Best Duramax Fuel Filter [2024 Review]

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Vehicle maintenance demands all-around inspections. It includes inspection of the engine, brake components, cooling, and suspension. The most crucial equipment that decides the performance of your vehicle is a filter.

And just like any other vehicle, Duramax engines also need an optimal filter to refine their performance. Maintaining and replacing those fuel filters over time is equally important. Therefore, here are reviews for the best Duramax fuel filter to help you decide the best.

Our Top Duramax Fuel Filter Reviews

The role of a fuel filter is to remove devastating particles such as dirt, rust, and other microbial growth organisms. Some of the filter models have the potential even to remove water from the fuel system. You must get the ideal filter to ensure a smooth ride and approach if you own a Duramax.

Hence, this article is here to give you better exposure to the best Duramax fuel filters available for purchase.

Caterpillar 1R-0750 Fuel Filter

Caterpillar 1R-0750 Fuel Filter is one of the best in the lot! It is because of its exceptional and outstanding 2-micron rating for the filter media. Also, Caterpillar is one of the best brands that offer the best automotive accessories.

This fuel filter is just one top-of-the-line product of this brand. However, this is the only brand that can make it possible to keep the price affordable for such a low micron rating fuel filter.

A metal exterior surrounds this filter to protect the interior system from any sort of outdoor damage. The surface of this filter is very smooth, but it still holds onto its position within the Duramax. It comes with O-rings at all the joints to eradicate the possibility of leakage over time.

Moreover, the interior filter within this product can take out the major part of elements that damages the fuel composition. The built-in filtration media supports an effective cellulose construction with a spectacular micron rating. Hence, the capturing and filtering efficiency is flawless with 99.9%.

Furthermore, this filter supports a cleaner-burning potential that helps in disintegrating the previous build-ups and deposits. And a seamless flow of fuel will help other mechanical parts within the Duramax engine to retain their working potentials. Hence, you will be enjoying the smooth performance of the engine!


  • It is the only filter within the list that supports 99.9% filtration efficiency.
  • It promotes cleaner burning of fuel, which in return will enhance the economy of your Duramax.
  • The installation is simple, and it fits without many alternations within the filter chamber of your vehicle.


  • The exterior of this fuel filter experiences rust in the long run.

GM Genuine Parts TP3018 Fuel Filter Kit

This fuel filter kit by GM is yet another premium replacement for the Duramax fuel filter. This filter doesn’t need any introduction as it comes from the known brand for manufacturing the best vehicle accessories. This filter has the potential to thrust out the impurities from your fuel system, all at once.

The price might seem a little high than some other brand products over this list. But as this section is all about giving you an excellent deal fuel filter, there is no better option than this.

This Duramax fuel filter by GM comes with a thick metal cover and intact casing for covering the filter media. Due to this covering, the mechanical stress doesn’t bother the interior action of this filter. Furthermore, there is an additional sealing integration for lowering the internal leakage possibility.

The built-in filtering media has around a 4-micron rating for capturing the pollutants. With it, you can expect up to 98% to 99% of filtration. Therefore, you can conclude that no rust, dirt, or paint can dare to enter the burning chamber of your Duramax.

This filter promotes uninterrupted fuel circulation to the combustion chamber. As a result, the fuel will consistently burn to provide power to Duramax’s engine. In collaboration, it also helps all other internally connected parts to retain their optimal performance potential. With this product, you can expect a long and healthy life for your Duramax engine.


  • This fuel filter is highly durable. It is because this filter has a sealing integration and high filtering efficiency.
  • The fuel insertion has no obstruction due to this filter. Therefore, pure fuel flow to the combustion chamber is consistent.
  • You do not need to buy any additional accessories for fitting this filter onto your Duramax. It fits perfectly through correct installation.


  • The manufacturer neglects the packaging for this product.
  • It is a bit expensive than other models, but has features, worth it!

Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter With Seals

ATRACYPART is a renowned brand that offers a 6.6 Duramax diesel fuel filter with additional seals. It is a premium filter that has features beyond all others in this list. It holds the title to be the best aftermarket fuel filter for Duramax.

Also, it is embedded with high-grade filtering media that minimizes the flow restriction for efficient fuel circulation within the engine. Furthermore, it boosts the efficiency of fuel purification that clears the way for the seamless performance of internal engine parts.

The fuel delivery rate is high with this filter, and it satisfies the requirement for any kind of robust diesel engine, just like Duramax. The filter media within this product comes with a proficient micron rating for taking out the pollutants. Moreover, you will be receiving around 98% of filtration with this Duramax filter.

It can block out most of the particles from your fuel system. In addition, the capacity is high to promote longer change intervals.

This product has been through lab testing measures and is stated as a durable fuel filter for Duramax trucks. It comes with anti-caustic housing that promotes durable implementation under critical conditions. Also, it has a prominent sealing from the inside. And the multi-layered media prevents leakages by accident.


  • This filter consists of multiple layers that are meant for enhancing the efficiency of this filter.
  • Irrespective of the weather or climate conditions, this filter works just fine with the Duramax trucks.
  • This filter puts up less or no restriction on the movement of fluids.


  • The initial look and touch of this filter might give you a notion that this product is affordable. But when you get to use this product, you will realize its outstanding features.

Additional Duramax Fuel Filter Options

As of now, you are aware of the best fuel filter for your Duramax in terms of pricing, excellent deal, and overall best. But now, it is time to give you few additional options for a better choice. If you do not want to decide by reviewing just three fuel filters, then here are two more for you:

1. ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter With Seals

ACDelco TP1015 professional fuel filter works seamlessly to justify the job. In fact, it purifies the fluid before it enters the combustion mechanism. It is comparatively affordable than most of the other products. But the pricing has nothing to do with the quality of this product. It is a preferable brand and product for Duramax engines. Also, it comes with a solid metal case or structure that can take on mechanical stresses.

