Best Oil Extractor for Boat [2024 Review]

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The traditional method of drainage for oil in boats is pretty daunting and time-consuming. In addition, it is pretty much confusing and, at times, can become a mess as well. Therefore, you will need the best oil extractor for boat to ensure that you save both time and funding.

Our Top Oil Extractor For Boat Reviews

The working of an oil extractor starts with the sucking process of the oil from the dedicated crankcase of the boat. First, it is sucked through the thin tube that is inserted within the opening of the dipstick. A handle is then pumped repeatedly to create a vacuum!

And then, it pulls off hot oil from the boat’s chamber to a container. After that, the oil is then taken to some auto-parts store for the recycling process. As you now have a brief about how the oil extractor works, it is now time for you to get one.

Check out the reviews of some best oil extractors for your boat to ease the task.

OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor

The OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor is a manual operation oil extractor. But, that doesn’t hamper its functionality. It is a pretty much dependable oil extractor for boat engines. And that is because it has a low price, option variants and is ideal for DIY purposes.

The 5.3-liter option supports easy fluid drain aspects. The oil pump within this extractor is proficient in removing oils from boat engines and works well on cars, light trucks, and small engines.

The vehicle fluid removal tool within this kit allows the extractor to eradicate fluid from the dipstick tubes. In fact, the vacuum extractor pump in it has a big handle to help you with an easy pumping action. In addition, the suction hose of this product is around 5 feet long and ¼ inch in diameter.

Hence, this suction hose has the potential to help you reach out to most of the dipsticks. Moreover, you also get a valve for overflow shutoff that prevents overfilling within the reservoir of 1.4 gallons.

The best part is that you get to assemble it very easily. You do not need a professional to set it up for you. You can just follow the instructions and do it all by yourself. It is a single-piece unit, making it easy for you to set it up, as you just have to unbox and connect it with your boat.

Choose the adequate fluid extractor adapted as per your needs, and then you can start draining the oil.


  • It is a multi-purpose oil extractor for the boat. It is not just for the sake of extracting oil from a boat. But you can use it for lubricating the engine and transmission of oils.
  • You can use this extractor on land and water without much hassle.
  • It has a small floater tray to prevent spillage and to stop the overflowing of sucked-out oil.


  • It is a manual pumping oil extractor that demands you to give continuous pumps physically to keep up the suction pace.
  • The reservoir container is not that big in comparison to other products on the list.

EWK 6.5L Pneumatic/Manual Oil Extractor Pump

EWK 6.5L oil extractor is the excellent deal product in this category. It is because they are affordable without any compromises on the quality and efficiency of the extractor. With this tool, you do not have to go under your boat anymore for draining oil from the boat engine.

The best feature is that it comes with both pneumatic and manual mode to suit the conditions. The use of pneumatic mode will change the pumping action into a proficient oil changer.

The manual mode demands you to use no additional equipment for the purpose. The extraction speed is high, with up to 1.8L per minute. The fast suction potential makes it an ideal oil extractor, not just for boat engines but also for 4-cylinder cars.

If you are using the pneumatic mode, then you can be sure of leaving no mess behind after clearing out oil from the engine. The vacuum pump comes in 2 sizes and has two long tubes with varying diameters.

You just need to slide these tubes inside, as far as possible, to reach the bottom end of the reservoir. When you do that, you will be sure of sucking out every drop of engine oil from the boat. With this tool, you have no restrictions on where you can use it.

You can use it almost anywhere and for extracting almost all types of fluid from your boat engine. Also, you can prefer clearing out engine oil, gear oil, power steering fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. You can even use it on your jet ski!


  • This oil extractor’s extraction speed is high as the pneumatic mode speeds up the pumping process.
  • The long tubes are meant to reach the extreme end of the oil chamber and extract all the contents.
  • It is a multi-purpose oil extractor for boats that can help extract all kinds of lubricants and fluid from the engine and other parts.


  • This oil extractor is prohibited from being used for extracting synthetic oils.
  • High corrosion, high alkalinity, and high-temperature oils are forbidden for this oil extractor.

DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor

If you are looking for a affordable product without compromising quality, then the DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor is the best in the lot. You just need to connect this extractor’s inlet and outlet hoses, and you are over with the installation. Make sure you place them in appropriate positions to extract the oil faster and without any spillage.

Now, you can just connect the power clamps of this extractor to the battery unit of your boat and turn the extractor on.

The design of this oil extractor is quite simple, but that doesn’t deteriorate its potential in extracting oil from your boat. It is one of the best electric extractors of lubricants for boats and other vehicles. It comes with a very long hose pipe that makes it easy for the boat owners to connect and extract oil.

