Best Lowering Springs [2024 Review]

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Lowering a vehicle has several benefits. For instance, if you lower your car, the center of gravity will be closer to the ground leading to a swifter ride. But finding the right lowering springs from an ocean of options can be quite the challenge. If you are looking for the best lowering springs, you should check our top picks this year.

Best Lowering Springs Reviewed

Lowering a vehicle, as said earlier, comes with a lot of takeaways. It enhances the aerodynamics of the vehicle and accelerates the car.

However, lowering a vehicle has its own set of disadvantages. Moreover, one should also note that not all cars are good at a low center of gravity. Thus, consult experts to get the best out of the situation.

Eibach Performance Spring Pro Kit

The lowering spring that tops the list of the overall best-lowering springs is none other than the Eibach Performance Spring Pro Kit. This lowering spring uses Eibach’s Progressive spring technology to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

The proprietary, progressive design of the Eibach lowering spring promises to deliver a smooth and soft initial spring rate for exceptional ride quality. 

If you’re working on a street-oriented car project, the Eibach springs are among the best springs you can get. When the springs are lowered, the durability of the springs leads to high handling and the vehicle’s best aesthetic.

The spring kit also lowers fender-well clearance, improves your car’s handling, and minimizes vibration when braking at low speeds.


  • This Eibach Lowering Springs Kit is reliable and durable that holds up the weight of the vehicle.
  • These lowering springs have a lowering range of 1-1.5 inches. 
  • Its design promotes excellent drive.
  • Works excellently for heavy cars.


  • The kit requires an additional accessory damper for pro performance.

BMR Suspension-Lowering Spring Kit

The BMR Suspension-Lowering Spring Kit is a multipurpose lowering mechanism used for auto shows and street driving. The excellent tune spring rate is a prominent feature that ensures a comfortable ride behind the wheel, thanks to superb handling.

When your car is lowered, the linear spring rate protects its stability by providing enough support.

It’s the most acceptable package to look at if you want your vehicle to stay flat with slight angling variation, especially around curves. The leveling of the springs results in a fantastic driving experience with the best handling capabilities.

It can lower your automobile to a height of 1.25 inches, which is ideal for urban sports cars.

Nothing beats the aggressive appearance of a car with the proper stance! Stock springs sag, rust, and start wearing out over time. BMR Suspension believes that the correct springs must perform as well as they look.

Not once, but twice, every BMR spring is squeezed properly at the manufacturing stage. It ensures that the spring maintains its permanent configuration and does not sag.


  • The BMR lowering springs give good equilibrium on the corners.
  • These springs can lower your car up to 1.25 inches on a stable level.
  • This kit works excellently with V8 body parts.
  • The linear spring rate of these springs provides robust support to the automobile.


  • The size and dimensions may be incompatible with a few car models.

Eibach 4247.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring 

The Eibach Pro Kit Performance Springs are the right parts to consider if you’re working on a streetcar or sports car. The springs will enhance the condition of your vehicle while also improving its handling.

Installing these springs will reduce squats at high speeds, nose-diving when breaking, and roll-overs when cornering.

The kit prevents excessive fender-well clearance while improving your car’s appearance.

Depending on the car’s characteristics, the upgrade might lower the height by 1.0 or 1.5 inches.

PRO-KIT reduces squat during acceleration, body roll in corners, and excessive nose-dive under braking by lowering the center of gravity of your Hyundai.

The best part about buying Eibach products is that every spring is tested by engineers and expert drivers. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort or safety for the performance you desire.

PRO-KIT offers the optimum balance to take your enthusiasm for going to a whole new level by utilizing our exclusive, progressive spring design.

It gives exceptional performance handling along with a sleek and stylish finish.

The springs lower the center of gravity of the vehicle. It lowers Hyundai 1.7″ Front and 1.5″ Rear.

The springs yield better MPG. It stops and turns the car quicker and faster in a smooth manner. It gives an excellent ride experience. These lowering springs come with a million-mile warranty.


  • These springs are robust and can support light in weight automobiles.
  • The coils have a powder coating as a protective layer.
  • It balances the car very well.


  • Not compatible with various car models.

Eibach 4.4442 Sportline Kit (Extreme Lowering Spring)

The Eibach Extreme Lowering Spring is the right buy for sport tuning enthusiasts. The springs are great for racecars because of their capacity to lower the vehicle, ensuring that it is stable.

