Are Car Touch Up Pens Any Good?

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The car touch-up pens are also referred to as magic pens by most brands. These pens have the magical ability to remove the scratches from the car’s paint.

In fact, the manufacturers guarantee that these pens have the potential to match any color and any paint for hiding the scratches. Also, the price for such pens is less, which saves a lot of money on service center scratch repairs. But, this is what the brands guarantee; people still need an honest review on whether these touch-up pens actually work or not. 

Are Car Touch Up Pens Any Good?

In most of the scenarios, it is evident that these touch-up pens do work. But, some people believe that these products are just “a myth” and sales tactics. Therefore, it is essential for all automobile owners to understand the true verdict on whether these touch-up pens or magic pens are effective or not. 

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Hence this article will help you to educate yourself about the actual attributes of these touch-up pens. Are car touch-up pens any good? You are about to get the answers for the same! Before judging whether they work or not, it is important to know how they remove scratches from the cars so easily when the service centers charge a hefty amount for the said purpose. 

How Do the Car Touch Up Pens Work?

The touch-up pens or the scratch repair pens help you achieve precision. But, it would help if you learned the right ways of using them, which demands experience and steady hands. The width of the tip should have the right size to cover the scratches over your car’s paint. Also, you need to check that the scratches are of lesser width than that of the pen tip. 

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that the advertisements claim complete removal of the scratches, but it is not that efficient. You won’t get complete eradication of the scratches, but the result is acceptable. So, it is better to get around 70-80% invisibility of the scratches, with a cheap touch-up pen, than paying a hefty amount at service centers. 

The touch-up pens are not for the scratches that are too deep and have penetrated the primer by piercing the clear coating. Also, the instruction over the touch-up pen, irrespective of the brand, states that it won’t work on such deep scratches.

Hence, the consumers do encounter confusion because of this factor. But deep scratches that are on the primers indeed demand repair from professional service centers. For example, such scratches require sanding, buffing, and re-painting. And touch-up pens are not proficient for the same! 

If you are looking for DIY options to get rid of the light scratches over your car’s paint, then the touch-up pens are ideal options. You can get a pen from any online or offline car accessory store at cheap and affordable rates. But, do not fall for the cheap products by the brands that are not that recognizable. Those solutions might worsen the paint over your car. Therefore, go for reputed brand products only, and remove the scratches magically right away! 

How to Apply the Car Touch Up Pens?

Using a touch-up pen is convenient and straightforward. But you do need to have firm and stable hands and an idea of using the pen properly. Here are the steps for you to follow and use the touch-up pens on your car’s paint job:

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  1. Firstly, you need to clear the entire area, to remove any polish or wax. It is important because the touch-up pen formulation won’t work over the wax contents. 
  2. Now, you need to add primer onto the scratch region to prepare it for applying a touch-up pen. 
  3. Then, you need to pump the touch-up pen to ensure that the solution within starts to flow. 
  4. When the primer is dry, you can now use the pen over the scratch surface in a constant motion. Also, you might need to go for multiple coats, for which you need to ensure that the first coat is dry before you implement another. 
  5. Let the area dry for an entire night, and make sure it doesn’t wash away. Park your car in the garage! 

This YouTube video will give you a clear idea of how you can use the car touch-up pen on your vehicle to carry out the paint job effectively. 

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Are the Repair Pens Proficient Enough to Fix Paint Chipping Problems?

The touch-up pens work seamlessly over the surface scratches. But, these pens do not have the formulation to recover the paint chipping damages over the paint job. If you have such damages where the paint is chipped-off, then you must get in touch with your automobile manufacturer for solutions. You cannot mask off the deep paint scratches and paint chips with the use of a touch-up pen. Still, if you want to carry out a DIY method to repair your paint chip, then go through this link!

How to Choose the Best Scratch Remover Pen for Cars?

You need to check for the brands offering such types of touch-up pens. Once you come across some good ones, you need to check out the reviews of those brands. But, do keep in mind to opt for the reputed brands only! It is because the formulation of these touch-up pens is crucial to consider. Any wrong formulation might damage the paint of your car from within. Therefore, trusting the reputed brands is wise as compared to opting for a cheap or unknown brand. 


Scratches are different from dents, especially if it’s just minor dents that you can only use regular glue to pull out dents from your car. If you got scratches on your car, then here is the right solution for you. First, consider the intensity of your car scratch. And if you feel like it is just a slight rub against the wall, get a repair pen or touch-up pen right away. But if it is a deep accidental scratch, then you might need professional assistance.