Best Cleaner for Jeep Soft Top [2024 Review]

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Jeeps have their charm in the automobile industry. In fact, the rugged feel and the retro appeal make it stand out in the crowd. And the proud owners of Jeep usually prefer soft-top variants to get a scope of customization for the vehicle anytime within its lifetime. But, the problem with the soft top is that you need to clean it very often.

Without ideal cleaning, your Jeep will lose its charm and appeal. Therefore, it is better to get the best cleaner for Jeep soft top.

Our Top Cleaner for Jeep Soft Top Reviews

Not all cleaners have the potential to clean your Jeep’s soft top proficiently. In addition, you need to keep in mind that poor cleaners can deteriorate the quality of your Jeep’s soft top. The top of your Jeep withstands harmful UV rays, rain, dirt, road grime, and many other impacts throughout the rides.

Therefore, they need maintenance, and ideal cleaning is one approach to ensure that they don’t crack, damage, or discolor. Here are a few of the best cleaner options for your Jeep Soft Top to help you decide one that suits your needs.

Raggtopp Convertible Top Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant Kit

Raggtopp is one of the most renowned brands that has mastered the art of producing the best quality cleaners for soft and convertible tops. This brand has gained its name in the US for all good reasons. It works best upon the vinyl-based soft tops.

This cleaner also has a protector kit that creates a layer or coat over the soft top to help repel dust and dirt from staying over it. But this protection lasts for a stipulated amount of time!

This cleaner product is pretty gentle but still works well in removing the roof soils and strong stains. Most of the soil and stain will be removed from your soft top right after the first round of cleaning. If the stains are too robust, then you might need to go for a second round.

But it is a rare scenario. You don’t need to worry, as this cleaner does not harm the rubber, plastic, metal, or wood parts around your Jeep. It is because this cleaner solution has low pH and anti-oxidant formula.

After applying the cleaner solution, make sure to apply the protector kit to complete the process. This solution will help retain the original color of your soft top and maintain the softness of the top. Furthermore, there is no bleach formulation within this solution, which makes it one of the best picks among all of the other Jeep soft top cleaners.


  • There will be no after-cleaning residues or remnants of this solution over your Jeep’s soft top.
  • This solution is gentle to all the other materials of your Jeep’s roof.
  • The protection kit creates a very strong protective layer to last for a long time.


  • It is a bit costly as a cleaner solution.

Protex World Convertible Soft Top Canvas Cleaner

Protex World Convertible Soft Top Canvas Cleaner is an adequate product for your Jeep’s soft top. It is more like a deep cleaning tool to get the new-like rugged appeal of your Jeep with a clean and tidy rooftop. But the only thing that you need to consider while using this product is that your Jeep’s soft top should be colorfast.

It is because, without it, the solution will wash the dye in your fabric. Also, the cleaner is proficient enough to fight & clean most of the everyday contaminants such as mold, mildew, road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, and others.

The best part about this cleaner is that it revives the color of your canvas and stops the build-up of green mildew. If you do not like those spray cleaning products, then this is the ideal pick for you. Before applying the product over your Jeep’s soft top, you need to damp the top lightly.

Now, you can go ahead and apply the cleaning solution with the use of a paintbrush across the soft top. Moreover, it is a bit rough on paints, so try not to spill or apply it anywhere on the painted area of the Jeep.

When you are done applying this solution, you need to let it settle over the Jeep’s soft top for around 15 minutes. Now, you can clean out the rooftop with the use of a brush and hot water. Next, prefer to gently rub over the surface to ensure that you don’t damage the fabric.

Finally, you can just rinse it out and let it dry. And, this is how easy it is to apply this Protex cleaner solution to your Jeep’s soft top. The formulation is non-toxic and causes no hazard to the environment. Moreover, Protex also sells color restorer, which is an after-applicant of this cleaning solution. You can use them both to add more shine.


  • This cleaner is a safe solution for the canvas of your Jeep’s top. It doesn’t rip off the fabric, but just the contaminants or stains.
  • It is easy to apply and requires less quantity of solution for cleaning an entire Jeep’s rooftop. Hence, it will make the bottle last longer.


  • This cleaner is potentially rough on the paint of your Jeep. So, make sure that you avoid spilling or wiping the paint of your Jeep with this solution.

Bestop 1121100 Vinyl Fabric Cleaner

Bestop Vinyl Fabric Cleaner is yet another popular product in the line for your Jeep’s soft top. It is affordable and efficient to help you achieve a cleaner outcome. The formulation is strong enough to clean out almost all kinds of stains from the soft top of your Jeep.

In fact, the formulation consists of anti-oxidant properties and low pH for deriving its effectiveness. Moreover, this is a no-residue formula, which means that there will be no remnants of this solution wandering over your Jeep’s top.