Your racecar will be safer and less prone to rollovers as a result of the improved handling. As a result, you may slam on the gas pedal hard and be confident of maximum traction throughout your speed demonstrations.

The package also accomplishes its job in terms of aesthetics, giving your automobile a sporty look.

The springs give an excellent lowering level of 1.7 to 2.3 inches. If you’re enjoying vintage and classic car restoration, a limit like this is the perfect option.

You will benefit from quicker stops, improved cornering, and economical mileage per gallon use when it comes to driving.

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs, along with the wheel and tire package, make GS300’s sporty demeanor look complete. The Eibach Pro-Kit Spring set lowered the GS300 by around 1.0″ in all four corners and narrowed the fender well gap enough to accommodate the 17″ wheel and tire combination.

The GS300’s set has progressive rate springs, as do other Pro-Kit From school days, you may remember that springs get progressively stiffer as they are compressed.

It enables the Pro-Kit-equipped car to start with near-stock spring rates (for good ride comfort) that gradually increase as the vehicle is driven aggressively and cornered to its limits (to enhance responsiveness and handling).


  • Gives perfect handling feats.
  • Best fit for race cars.
  • These Eibach springs are robust and stop the vehicle quickly.


  • This spring kit isn’t compatible with domestic cars.

Most Stylish Lowering Spring: Tein Lowering Spring For Toyota

With a pair of TEIN S.Tech Lowering Springs come custom tuned for your specific models, so compatibility is never confusing like it can sometimes be with other springs.

The springs give your car a 1.5” drop, giving it a sporty look and enhancing performance.

TEIN Springs are designed to reduce acceleration squat, cornering body roll, and braking nose dive by lowering your vehicle’s center of gravity. Your street machine’s suspension will move from a mushy mess to a corner-hugging race setup in no time.

S.Tech is for Style; this is what the “S” stands for in the term. The innovative dual-stage powder coating technology provides optimal rust protection for years of usage, in addition to being fashionable.

A set of four springs is present in your kit for an even drop in both the front and rear. Furthermore, TEIN provides a 1-year limited guarantee on your S.Tech Lowering Springs.

The springs’ strength of Tein lowering springs is further enhanced by the green powder coating, providing rust resistance. They produce a 1.5-inch drop on average and are an excellent choice for sedans used in street racing and athletic displays.

For each wheel, the package includes four mainsprings and an equal number of individual springs. Silencer rubbers provide the finishing touch to your Tein lowering equipment. Most Toyota sedans and other models are compatible with the lowering kits.


  • High-quality chromium-vanadium core material.
  • The green coat acts as a protecting layer.
  • These lowering springs are a perfect match for Toyota automobiles.


  • Not compatible with station wagons.

Features To Consider When Buying Lowering Springs

All lowering springs aren’t built the same, which is evident by the difference in their features and prices. For you to find the right lowering springs for your car, it’s critical for you to understand the various aspects of lowering springs. Once you know what your car needs, making a purchase decision becomes easy.

Product Drop Rate Spring Rate Warranty
Eibach Performance Spring Pro KitUp to 1.5”ProgressiveN/A
BMR Suspension-Lowering Spring Kit1.25”LinearN/A
Eibach 4247.140Front: 1.7” Rear: 1.5”ProgressiveN/A
Eibach 4.44421.7” – 2.3”ProgressiveMillion-mile warranty
Tein SKL00-AUB00Approximately 1.5”ProgressiveOne year

Here are nine features that you must consider before buying a lowering spring:

#1 Drop Rate

The drop rate refers to how much the lowering springs can lower your vehicle. I don’t recommend lowering your car too much, especially if it’s a daily driver.

Blue vintage low rider

An excessively low automobile may have trouble passing through bumps and potholes. The exact number varies depending on your car and personal choice, but I would recommend a 1 to 1.5-inch decrease as a general rule of thumb. 

This dip will make your automobile more aggressive while keeping it high enough to avoid speed bumps. The Eibach spring kits have a drop rate of up to 1.5”.

#2 Spring Rate

The spring rate is the amount of force required to compress the spring by one inch. Spring rates regulate two things in simple terms: first, how much body roll a car would experience in a corner and how much pressure the vehicle can absorb from rough roads.

There are two spring rates possible:

  1. When the spring rate is linear, the springs are all the same length. In any case, a 250-pound spring rate means that it takes 250 pounds of force to compress the spring by one inch. The BMR lowering spring has a linear spring rate.
  2. Progressive spring rate occurs when the spring rates change from the bottom to the top of the spring, implying that the spring rate increases as the spring is compressed. This can be seen in Eibach lowering springs that offers sheer progressive spring rate.

