Best Aftermarket CV Axles [2024 Review]

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The aftermarket automotive parts industry is a well-known secondary market industry that makes replacement parts for your vehicle, unlike the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). This guide highlights one of the best Aftermarket CV axles and their salient features in crisp detail for your reference.

Best Aftermarket CV Axles Reviewed

Aftermarket CV axles are known for their durability and convenient pricing. But you can’t buy just any CV axle you find. The compatibility also matters.

We suggest you make a list of the specs of your vehicle or get the user manual in hand before picking the best CV axles that fit the purpose.

Cardone 66-1009

Cardone 66-1009 is the top CV axle among Cardone’s aftermarket CV axles according to the satisfied buyers. There is no doubt that this product has been a success and has received rave reviews in the marketplace.

This Cardone product has grown in popularity due to its excellent fit and easy installation, and it continues to receive rave feedback. Many buyers praised the Cardone 66-1009 CV axle shaft because of its outstanding endurance.

The most common cause of boot failure is below-the-knee stress and wear. Cardone 66-1009 neoprene boots were developed with extra bellows to resist below pressure and crack.

Even if the original holding nut ruptures, the Cardone 66-1009 axle comes with an extra holding nut for easy installation that keeps everything in place. The axle’s boot clamps are pneumatically secured, which seals the boots to the housing.

Precision-rolled splines allow the mating hub to fit correctly. Axle shafts are thoroughly checked for stiffness to ensure that axle rotation does not interfere with vehicle movement.

The curled extremes of the axle thread ensure that the nut is secure when placed. The cables are easy to twist, which enhances the movement by moderate shaft length. Since the movement is flexible, the ball bearings can slip easily.


  • The Cardone 66-1009 CV axles are easy to install with the joints.
  • The axles are robust and can withstand high pressure.
  • It guarantees exceptional performance.
  • It comes with another axle nut.


  • Reported cases of low assemblage 
  • Frail neoprene–falls apart sometime.

Traxxas 6852R

The Traxxas 6852R axle provides maximum torque and efficiency in power transmission. Outer U-joints of Traxxas 6852R Steel CV axles are appropriately greased to facilitate movement.

Moreover, a rubber boot seals the exterior joints to protect them against the outer environment. Because U-joint pins are fixed tightly in the joint, they are unlikely to be lost.

Traxxas 6852R Steel CV axles perform well and have a distinctive aesthetic thanks to the gleaming nickel-plated shafts and silicone boots.

Using Traxxas car parts will allow you to get the most out of your Traxxas RTR cars. Traxxas 6852R Steel CV axles are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials to work excellently for a long time.

This replacement hardware (CV axle) is compatible with Traxxas vehicles, although you should read the user handbook to get a correct idea about the car’s specific equipment.


  • The Traxxas CV axles give efficient torque and power transmission.
  • They are appropriately lubricated because of which they don’t linger with the system.
  • Durable material; can withstand external damage.
  • Long-lasting, efficient performance.


  • The Traxxas CV axles have low-stress resistance.
  • They don’t have bellows.

GSP NCV10232

GSP axle’s performance is next to the top tier level. The axle offers comfortable driving conditions thanks to OE materials and careful machining.

Because boot breaks or wear are the most common cause of axle failure, GSP NCV10232 axles feature high-grade neoprene boots to guarantee sturdiness and temperature resistance over a wide temperature range.

There is a low risk of lubricant leakage at the joint, which means minor wearing and axle failure.

GSP NCV10232 axles are greased with Moly grease, which can withstand high temperatures and friction while providing smooth movement and consistent performance.

Axles are verified for quality construction before being assembled to ensure that consumers receive the best aftermarket CV axles available.

GSP NCV10232 axles are fitted with ABS sensors to function with anti-lock brakes. In automobiles without ABS, the sensor ring does not affect installation or performance.


  • GSP NCV10232 axles guarantee assured performance.
  • It comes with optimum lubrication.
  • The GSP CV axle has preserved boot integrity.
  • Premium Quality axles that come with ABS sensors.


  • Three bellows instead of five.
  • Exposure to dust if the boot pulls out.

