How to Jack Up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

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Dual axle travel trailers provide additional stability when traveling at highway speeds. Extra tires on the trailer make it easier to carry heavier loads while providing greater suspension than comparable trucks. So, how to jack up a dual-axle travel trailer? Let’s check it out in this guide.

How to Jack Up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

Is there any chance that one can jack up a twin-axle travel trailer? Yes, anyone can jack up a travel trailer, but the best technique to do it is currently up for debate. Some people have discovered that going their way is the best option, even if it contradicts the owner’s manual.

There must be a note as the warning in the owner’s manuals of many models may not be correct. As per some dealers, the manufacturers added the notice to prevent inexperienced mechanics from jacking up the travel trailer at the axle center. The axle could be damaged in that region.

Others are left with no choice but to jack up the trailers at the axle as the skirting prevents them from doing anything else. No one wants to damage their skirting because once it gets damaged, they will have to pay for hefty repairs.

Restored travel axle trailer

For a Travel Trailer, What Kind of Jack Is Best?

One can pick and choose from a number of jacks available on Amazon or automotive parts stores. The majority of them are compact and won’t take up much room in your compartments.

The Unijack, which is compact but powerful, is a good choice. The jack may lift to 6000 pounds with these jacks. They have a square form and are comparable to bottleneck jacks.

A decent scissor jack is another excellent option. They can be maneuvered quickly and fit into narrow areas. They have a 5000-pound weight capacity, making them a good choice.

Traditional hi-lift variants can hold approximately 70000 pounds and provide up to 48 inches of elevation when needed. Then there’s the floor jack used by most garage mechanics. It is on wheels and can be relocated into the ideal location to ensure adequate clearance and working space.

Finally, a hydraulic bottleneck jack is an excellent choice. 

One can pick a suitable jack from a variety of sizes having strength ranging from 2 to 50 tons.

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Steps to Jack Up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

Step 1: Park Your Trailer Off-Road

It’s essential that you first pull over the trailer if you notice a problem with a tire on the travel trailer. 

Look for a safe area to park the vehicle. Once you find one, pull over your car to a corner. Because you’re towing a big car, you want to be sure you’re not blocking the traffic in any manner. In addition, you’ll need a safe place to change the tire.

To inform other drivers of your position on the side of the road, turn on your emergency lights or get out some road flares. Once you’ve located the flat tire, you can proceed with the steps below.

Step 2: Place the Tire Ramp at the Right Place Correctly

It’s easy to figure out where to install the ramp once you know which tire should be interchanged. You will need to install a ramp such that the tire adjacent to the damaged one may easily drive up to it. Your trailer’s flat tire must be raised when you get it on the ramp, making it easier to change.

Step 3: Get On the Ramp

Make sure that you are all ready to drive the trailer on the ramp once you’ve double-checked that it’s in the appropriate spot. It’s best to get help from someone who can assist you onto the ramp in this circumstance. You’ll need someone to tell you when to pause.

It’s critical to apply the parking brake once you’ve arrived at your destination. While working on the travel trailer, you don’t want the vehicle to move. Furthermore, while changing the tire, you should turn off your car.

Step 4: Replace the Flat Tire

If the vehicle is not elevated, changing the tire would be next to impossible.

You can simply change the flat tire while it is lifted in the air. If you don’t know how to change a tire, you should get help from roadside assistance. Another alternative is to seek help from people passing by, but if you are stuck on the alone highway, contact the nearby mechanical support as soon as possible.

Step 5: Lower the Trailer to the Ground 

Your vehicle is all set to get on the road once you have changed the tire. Start your car and slowly drive away from the ramp. Use your pal as a guide to making sure you don’t overdo it. Before you go away, remember to wrap up your ramp.

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The Trailer Is Being Lifted From One Side

If you simply have one flat tire, the steps we’ve discussed are ideal. However, if you’ve hit something or both of the tires on one side are ruptured, those suggestions won’t help you. 

In order to change your ruptured tires, you will have to pull over the vehicle to a corner.

Step 1: Pull Off the Vehicle From the Main Road

You’ll have to stop once again. Find a safe place to exit the highway. Make sure you’re not blocking anyone’s route. 

Just in case you cannot pull off your car, make sure your emergency lights are working and are turned on.

Step 2: Pick Up the Jack

If both of your vehicles’ tires are ripped, the ramp isn’t going to help you much. To lift the travel trailer into the air, you’ll need a jack and support. After lifting the vehicle, you can replace the tire, as discussed in the previous section.

Step 3: Get the Trailer Back on the Ground 

Once the tires are replaced, you can roll down the lane.

Remove the jacks and bring the travel trailer to the ground. Restart your vehicle and gently re-enter traffic. Once everything is settled, then driving along with the traffic will not be difficult or time-consuming. However, don’t forget to cross-check that tires are properly fixed in their place before you go.

Is It Possible to Add Axles to My Car’s Trailer?

Photo of a man in white long-sleeved top on the blue and white trailer

No, it is not possible. One can’t add extra axles to the trailer.

When you don’t want to add airbags for any reason, and the trailer’s suspension is fine, there’s just one time to consider installing another axle as a technique to lift your trailer.

Axles are, without a doubt, the best choice when it comes to gaining raw height (Airbags will give you about 2″ of boost without modifying anything). However, most people require larger tire spacing at full suspension. If you don’t have any issues, you can go this way too.

Here is a detailed video on how to jack up a dual-axle travel trailer.


For changing tires, many people suggest using jack stands or bottle jacks. On the other hand, Tire ramps function better for dual axle trailers and are easier to use. Furthermore, you do not have to place two RV tires on the ramp; placing a tire next to the pumped one provides enough space to lift the flat tire.