Epoxy vs Urethane: Head To Head Comparison Between Them

A black and white room with shiny and smooth floor

Are you struggling when choosing between urethane vs epoxy for your floor? Then don’t worry – here we are going to help you out. As you must know already, both epoxy and urethane are commonly used as floor coatings. They make it easy to protect concrete floors and to add new colors and/or appearances. Despite …

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Screen Door vs Storm Door: Know Difference Between Them

A brown front door in the front porch

Looking to install a new door in your home? You may end up looking at a wide array of models available. But we’re sure, sooner or later, that you’ll end up choosing between a storm door vs screen door. Both are excellent types of doors to put in your house’s main entrance. But they are …

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Wave Cap vs Durag: Know The Difference Between Them

A rear view of a man holding his durag

“Spinnas” or “360 Waves” first gained its popularity around the ‘90s. This hip-hop hairstyle was inspired by some famous icons in the entertainment industry like rapper Nelly and the three-time Grammy winner P.Diddy. Why does the name have “waves” in it? Before I answer this question, let me introduce the ethnicity and hair structure of …

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How to Fix a Chipped Bathtub: DIY Project For Beginners

Gray bathtub with towel

Everyone hates it when something in the bathroom breaks up. It damages the whole experience, and sometimes just prevents you from even taking a bath. That’s precisely what happens when a bathtub starts to chip away. You may easily hurt yourself while bathing. Sometimes it just looks awful in the bathroom. And if you don’t …

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How To Install Shutoff Valve- Step by Step Guideline

How To Install Shutoff Valve

With so many daily chores at work and home that you need to take care of, there’s another one that just got added to that long list – how to install a water shut off valve! This simple device can be a life-saver when you least expect it. I’m sure there have been times when …

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Best Wave Grease [2024 Review]

Stacked pomades displayed together

Have you ever watched movies set in the 1950s and wondered how those actors achieved such elegant side parts or slick-backs. Or how the ladies were able to achieve such nice curly hair? The trick lied in using wave greases, especially pomade. A good wave grease is a hair styling product that helps you create …

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Top 10 Best Porcelain Repair Kit [2024 Review]

A close up shot a ceramic sink with faucet and towel

A couple of weeks ago, an accident occurred when a heavy object fell over my porcelain bathtub. At first, it seemed like nothing had happened, but removing that object revealed the horrible truth! There was an awful hole left behind. It was bad. But there was no time to waste; I gathered my tools, prepared …

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Difference Between Cast Iron and Steel? An In-Depth Comparison

Casting a metal inside a crucible

​Cast iron and cast steel, even though they are very similar in some ways, are still dissimilar in some other ways. A cast iron or a cast steel has a considerable difference in its physical nature. In the chemical composition as well as the material content, the differences are not very much. Cast iron vs. …

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