Best Oil Brand for Subaru [2024 Review]

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Subaru is a renowned brand for manufacturing the most robust vehicles within the automotive industry. And with their extraordinary performance, it also becomes an important consideration to get a reliable engine oil for the same. Motor oil is the lifeline of the vehicle, and you cannot compromise upon it.

In fact, motor oil is essential to cool down your engine to prevent wear & tear. Therefore, it is important to look for the best oil brand for Subaru, which can complement its performance and lubrication needs.

Our Top Subaru Oil Brand Reviews

As per the experts’ verdict, Subaru vehicles require a change of motor oil every 3000 to 4000 miles. Three thousand miles is an ideal break-in period for the new Subaru vehicles. Therefore, it is important to seek a good motor oil before that point.

On failing to do so, you will be pressurizing the engine to work without lubrication, which will result in more wear and tear. So, here are a few of the brand options and their reviews for you to choose the best oil before your vehicle hits 3000 miles.

Genuine Subaru SOA427V1415 Oil

The Genuine Subaru motor oil is the perfect overall product for your Subaru vehicle. It holds the certification to be the purest synthetic oil that has a viscosity grading of 5w30. It offers superior protection to the vehicle against a build-up of sludge and other deposits.

This motor oil has a unique formulation to ensure that the engine stays clean, thereby preventing any build-up formation for a long time. The formula of this motor oil for the Subaru engine comes with low friction potential. Hence, the lubrication will be efficient, and the devastating after-effects will be suppressed.

Moreover, it will reduce the stress imposed on the moving and functional parts of the engine. This pack of motor oil is available in a container of 1-gallon and has markings on one side of the container. These markings are for the buyers to get an idea of how much volume of oil is left.

It is manufactured by the Subaru brand itself! Therefore, there should not be any such question upon its integrity and genuineness. Furthermore, the authenticity of this oil is tested and verified for the turbocharged Subaru engines.

Subaru vehicles are popular for withstanding high levels of stress on their engines. And this oil can complement those aspects and provide optimal power to all of the components.


  • Oil loss is prevented within the engine due to evaporation conditions.
  • This motor oil helps reduce the stress on engine components, as a result of which the fuel economy increases.
  • It removes the deposit build-ups and prevents them from forming again.


  • The price is a bit high, as it is brought to you by the vehicle brand itself. However, there is no doubt regarding its efficacy, for which the brand is charging a bit more.

Castrol 03124 EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you were looking for the best full synthetic oil that is not too expensive and has proficient properties for your Subaru engine, then Castrol Edge 0W-20 is the best fit for the purpose. It offers superior performance by preventing oxidation damage and additional wear & tear.

In addition to that, it puts up a great range of protection for the engine against sludge and deposits. Any build-up within your Subaru engine might result in performance deterioration, but this oil prevents it.

Moreover, this engine oil prevents rust and corrosion damage to the moving components of your vehicle engine. With Castrol motor oil for your Subaru, you are unlocking the potential of outstanding performance in every drive, irrespective of the climatic conditions. In addition to that, you are also working on streamlining the fuel economy aspects of the vehicle.

The friction within your Subaru engine is responsible for the loss of around 10% of your total engine’s performance. And it damages the moving components of your engine. Therefore, if you wish to buy the best for your Subaru, but are restricted with a minimum fund, then this product by Castrol is a worthy investment.

Also, it is embedded with fluid titanium technology that not only offers protection to the car but will also extend the life of your car’s engine. The presence of fluid titanium technology helps manipulate the oil behavior within the engine, depending upon the pressure exerted upon it.


  • This product by Castrol results in suppressing the increased pressure that is common with Subaru engines.
  • It eradicates the harmful deposits within the Subaru engine and also prevents & controls it to avoid rust & corrosion.
  • It has a viscosity of 0w20, which is not just meant for Subaru but is also compatible with other brand vehicles. The vehicle manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Acura, and others also recommend the use of this motor oil.


  • There is no clear marking on the side of its container. As a result, you need to drop in a stick or oil measurement tool to check the amount of oil remaining within it.

Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Amazon Basics has brought the best motor oil blend for your Subaru vehicles. It is Amazon’s brand but has earned a good name in the market with its impeccable products at affordable rates. The Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil is of 0w20 viscosity, which is a good rating.

In fact, it serves the purpose of creating a protective coating over your engine components. Hence, the wear & tear aspects will reduce upon the engine parts with a minimized friction outcome.