The sole purpose of this cleaner is to take out the stains and help you wipe them clean. When you use it properly by following all the instructions and directions, you can get a new-like appeal for your Jeep’s top. This cleaner doesn’t react when it comes in contact with the paints.

There are no paint-damaging chemicals within this product! So, you can use it without any hesitations or doubts. This cleaner product goes well with fabric and vinyl rooftops in Jeeps and convertible cars.

The best part about the formulation of this Bestop cleaner is that it is environment-friendly. And this is possible for the non-toxic formula that has been used in making it. Therefore, in case this solution comes in contact with human skin, there are no such chances of reactions or allergies.

But still, it is advisable not to use this cleaner without gloves. Also, this solution is bio-degradable and gentle. Hence, it is the best budget-friendly Jeep soft top cleaner on this list.


  • The paint and other materials over your Jeep’s rooftop are safe from any chemical corrosions. It is because this solution is gentle on them.
  • The non-toxic formula makes it non-hazardous to breath-in and easy to work with bare hands. But still, it is better to use a mask and gloves for additional safety and protection.
  • You can also use this cleaner solution over the car seat covers, vinyl exteriors, and other fabrics.


  • There are no such negatives to highlight for this product!

Additional Option of Jeep’s Soft Top Cleaner

The three best products in the lot are stated above! If you are not satisfied with all the above products, now is the time for a bonus option, which will be the breakthrough option. But that will not happen, as all of the products in this article are the best in the lot.

But to get a better comparison potential, here is the 4th best cleaner for your Jeep’s soft top.

303 Tonneau Cover and Convertible Top Cleaner

303 Tonneau Cover and Convertible Top Cleaner is a an affordable product. But don’t let the price deviate you from its true potential! It is a very reputed brand and has impeccable reviews of outstanding results.

This company started back in 1980 and was the first brand to develop a UV-protecting cleaner solution for the convertible and soft tops. In addition, this product is free from toxic chemicals that make it a skin-friendly formulation. But even with that, you are advised to use gloves while applying this solution to your Jeep.

It has a well-balanced pH formula that works fantastically over the vinyl and fabric tops. It is an ideal pick for washing or cleaning away the everyday dust and dirt. Soft tops are prone to both light and heavy stains throughout their everyday rides.

And this solution weakens the stain to make it easy to clean. Moreover, this solution also ensures that the soft top doesn’t harden due to the application of this solution. It makes your Jeep’s soft top maintain its new-like appeal for a long time.

The cleaner is completely safe for all kinds of vinyl soft-tops and other fabric parts of your Jeep. In addition, it has the potential to rinse the soft top by keeping it free from cleaning residues. It is specifically designed for cleaning the Tonneau covers but works well with all kinds of soft tops.


  • The formula has a UV-protectant property to keep your Jeep’s soft top safe from UV damage.
  • It is a non-toxic and non-bleach formula that prevents unwanted damages to the soft top and over other parts of the Jeep.
  • This cleaner product is an ideal solution for both hardtops and soft tops.


  • It is not a bio-degradable solution.
  • Also, it has a chemical odor.

Features to Consider for Best Cleaner for Jeep Soft top

Now, you have your list of products ready to choose from. But before you go ahead and just consider the pricing for the sake of choosing a cleaner, you must get an idea of all of the other important specifications. And this section is an important part of this entire buying guide.

Product Surface Recommendation Residue-Free Property Application Type
Raggtopp Convertible Top Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant KitPreferably Fabric Yes Spray Solution
Bestop 1121100 Vinyl Fabric CleanerVinyl & Fabric Yes Rubbing Solution
Protex World Convertible Soft Top Canvas Cleaner   Preferably Fabric Yes Rubbing Solution
303 Tonneau Cover and Convertible Top CleanerVinyl & Fabric Yes Spray Solution

So, here are the features or factors that you must consider for a better comparison of these products:

Material of the Soft Top

You need to get an idea of what material is your Jeep’s soft top made of! All the cleaner solutions are not ideal for use over all types of soft tops. Therefore, you need to go with the cleaner that is not harsh in anyways to the soft top material.

Dog peeking in a Jeep window

For instance, if your soft top material is vinyl, you need to opt for the cleaner compatible with vinyl soft-top.

Applying Process

You get the cleaner solution either in a spray bottle or a rubbing solution. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the ease of application, as per your concerns. If you are not in favor of spray solutions, go for the rubbing application type.

But most people find spray solutions as the easy mode of application. Go with your preference.

Environment Friendliness

You need to check whether the formulation of the cleaner is safe for the environment or not. You don’t want to create hazardous exposure for the environment in the pursuit of cleaning your Jeep’s soft top.


Compare all of the products based upon the features and their respective specifications. Then find the best one and place your order for the same! Finally, give your Jeep a fresh and clean look, with tidy rooftops.