Can Cracks In Ceramic Sinks Be Repaired?

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A ceramic sink is an integral part of a kitchen or a bathroom. Unfortunately, certain instances result in cracking the surface of those sinks. In fact, a sink is used almost every minute for washing hands and dishes, rinsing clothes, washing fruits & vegetables, etc.

Therefore, ignoring the fact that it might not need maintenance is not acceptable. Let’s find the details about whether one can fix the cracks over ceramic sinks or not. 

Can Cracks In Ceramic Sinks Be Repaired?

Yes, you can seek ideal measures to fix the cracks within your ceramic sinks. Irrespective of the cause of damage, you can consider repairing the ceramic sinks without much hassle. However, if a heavy metal falls over the sink or is getting older, there is a possibility of crack or damage. So, it is important to go ahead and get it repaired!

Also, you need to be aware of the ideal methods to implement the process and execute the steps seamlessly. And, this article will provide detailed information to your question, ‘Can cracks in ceramic sinks be repaired?’

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Methods Of Repairing The Cracked Ceramic Sinks

To help you better understand how you can fix the cracks over your ceramic sink, here are a couple of methods and their execution process. The methods are:

  1. Use of Epoxy Repair Kit or Porcelain Repair Kit
  2. Using the Putty Solution

In either method, you need to first prepare the ceramic sink for further implementation. Therefore, before proceeding with the method-wise steps, let’s discuss the common preparation step! 

Preparing The Ceramic Sink

  1. Use fine-grit sandpaper to rub the surface and smoothen the cracked or chipped areas over the sink. Commence with this process only if the crack is deep, and you can feel the sharp edges over the crack. If the crack is minor, like a thin line, you can skip this preparation step. 
  2. You need to then commence with the cleaning of the ceramic sink. Make use of any household cleaner for this purpose. Clean it thoroughly to remove all the stains and dirt over the sink. 
  3. You can make use of an Ajax cleaner, along with a scrubbing pad for cleaning the sink as well. A cleaner surface allows the crack filler to adhere to the base and build a durable bond strongly. 
  4. To clean the cracked regions, use a thin pin to scrape out all the dust or dirt from them. 
  5. Rinse the sink properly and wipe it with a towel. Now, let it dry for around 1 hour or more, if required! 

The preparation measures are over; now, you can proceed with the repairing method.  

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Repairing Ceramic Sink Cracks With Epoxy Repair Kit

  1. Buy the epoxy repair kit or porcelain repair kit from any hardware or paint store. 
  2. These kits usually come with two parts that you have to mix up over a tray. 
  3. Stir it well to ensure that you mix up the liquids well over the tray for around 1 minute or more. Read the instructions for better clarity!
  4. You need to let now the epoxy solution settle down at room temperature for about 30 minutes. 
  5. Now, you need to go ahead and fix the cracks or chips with the paste. You will get a brush with the kit that you must use for applying the epoxy filler onto the cracks or chips over the ceramic sink. 
  6. Remove the excessive epoxy with the use of a wet paper towel before it dries out! 
  7. Use the given tool within the kit for pushing the epoxy filler deep into the cracks or chips. Continue the same until the epoxy filler doesn’t go any further. 
  8. Let the first coat settle down for around 45 minutes. And do not run the tap during this time! Place a written warning, if you want! 
  9. Now, you can use the brush to apply the second coat over the cracks. You need to be gentle while applying the second layer of epoxy over the sink. 
  10. Now, you have to let the epoxy coating dry for around 24 hours. 
  11. Then you can sand off the repaired area with the use of fine-grit sandpaper. Possibly, you will get it with the kit!

Repairing Ceramic Sink Cracks With Putty

This method demands you to use Ceramic putty. It comes with a smooth finish and is white in texture. In fact, many brands offer ceramic putty solutions for you to pick one! First, you need to prepare this putty and apply it to your ceramic sink’s cracks and damaged areas.

Further, mix the ceramic putty powder with water to prepare the paste, and apply it thoroughly over the cracks to fill them. Let it dry for around 12 hours, and then polish off the surface to blend it with its surrounding smoothness. 

Ceramic sink

You might not get an exact match, but it is still better than that of having a crack over the sink! 

Watch this YouTube video to get an idea of one prominent method of filling your sink cracks! 

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This is how you can make an approach for fixing your cracks over ceramic sinks. You do not have to seek immediate replacement of your ceramic sink the next time you see a crack over it. Instead, consider fixing it with the appropriate methods mentioned in this article, and you are good to go!