Because coil overs are designed for racing and track use, linear spring rates are prevalent. Body roll and acceleration squat must be consistent so that the driver knows what to expect during a race.

Lowering springs frequently use progressive spring rates. The spring rate is modest when your car is in its normal state (not compressed), giving it a comfortable drive.

When your automobile makes a turn and compresses the spring, the spring rate rises, tightening the spring to reduce body roll and improve handling dramatically.

With these advantages in mind, we advise you to purchase lowering springs with progressive spring rates. Lowering springs are a considerably more cost-effective way to lower your automobile and are particularly popular among daily drivers.

In short, lowering springs are a good match for domestic vehicles where the springs lower the car for the daily drive. 

Otherwise, you should have more funds for your track vehicles to get coil-overs. It is because; coil-overs are more robust than lowering springs and give better performance while lowering the car.

However, it would help if you restricted yourself from buying coil overs as they are more compatible with sports cars, racing cars, and SUVs.

Amateur car mechanic is lowering a car with springs

#3 Warranty

You now know that springs may be the most complex workers in your vehicle from the above parameters. When you corner, accelerate, and break, they must resist all of that pressure. To get the best of the product, seek springs that are guaranteed for a lifetime.

As per a saying- the manufacturer’s trust in their product is reflected in the guarantee. So, if your springs do not come with a warranty, they should at the very least have a 5-year warranty.

#4 Reviews

Buyers’ feedback is always the most crucial factor to consider. All you have to do now is double-check that the reviews are genuine and not fake.

To do so, make sure the springs you’re considering have at least a 4/5 rating and 500 reviews. You can find these reviews on sites like Amazon and AutoAnything.

Look for online reviews in groups or videos on YouTube. Once you discover many reviews — especially if your springs are from well-known manufacturers, then you can proceed to the payment process with faith.

Videos of the before and after are also beneficial. It explains very well what you’ll get from the product.

#5 Ease Of Installation

Installing lowering springs shouldn’t be that difficult. Even so, it’s always a good idea to do your homework ahead of time. The springs of choice should, ideally, come with instructions for installation.

But it is also possible that lowering springs can come without any instruction manual. If that’s the case, go to YouTube and check for installation instructions. If the springs are from a reputable manufacturer, you should be able to find one.

Reading reviews from places like Amazon or AutoAnything is a good idea. Some who purchase performance mods frequently express their dissatisfaction with the installation process in their reviews. Was it difficult for them to install it?

How long did it take you to complete it? Did they require any more equipment? It is one of the things to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

#6 Price

When shopping for lowering springs, the most crucial element to consider is the price. To avoid being a financial strain on yourself, you must work with your funds. There are various lowering kit manufacturers to choose from, so shop around for the best deal. Low-cost lowering springs may be inexpensive, but they may be lacking in durability and endurance.

Lowered black convertible

Unlike other car parts, purchasing used lowering kits is not a good idea because they may be defective and endanger your safety while driving.

#7 The Purpose Of Buying

Lowering kits serve a variety of purposes, and you must know which one you will require. It could be for aesthetic reasons, such as achieving a sporty look, or it could be to improve your suspension. Some springs are better for your car’s handling, while others are better for giving it a distinct street appearance.

#8 The Type Of Car

When choosing a tuning kit, you should also examine the sort of vehicle you have. The weight is the focus of the lowering springs, which vary based on the car’s make. Sedans, like trucks and SUVs, have their lowering kits. A mismatch in your car’s tune kits could cause structural issues, putting your safety at risk.

#9 Efficiency

When looking for reducing coils, the efficiency factor is also essential to consider. It examines the kit’s user-friendliness or how simple it is to use.

The efficiency factor also determines how well the springs fulfill their function. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of reducing springs to determine the kits’ ease of use.

Some kits also include instructions for installing lowering springs, which might help you with your auto-tuning practice.


Today everyone wants to enjoy the feel of a sports car in their non-sporty vehicles. That’s why suspension auto parts are in high demand these days. Be it coil overs or lowering springs, lowering a car has its pair of pros and cons.

As discussed above, lowering the vehicle can make the car accelerate faster and stop quickly. However, it is not beneficial to do so when there are rough terrains. Hence, if you are looking for a sports car experience, ensure that the roads/ground is smooth to facilitate a smooth and swift ride.