Can You Get Scratches Out of Porcelain?

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The porcelain sink is mainly preferred to be used in houses. In fact, it acts as an elegant inclusion for household renovations or constructions. Mostly it is fixed in the kitchen or bathroom. Also, it is durable. However, irrespective of being durable and sturdy, it is also vulnerable to scratches and minor wear & tear. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the right ways of repairing or maintaining your porcelain sink. 

Can You Get Scratches Out of Porcelain?

Yes, you can get the scratches out of porcelain by performing certain easy and effective methods. For example, you can use commercial cleaners, baking soda, and other essentials to eliminate the scratches out of your porcelain sink. 

If you have concerns, thinking about, can you get scratches out of porcelain or not, then put an end to those worries. By following this guide, you can learn about the correct methods and the respective approaches to get rid of scratches. 

A bathroom porcelain sink with running water

Methods to Get The Scratches Out of Porcelain Surfaces

  • Use of Baking Soda

You need to properly layer the baking soda to coat the porcelain surface or sink. Now, use a soft and damp cloth for buffing the baking soda over porcelain quite a few times. Buff properly over the scratches, and then rinse the sink or porcelain surface with warm water. You will eventually find the scratches fading away to give a new and appealing look. 

  • Use of Commercial Cleanser

There are several powder cleansers available at retail stores that are useful for commercial-level cleaning. If the scratches are too deep over your porcelain sink and baking soda is not proficient enough for it, you need to try out the commercial cleaners. These commercial-grade cleaning solutions have the potential to work seamlessly on the porcelain surfaces for eliminating marks, scratches, and other spots from your sink or surfaces. 

There are several forms of commercial solutions available for you to use. But, powder and cream formulas seem to work best on porcelain maintenance needs. Also, commercial cleaners are multi-purpose solutions that are preferable for other household cleaning aspects as well. 

  • Buy the Porcelain Repair or Maintenance Kit

If you do not want to try your luck with other formulations or solutions and want a direct repair alternative for your porcelain surface or sink, you need to go with the porcelain repair kit. In case your porcelain sink has experienced immense damage due to scratches, then it needs this kit as a sole solution. These kits consist of abrasive cloth for buffing the porcelain space, along with a glaze or floss. This helps in filling the scratched areas.

You need to look for a porcelain kit, the color of which matches the porcelain surface. It is an inexpensive alternative for fixing slight deeper scratches and even cracks. You can reach out to any local hardware shop to buy your repair kit right away.

  • Use of Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is better known as the filler for minor impactful scratches. While you get pumice stone for this purpose, you need to check upon the pores of that stone. If the pores are tiny within the stone, it is proficient for delicate levels of repair over the porcelain sink or surface. 

Pumice stones are rough and might lead to more damage than maintenance. Therefore, it is better to soak the pumice stone in warm water to ensure its soft buffing over the porcelain surface. You need to buff the porcelain sink back & forth, with the use of porcelain stone, over the nicks and scratches until they get completely eradicated.

Out of these four methods, you must consider pumice stone, baking soda, and cleanser for minor scratches or marks over your sink or other surfaces. But in case the scratches are deep, then a porcelain repair kit can be an intensive repair solution for the same. So, consider the damage intensity and then pick the ideal solution among the four. 

Person wearing a yellow glove cleaning a porcelain sink with a sponge

How To Prevent Future Damage of Porcelain Sink or Surface?

The next thing you should know is to keep your porcelain sink, fixtures, or surface maintained. And for that, you need to follow some measures:

  1. If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, then it is better to get rubber mats for lining at the bottom. It will ensure that the surface of the sink is immune to dishware and heavy pan scratches. 
  2. For all porcelain surfaces, including sinks, regular cleaning is quite essential. And for that, using a dishwashing liquid can be an appropriate pick. Also, dishwashing liquid is considerably gentle and will not hamper the repairs or fillings upon it. 
  3. Avoid using vinegar for cleaning the porcelain surfaces. It is because the acidity of the vinegar will damage porcelain and will deteriorate its look. 
  4. Common cleaners appropriate for cleaning porcelain include citric acid, gel gloss, lemon juice, Windex, and dishwashing liquid. And the cleaners that are not appropriate for porcelain have a magic eraser, scouring powders, steel wool, Ajax, and Borax. Hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and ammonia are preferable mostly on damaged surfaces only. 

For better clarity on how to approach the maintenance of porcelain fixtures, tiles, or sink, here is a YouTube video link for your reference.

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Cleaning the porcelain sinks doesn’t demand professional expertise. You just need to give it a little time and use the right solutions or methods. Also, you will notice how easy it is to revive the new-like appeal of your porcelain sinks. So, be sure to maintain your porcelain fixtures with the right approaches mentioned in this guide.