Are Ikea Allen Keys Metric?

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Trying to find the right hex keys for your furniture? Then we highly recommend you use Ikea Allen keys. But are Ikea Allen keys metric? Or do they only sell imperial ones? We have got all of your queries covered in this guide, so let’s dig in.

Are IKEA Allen Keys Metric?

Hex keys are produced with high precision and are labeled with a socket size. As a result, they’re frequently sold as kits with an array of sizes. The length of a key rises with its size, but not always proportionally.

So, are Ikea Allen keys metric?


Ikea follows a metric-based system, and thus, the Allen keys also come in metric readings for ease.

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Allen wrenches are likely to be required when purchasing IKEA items. In addition, you’ll need metric-sized hex pieces rather than imperial-sized hex pieces.

The 3mm and 5mm hex pieces are the most popular sizes used with IKEA goods. There will be ten pieces in a complete package that can open everything you buy from IKEA. A 1.5mm hex piece is the smallest, while a 10mm hex piece is the biggest.

Standard Measurement of Allen Wrenches

In Europe, metric measurements are the norm. The Allen wrench European set comes in the following sizes: 2.5 mm 3 mm 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm

You may need to utilize a metric set of Allen wrenches if you’re working on a project that came from another country.

Types of Allen Wrenches

Allen wrenches are available in two basic forms. Some of them are completely flat on both sides. Some have rounded ends, whereas others don’t.

The purposes of both types of Allen wrenches are the same. When operating in tight or difficult-to-reach locations, though, the bell-end Allen wrenches are simpler to maneuver.

If you wish to disassemble a corner cupboard in your home and the Allen bolt is in a tight space against a wall, the ball-end Allen wrench might slide into the top and function at a comfortable 35-degree angle.

What Size of Allen Wrench One Should Use?

An Allen wrench is required for almost every IKEA product that must be assembled. As a result, a properly sized Allen wrench is always included in the equipment from IKEA.

As discussed earlier, one can pick the right size of Allen wrench as per their requirement.

The wrenches come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1.5mm to 10mm. However, for their products, IKEA appears to favor the 3mm and 5mm sizes.

Other functions may necessitate the use of your tools. For example, IKEA occasionally includes a screwdriver in the box, but a hammer is never supplied.

After you’ve made your purchase and returned home, always double-check the assembly manual and make a list of the tools and parts you’ll need. When you open each box, set each Allen key next to the Allen head that is comparable in size to the one you will be using.

The 3mm Allen wrench is typically used on little decor objects, whereas the 5mm Allen wrench is commonly used on midsized furniture items. The 8mm is typically used in larger furniture pieces.

After you’ve finished building your IKEA item, put your tools away safely and gently. Keep in mind that you’ll need them when it’s time to transport or disassemble the object.

Call your local IKEA shop for a free replacement if you lose an Allen wrench of a specific size and need to disassemble an IKEA product. You can also get a free replacement at the customer service office.

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Things to Keep In Mind While Using Metric Allen Wrenches

While using certain tools, one should look for some basic measures, like the hex keys discussed in this guide. Though the manufacturer claims them to be highly durable, however, chances of damage are never zero.

Thus, here are some handling measures one should be mindful of while using Allen wrenches

  • Only use metric Allen keys on IKEA goods. Imperial-sized wrenches may not fit the gap and may result in the corners being rounded.
  • Use the correct size Allen key corresponding to Allen’s head, as per the reason stated above.
  • If you’re going to buy Allen keys, make sure they’re metric. There are two sets available: one metric and the other imperial. They’re cheap enough that you can get two sets and small enough that they won’t take up too much room in your toolkit. Furthermore, both sets will be useful for a variety of goods. From IKEA furniture to bicycles and electronics, there’s something for everyone.
  • Take inventory of everything you receive when you receive your IKEA box.
  • Do not open the packaging with sharp equipment such as knives because you risk damaging the components inside or losing little packets such as the one containing the Allen wrenches.
  • Before you begin, read the assembly instructions, pick the right wrenches. Then, when it comes time to dismantle the product, you’ll need to read the instructions once more. Keep the instruction manual safe.
  • Begin by fitting each Allen bolt loosely until the entire product is complete, then tighten each Allen bolt individually, using the right-sized Allen wrenches (metric). Take care not to over-tighten the Allen bolts. The wood may splinter. Also, don’t make your furniture too loose, or it may wobble and become unstable.
  • When working with loose or sharp objects, wear protective apparel such as gloves and goggles, be cautious with your metric Allen wrenches, and don’t put too much pressure on them.
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According to a study, the Allen keys available in the market are heavy, take up a lot of space and have certain limitations. However, there is a lot of ongoing improvement carried out in this line.

Although Allen wrenches and hex keys appear to be sturdy, they can cause damage to a socket screw head if the improper size is used. In addition, the Allen wrench’s smaller size can easily strip a hex bolt or damage itself.

Ensure the head of the bolt is free from dirt and grit before inserting the hex key. Any dust that collects in the hexagon’s corners can be removed with a fast swipe of a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Before tightening or loosening a bolt, check sure each side of the Allen wrench is securely and properly aligned. You risk stripping the bolt head or damaging the wrench if you don’t.