This extractor is made up of plastic and aluminum materials that are of top-notch quality and assures longevity. The built is strong to help you avoid damage or breakage scenarios.

The outlet hose available with this oil extractor unit is 49 inches in length. The outer diameter for the same is 0.472 inches, and the inner diameter is 0.39 inches. The inlet hose available with this unit is 61 inches in length, and the inner & outer diameters for it are 0.157 inches & 0.235 inches, respectively.

Apart from these tools, you also get two clamps for connecting the oil extractor with your boat’s battery. Moreover, this extractor uses 12V DC input voltage and operates on 60 Wattage and 5A current.


  • It is extremely portable and easy to use anywhere possible.
  • This oil extractor is ideal for use in most vehicles.
  • Also, this product is the affordable one in the lot.


  • It is not suitable for extracting petrol, gasoline, gearbox oil, and other flammable fluids.
  • As it is smaller in size, the amount of oil extraction per minute is less. The flow rate for the extraction of oil with this tool is 1 liter/minute.

Additional Options For Oil Extractors

The best ones are listed above. But this article will provide you with a plethora of options to choose from, without restricting yourself to just three suggestions. The options stated above have been through comparisons and tests to stand out as the best ones.

But if you want to compare it for yourself with some more alternatives, then here are some other quality products on the list for you:

1. Qiilu Oil Extractor Pump Kit

Qiilu 12V 60W oil extractor is one of the most portable options within this list. It makes use of a 12V self-priming pump for serving the purpose. It is not just for boats but is useful for many vehicles.

Also, it is suitable for extracting a boat’s engine oil and is a reasonable price option. The reason for it to be on the list is its popularity among the boat owners. It is a complete DIY oil extractor that doesn’t demand any professionalism.

You need to push the hose tube inside the dipstick of your boat’s oil reservoir. First, ensure that the hose reaches the extreme bottom of the reservoir. Now, connect the outlet hose to the unit and drop the other edge of it in a container.

Then connect the battery clamps to your boat’s battery unit to start the extraction. This oil extractor might seem small but has a high potential to extract even the last drop of lubricant from your boat’s chamber.

You can be sure of no spillage with this extractor. This pump is capable of extracting other lubricants from your boat’s engine and performance parts as well. Moreover, you can also use it for scooters, light trucks, cars, and garden tools.

The brand offers one year warranty upon its functionality to assure youabout the quality. In addition to that, the price is super affordable too.


  • The built quality is strong and will last longer without deteriorating on its application.
  • It is compact and portable to make it possible for users to carry it almost anywhere.
  • The oil extraction method is smooth and fine. It extracts even the last drop of lubricant with the help of a deep hose.


  • You cannot use this oil extractor to clear out petrol.
  • The small size limits it from extracting a high amount of oil at once. As a result, the per-minute extraction is less than a liter.

2. Portable DC 12V Electric Transfer Pump Extractor Suction Oil Fluid Water

This Portable DC 12V Electric Transfer Pump is a complete DIY extractor pump kit. It has optimal qualities to support clean extraction without causing any spillage. It is yet another electric oil extractor that connects with a power source to serve the purpose.

But the catch is that this oil extractor has an extraction speed of around 4 liters/minute. It is a powerful speed, and to reach that optimal figure, you must refer to the power specifications of this extractor.

The maximum pressure that it can withstand is around 0.8MPA with a rated power of 60 Watts. The essential input voltage for this oil extractor is 12V DC. But, you must prefer to use a power converter to make this extractor work.

In addition, you need to run the boat’s engine for an optimal amount of time to ensure that the temperature of oil reaches at least 50 degrees. This oil extractor can work seamlessly only when the oil temperature is at 50 degrees.

In fact, the installation process is the same for all types of oil extractors. First, you need to connect the inlet and outlet hoses/tubes correctly. Now, check for the pipe to reach the extreme bottom of the boat’s oil reservoir. If the tube is not going in further, it means that you are at the bottom edge.

Now, you need to connect your oil extractor to a power source and hit the start button. In case you observe that the extraction process is slow, then just stop the extractor and check for the loose connections. Loose parts can eventually slow the process and might also cause spillage.


  • This extractor is proficient for extracting not just oil but also water at high speed.
  • The power capacity is high, and the extracting rate is fast. 4 liters/minute is a whopping figure.
  • The price is affordable when compared to the featuresoffered by this product.


  • The extraction tank is pretty small, leading to frequent dumping while carrying out the oil clearing process.

