precision while cutting. It requires experience, and the price is all for that! 


You can cut the porcelain bathtubs, but it is advisable not to carry out the process by yourself. If you are a professional with some experience, you can definitely approach the same. But, if you do not have an idea of how to control the power tools, then it is better to hire professionals. If you are removing the tub, then there is no necessity of controlling the cuts. But, if you are amending it or renovating it into a stall or walk-in shower, you need precision!