East Lake Axle

East Lake Axle is one of the newest brands on the market, and it provides excellent performance in various vehicle types from multiple years of production. The axle is an ideal OEM replacement that improves torque handling and smooth movement.

The shaft of the East Lake Axle is of Cr-Moly (Chromium Molybdenum) steel, which makes it more resistant to moderate physical impacts. East Lake Axle’s construction material offers increased durability and long-term performance.

Chromium-Molybdenum Steel has the highest temperature tolerance and ability to withstand high pressure. This product does not include tattered boots or lift kits, although it comes with a warranty.

Many four-wheel-drive Polaris Ranger models made between 2013 and 2020 are compatible with East Lake Axle. These axles have cotter pins for securing or locking axle nuts, ensuring that the axle is tight and cannot readily separate from the joints or boots.


  • Guaranteed performance and optimum output.
  • Safe connection of axle using a cotter pin
  • Durable material that makes it last longer than its competitors.


  • Only compatible with Polaris Ranger models

Cardone 66-1325

Cardone 66-1325 is another thing that has us waxing poetic about Cardone CV axles. It includes all of the features you’d want in a CV axle to meet your wheel requirements.

Let’s start with the setup. You should have no trouble installing this on your automobile, as with previous Cardone axles. It is possible to mount it without the assistance of a professional, and it will only take a few hours. 

After installing an aftermarket axle, many automobile owners report hearing an obnoxious noise. The Cardone 66-1325 is one of the quietest high-performance axles available.

It has a small shaft that helps with engine transmission and rotation speed. The boots are supple, so there’s less of a chance of them rupturing.

On both sides of the joints, there is an abundance of bellows. As a result, the grease substance remains in the joint area, keeping it smooth.

Moly grease enhances the axle’s temperature resistance. It also aids the unit in reducing friction. The grease also prevents dirt from forming on the joints.

The pair of boot clamps protect the bellows and CV joints, thus provide firm support to the mechanism. This unique feature increases the axle’s durability. The Cardone 66-1325 is not a very economical option to consider in terms of pricing. However, given the features it offers, it cannot be regarded as pricey.


  • Finely Rolled Thread and Spines: The Cardone 66-1325’s thread and spines are precisely rolled to suit the measuring specifications of compatible vehicles. In other words, you’ll get OEM fit in an aftermarket axle.
  • Machine-Perfect Diameter Transmission Seal: The transmission seal has a machine-perfect diameter. Careful heat treatment improves the seal’s ability to keep unwanted materials out.
  • Moly Lubricated Joints & Boots: The Cardone 66-1325 comes with built-in lubrication for a smoother ride. The 3 percent molybdenum grease provides heat and abrasion resistance to the unit.


  • Tight and long-lasting seal for ulterior protection.
  • Good outer finish to ensure its longevity.
  • Smooth operation.


  • Won’t last as long as the OEM part.

GSP NCV12184

The GSP NCV12184 is the last item on our list. These axles are designed as per the International Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. As a result, this CV axle will properly fit a wide range of vehicle models while maintaining the original equipment feel. To be more specific, this CV axle is compatible with most automobiles manufactured between 1991 and 2008.

It is suitable for cars equipped with Anti-Break System (ABS) sensors. These sensors, on the other hand, do not affect non-ABS installations. As a result, the GSP NCV12184 is compatible with non-ABS vehicles. The shaft is resistant to unfavorable conditions due to the erosion-proof components covered with Moly grease.

Another feature of this device is its CV joint. The GSP CV axle can perform at its best even in harsh temperatures and stress. As a result, it can cancel out unusual vibrations.

Neoprene is used to make the boots more durable.  The boots have a high threshold for heat and stress over long periods. GSP ensures shopper satisfaction by putting them through extensive testing.

The CV axle will undergo a comprehensive inspection before final assembly. No GSP NCV12184 will depart for the consumers unless it passes the final examination. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the quality of this product outweighs its price tag.