The friction in between the moving parts of a Subaru engine results in a loss of power. And this full synthetic motor oil of Amazon Basics eradicates friction potential and improves the fuel economy aspects. However, you can also expect a clean-up of deposits within your engine.

These build-ups are highly responsible for pushing the engine components to experience rust and corrosion. As a result, you might need to opt for expensive repairs for your Subaru engine. Therefore, using the right oil to remove these build-ups is a priority.

This motor oil brand has a unique formulation to ensure that the exhaust emissions are suppressed and the engine deposit build-ups are prevented. In addition, the viscosity rating of this oil gives a piece of evidence about its performance at extreme cold and hot engine temperatures.

So, even if you are using your Subaru in a cold climatic region, this motor oil will help you obtain similar engine performance at all times.


  • This engine oil creates a protective coating upon the engine components to prevent damages due to friction and other such distortions.
  • It has high resistance for preventing thermal breakdown conditions.
  • It suppresses the pollutant emissions from the exhaust.


  • The container doesn’t have a visibility strip on its side, making it difficult for people to measure the leftover motor oil within the pack.

Additional Subaru Oil Brand Option

Now, you know the best Subaru oil brand in terms of reasonable price and overall effectiveness. Here is a bonus option for you that is also one of the best sellers in the category of motor oil for Subaru vehicles.

It will help you with an additional option to compare the specifications and choose the best.

Pennzoil – 550045202 Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Pennzoil is yet another popular brand that offers 5W20 synthetic motor oil for your Subaru engine. The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the right pick for conscious Subaru owners. The price is not too less and is neither too expensive. You can count it to have an equivalent price range to most products in this list.

The best part about this oil is its formulation consists of 99.5% pure base oil and very few additional blends. For all the Subaru owners, it is a piece of good news! It is because this motor oil supports 65% cleaning efficiency for your piston.

Moreover, it also works effectively by releasing the stress on the moving components of the engine. As a result, the fuel economy also improves!

Upon using this motor oil, you can expect to drive an additional 550 miles every year than what you used to drive with other engine oils. It is because your engine will experience more cleanliness due to the purity aspect of this oil. And cleaner engines tend to go few extra miles without wear and tear compared to the dirty engine.


  • The oil flow is adequate even in colder environments.
  • This oil flow is ideal for the car engine components to prevent oil degradation and oil oxidation.
  • It protects your engine to eliminate all kinds of harmful deposits and prevents further build-up of the same.


  • There are no such noticeable cons with this brand product.

Features to Consider for Best Oil Brand for Subaru

Considering the right factors and features is important when choosing a motor oil brand for your Subaru. So, below are the factors that you need to keep in mind before deciding one out of the four motor oil brands for your Subaru:

Product Viscosity Oil Type Certifications
Genuine Subaru SOA427V1415 Oil 5W30 Certified Full Synthetic Oil American Petroleum Institute Certified
Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W20 Full Synthetic Oil Fluid Titanium Technology
Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W20 Full Synthetic Dexos Approved Gen2
Pennzoil – 550045202 Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil 5W20 Full Synthetic Ultra Platinum Technology


Viscosity is what defines the performance aspect of the oil in cold and hot temperatures. The viscosity of the oil is stated with symbols as 5w20, 0w20, and others. Here, the first number within these symbols indicates the viscosity of the oil at cold temperatures or low temperatures.

Motor oil cans

And the second number in these symbols indicates the viscosity at high operating temperatures. You should go with ideal-rated brand products to ensure that your Subaru performs seamlessly in all climates.

Oil Type

There are different oil types available in the market for your Subaru engine. Some of the common types include full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional premiums, and others. You need to check upon the specification of your Subaru engine for the type of motor oil it is compatible with.

For the Subaru engines, you should always go with full-synthetic blend oils. They are somehow a little expensive but are rich in enhancing the performance of your Subaru vehicle.


You need to count on the decided funds that you have in your mind. The price for different Subaru oil brands varies, depending upon their formulation, brand popularity, and other such factors. You need to plan out your funds to invest an amount for motor oil of your Subaru.

Orange Subaru

There are very minute differences in pricing for all of the other brands except Subaru itself. Therefore, your choice in terms of pricing should mostly be either Genuine Subaru or any of the other brands.


If your Subaru is about to complete its first or next 3000 miles anytime sooner, it is time for you to look for an ideal motor oil brand right away. Put an end to your search for the best, as the ones mentioned within this comparison article are the best sellers in the online market.

The efficacy of these brands is stated all across the globe, especially by the Subaru owners. So, count on them, and choose the best straight away!