3. HONGNAL 80w Oil Change Pump Extractor

HONGNAL 80w Oil Change Pump Extractor is yet another electric extractor for you. It demands 12V DC input for its operation. The pump has a power rating of 80W that makes it a stupendous oil extractor. As a result, the process of extracting oil from your boat’s engine becomes fast and seamless.

The speed of extraction flow is recorded at 3 liters/minute with this product. Also, this extractor comes with two long tubes to make it easy for you to eradicate oil from the boat’s engine to the extraction vessel.

One tube should enter from the dipstick to the extreme edge of the boat’s oil chamber. Thus, you do not need to go underneath your boat for the process anymore. Moreover, you will get a 5 feet outlet tube and a 4 feet inlet tube with this extractor.

The oil will be extracted with the help of an electric pump within this extractor. Therefore, it is not just suitable for boats, but you can seamlessly use it for scooters, Jet Ski, quad bikes, generators, etc.

You just need to connect the given battery clamps to a power source (the boat’s battery is preferable) and then press the start button. You get two hoops with the set in order to tighten the tubes at both inlet and outlet valves to avoid spillage. It is a self-priming extractor that comes with a manual book for you to get an idea of how to use it by yourself.

There is no restriction on when and where you can use it. It is portable for you to use almost anywhere.


  • The oil extraction speed is high at around 3liters/minute. It is the potential of an 80W pump.
  • The built quality is durable, which makes it last longer.
  • The pricing is affordable and reasonable for the features that it offers.


  • This oil extractor pump is not feasible for extracting gasoline, kerosene, petrol, and water.

Features To Consider For Best Oil Extractor For Boat

You have all six options ready with different oil extractors. But you need to know the right method of comparison. Pricing comparison is just one part while comparing the specifications is much more essential.

ProductExtraction FlowPortability Type
OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor 3 Liter/m No Manual Pump
EWK 6.5L Pneumatic/Manual Oil Extractor Pump 1.8 Liter/m No Pneumatic/Manual Pump
DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor   1 Liter/m Yes Electric Pump
Qiilu Oil Extractor Pump Kit1.5Liter/m Yes Electric Pump
Portable DC 12V Electric Transfer Pump Extractor 4 Liter/m Yes Electric Pump
HONGNAL 80w Oil Change Pump Extractor Electric 12v 3 Liter/m Yes Electric Pump

Therefore, here are a few of the features that will help you make a better comparison and will lead you to buy the best oil extractor for your boat. The features are:

Size Of Extractor Reservoir

No one will want an extractor that has a small reservoir and demands emptying it multiple times during one extraction. You need to measure the amount of oil you usually remove from your boat to extract it completely. With that measurement, you can consider getting an oil extractor with a reservoir of that size, or at least near to that.

Boat engine

If you have a small boat, then small reservoir extractors are best for your DIY needs. But, if you have bigger and more boats, then get the extractor that has a significant oil reservoir with it.


Portability is yet another consideration factor in ensuring that the extractor doesn’t consume much space over your boat. Apart from that, you should also consider the weight of your oil extractor to ensure that it is not much heavy to carry around with you. Look for the one that comes with a handle or is small in size for easily carrying it to the boat and anywhere you like.

Functioning Type

Manual pumping type, electric type, and pneumatic type oil extractors are available in the market. You get to choose the type of function you would prefer for the ease of your job. Also, electric oil extractors are best for people who want to DIY the oil extraction process. But the manual and pneumatic pump extractors are best for bigger boats and faster extraction.


Versatility stands for using the oil extractor to remove most of the fluids within the boat’s engine and performance parts. Look for an oil extractor that is compatible enough for removing most types of fluid from the boats. It will help you save funds while buying different extractors for different types of fluid.

Man extracting the engine oil in his boat

Also, check the specifications for the compatibility of fluids. It is important to keep the tool safe and to know your limits on using it. Moreover, if you have a car, light truck, or garden tools, you can check for versatile oil extractors that can work with not just boats but other machines as well.

Build Quality And Material

The longevity of the oil extractors depends on the build quality and materials used. Most oil extractors are made up of aluminum and steel, while some are of plastic and fiber. You get what you pay for.

Further, steel and aluminum oil extractors are expensive for ensuring durability. And, you will get the plastic ones at a reasonable price rate, as they are not that durable compared to steel and aluminum.


All of these products listed within this article are best in their respective ways. To choose the best, you need to plan out your funds, requirements, feasibility, and other such characteristics. This article has also covered the features you must look for in an oil extractor to decide its abilities and efficacy.

So, consider them all, and get your oil extractor for the boat right away!