The engines of Duramax are very much rough when in action. But, the integrated system of this fuel filter remains sturdy against it all. In addition to that, this fuel filter has an uneven exterior surface that helps the filter stay put in its specific position.

The filtering media within this product has a micron ratio of 5. It is a good rating that can ensure filtering efficiency of up to 98%. As a matter of fact, the lower the micron rating, the better is the efficiency of the filter media.

The holding capacity of this filter is optimal enough to keep going without much necessity of maintenance. Furthermore, this filter has rugged sealing on all of the joints to ensure that the interior is safe from intrusions. The design of this filter helps maintain and retain filtration efficiency. Also, there will be no such chances of fuel leakage throughout the lifetime of this filter.


  • The structural support is very much durable, with a metal casing to protect the internal functionalities.
  • The fuel filter has the potential of holding itself at the set position. It is because of the uneven surface integration over this filter.
  • It demands less maintenance and lasts for a long period.


  • At times, there might be some O-ring fitting problems with this fuel filter.

2. WIX Filters – 33960 Heavy Duty Spin-On Fuel Water Separator

Duramax engines need fuel filters on priority to ensure that water doesn’t reach out to the burning chamber. This is to ensure that there is no interruption in the burning of fuel for generating power for the vehicle. Here, the WIX Fuel Filter focuses upon keeping the particulates and water away from the combustion chamber.

Also, WIX filters have the right gear to filter out both without much hassle. It is the best overall Duramax filter because of its filtering efficiency and nominal pricing. This filter comes with an anodized exterior that can retain internal functionality by preventing the outdoor mechanisms or elements from bothering it.

In addition to that, this filter comes with a complete metal structure for ensuring maximum security to its filtering mechanism. Therefore, you can expect this filter to have a long change interval and demand subtle maintenance over time.

In fact, the presence of water in fuel leads to excessive heat generation within the engine system. So, it eventually damages the engine. This Duramax filter has a spin-on filtering media that prevents water circulation into the composition of the fluid. Hence, it promotes a complete eradication of water from fuel to support seamless burning of the fuel in order to generate consistent power for Duramax. 

Furthermore, the dimensional precision within the Duramax fuel filter helps install this filter easily in your vehicle. And you do not need to make any tweaks within the filter assembly, as it will fit right in the position without any such mess.


  • You get exceptional endurance on the filtering job. Also, you get up to 97% filtering efficiency with this product.
  • The fuel insertion has no obstructions or limitations and supports consistent flow.
  • In addition to that, the fuel delivery rate is also high to generate optimal power for the vehicle.


  • The sway bar in this filter is a bit distorted.

Features to Consider for Best Duramax Fuel Filter

Now that you have the options in hand, it is time for you to check their specifications and details to decide the one for you. But what are the things that you should look for in fuel filters? If you are not a professional in this matter but want to buy the fuel filter for your

Product Micron Rating Filtration Efficiency Maintenance
Caterpillar 1R-0750 Fuel Filter Multipack2 99.9% Less
GM Genuine Parts TP3018 Fuel Filter Kit 4 99% Less
6.6 Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter with Seals 5 98% Less
ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter with Seals 5 98% Less
WIX Filters – 33960 Heavy Duty Spin-On Fuel Water Separator7 97% Average

Duramax all by yourself, then considers these below features. The features of consideration are:

Fitting of the Filter

If the filter doesn’t fit in your Duramax, then it is of no use. You cannot count on making adjustments within the engine chamber to fit any filter in it. It might distort the functionality of other parts within the engine.

Therefore, check the specifications of your Duramax engine and match them with the filter compatibility. You can prefer to go for options that have a wider scope of system usability.

Micron Rating

The micron rating is what gives an insight into the filtration potential of a fuel filter. In fact, the micron rating resembles the opening sizes of these filters. The lower the micron rating, the better will be the filtration efficiency.

Hand holding a fuel filter

Some filters range from a 2-micron rating to a 7 or 8-micron rating. The lower ones are the better picks. So, depending upon your pocket limit, go for the one that ranges between 2 to 5-micron ratings.

Sealing of the Gasket

One of the most common defects that the majority of the fuel filters have is a loose gasket seal. The O-rings at times fail, which can result in open orifices, that might lead to leakage problems. Therefore, you need to ensure that the seals within those filters are durable.

And for that, you can check the specifications and reviews of existing buyers to get an idea of the same.

Filtering Media

The higher the capacity of filtering media, the better will be the efficiency. Higher capacity resembles the presence of layered materials for better capturing of the particulates. So, you need to check the efficiency rating of the filtering media mentioned within the specifications to make a decision.

You can choose from micro-glass, cellulose, hydrosorb, and monitor filters. The difference in filters will enhance or deteriorate their filtering potential. The hydrosorb filtering media is for detecting both water and particulates from the fuel composition. It monitors filters for detecting phase separation in water & ethanol composition in the gasoline.


Consider all the important factors and keep shortlisting from these five options until you decide the one best for you. Duramax vehicles are very much robust and powerful. Therefore, they demand uninterrupted power. And for that, the fuel filter must maintain a smooth flow and high delivery rate.

In fact, all the options above have no restrictions on fuel flow to the engine’s combustion chamber. So, you can be sure about no power hick-ups on installing any of these fuel filters in your Duramax. Do your research, choose the one, and place your order!