  • OE Fit: Without prior information, it would not be easy to distinguish between this axle’s fit and the original. For an OE experience, the parts come with accurate measurements.
  • Neoprene Boots: The most common cause of CV axle failure is boot deterioration. The GSP NCV12184 Neoprene Boots maintain boot strength for a more extended period by resisting friction-induced damage and heat.
  • Moly Grease Assembly: This axle was assembled with Moly grease by GSP. The use of Moly grease improves the item’s resistance to high temperatures and friction. Overall, it makes for a smooth user experience.


  • It has anti-corrosion clamps.
  • OEM fit and acts a good replacement for OEM axles.
  • It cuts off extra disturbances.


  • It isn’t compatible with a wide range of car models.

Features To Consider When Buying Aftermarket CV Axles

There are several factors that differentiate a high-quality axle from a low-quality one.

The key to making the right purchase decision is to understand what your car needs and which products meet those needs.

Here are twelve features you must consider before buying any aftermarket CV axle:

#1 Joints Quality

Suitable functioning axles and joints go hand in hand. Thus, using a constant velocity axle with an ordinary stable velocity joint won’t work out the best for you.

New drive CV axle

An axle can result in a smooth car ride only when premium quality CV joints are used. The joints connected with axles enable your car’s tires to make smooth turns and allow the tire to turn the way you want it to.

The car’s front wheel has two CV joints per side, which sum up four CV axles in total for the front wheels. These two joints are of two types: inner and outer. 

Two joints are used in constant velocity axles. Internal joints employ a transaxle to link to the gearbox via a matching hub, allowing power and torque from the vehicle’s engine to be transmitted.

By connecting to the wheel, the external joint improves spontaneous movement. While the outer joint makes use of tripods, the shallow joint makes use of ball bearings to facilitate vehicle movement.

Car owners require a dependable CV axle with high-quality cages and races to improve the vehicle’s technical durability.

The quality of joints is determined by the condition of the bearing cages and races.

As a result, while choosing constant velocity (CV) axles, such elements must be considered, as high-quality joints will improve the car’s technical grit or durability.

#2 Type of Wheel Drive

Before looking for the best aftermarket cv axles, it’s critical to figure out what type of wheel drive the automobile has.

CV joints are used in the majority of recently constructed front-wheel-drive vehicles.

As a result, dealing with traction between surfaces requires a lot of power from the front wheels.

On the other hand, the CV axles can be used in the rear wheels of both four-wheel and rear-wheel-drive cars.

Everyone wants to get the cv axles that are best for their vehicle.

As a result, it’s critical to inspect the vehicle physically or through the user manual for constant velocity axles that can provide long-term technical endurance.

For instance, Cardone CV axles are meant for the front wheels of the car. Meanwhile, Traxxas CV axles are the best fit for rear wheels.

#3 Functionality

You will be upset if an item does not meet your needs after spending a large sum on it, and the same is true if you get an unreliable cv axle.

A CV axle is not made for its beauty or low cost. Aftermarket CV axles are purchased to serve a specific purpose rather than to be decorative.

The basic premise here is to “get value for what you invest for,” therefore, look for a cv axle that can complete the duty.

Only a working axle can convince a car owner that he did not purchase a worthless item.

A CV axle also referred to as half shafts, picks energy per moment from transmission and differential and forwards it to the wheels of your car. That’s how your car moves. 

However, manufacturing defects are possible in any product line, including CV axles. If your newly bought CV axles give these signs, then contact the manufacturer as soon as possible:

  • There are constant disturbances while driving the car. Though there could be other factors contributing to this reason, however, if the disturbances increase while accelerating, then it is a sign that your new CV axle has gone short of life or was partially damaged.
  • An absurd knock sound can also be why one of your CV axles has been damaged and should be changed. If this happens, you should go for a complete vehicle inspection by an expert rather than changing parts on your own.
  • Furthermore, if you somehow bought a partially damaged CV axle. You will come to know about this very soon. A snap or pop sound while turning your car indicates that your CV joint or your newly bought CV axle has faults.

#4 Grease Applicability

Although cleaning oil can be difficult, yet it is a godsend bliss inside the CV axles.

The owner should lubricate most moving elements of a vehicle with grease, which lessens wear and tear.

As a result, it’s a good idea to choose cv axles that employ the best cv joint grease.

Consider acquiring 3 percent Molybdenum Disulfide multipurpose grease advised for cv (constant velocity) joints when you buy the cv axles.

Three percent MoS2 will stay in the boot for longer, allowing the axle parts to move spontaneously.

Grease will help provide resistance to shock loading and reduce friction, extending the life of cages and bearings.

#5 Durability

The term “durability” refers to the length of time that an axle will be helpful.

Remember that because an axle is made up of moving parts and wears out due to friction, no miraculous axle could last a lifetime.

Each axle, on the other hand, has a long life period. If you’re looking to buy a new axle, it’s critical to read the manufacturer’s description and reviews for accurate information.

After paying a significant amount, you may be dismayed if the axle fails after only a few weeks.

The CV axles don’t have an actual expiry date. Hence, you can use them till they wear out or get damaged. Though, it is estimated that they can wear out about 55,000 to 60,000 miles or above. Moreover, they do come with a five-year warranty which seems fair enough.

#6 Center Shaft Quality

CV axles deal with a lot of power and torque regularly.

Because the center shift is mainly in charge of heavy lifting, it’s a good idea to get something of industry-grade quality that can withstand shock loads.

For a thorough finish, we propose CNC-designed shafts. Also, for heavy lifting and durability, use a robust metal like stainless steel.

#7 ABS Sensor Ring

The ABS sensor ring is a critical component of the anti-lock braking system. It employs modulation and threshold braking tactics to prevent the wheel from locking up when applying brakes.

As a result, ABS not only prevents traction collisions but also improves steering control and braking distance.

On the other hand, ABS will not function properly ever without cv axles with the sensor ring.

Furthermore, the Sensor ring monitors the vehicle’s speed and alerts the ABS in critical situations.

As a result, owners of ABS-equipped vehicles should consider purchasing aftermarket CV axles with sensor rings.

#8 Threads And Splines

Threads with distinct ridges are carved on axle nuts to align and provide a proper grip, allowing for ease of power transmission to the wheels.

An industry-grade quality spline with a high teeth count is recommended for the cv axle to fit correctly into the mating hub.

A high tooth count of around 31 can, for example, enable the axle to slide into the hub and facilitate smooth movement.

#9 Quality Management System

Every motorist desires a high-quality CV axle for their car.

As a result, we propose axles from firms with a proven quality management system.

Before distributing, a corporation with quality management inspects all sections of the cv axles. Thus, they ensure that you get the best ride with their product.

#10 Vehicle Compatibility

Before purchasing a CV axle from a store, it is critical to examine fitment.

The reliability of the CV axle you wish to buy and the car brand or model tells about its fitment.

Even if an axle is a best seller in online stores and other outlets, it will be hard to reap the benefits paid if it is not compliant with the vehicle.

As a result, the previous buyer utilizes the product description and ratings to check that the axle you’re thinking about buying is compatible with the vehicle. The Cardone CV axle is compatible with GM 4WD trucks and SUVs.

#11 Extra Accessories

While purchasing a CV axle, do look out for additional features that come along with the package.

Dust rings and shields keep away dirt and debris out of the CV axle.

Metal (stainless-steel) clamps, heat-treated parts, and other vital accessories are also required.

Extra accessories improve driving safety while also enhancing the structural and functional integrity of axle components.

#12 Price

After evaluating the above variables and adding a CV axle to the shopping trolley, the final step is to consider a reasonable price.

When it comes to axle replacement, the cost is a significant consideration.

Various CV axles are available at low prices, but balance the benefits and drawbacks to choosing which axle is worth investing in.

Thus, please don’t go for inexpensive CV axles as they may not be worth it. A reasonable price indicates good quality; hence, go for famous brands famous for a guaranteed return on investment.


The Aftermarket industry is blooming today. The half shaft propellers (CV axles) are among the most selling car parts of the Aftermarket industry.

These Constant Velocity axles with CV joints connect the driving wheel on an independent front suspension to the FWD transmission that helps the car go forward.

Nowadays, many manufacturers copy these units and sell them under renowned banners at a low price. These inexpensive axles can break up your vehicle and put your life in danger.

Hence, we advise you to only buy the CV axles from the original site instead of from a second or third party.