How To Remove Turmeric Stains From Carpet in Different Ways

Two people sitting with a carpet

“Splat!” Oh no! Did you just spill the slushy onto your favorite Persian rug? While this color looks good on curries and smoothies, a bright yellow stain on a carpet is a bit of an eye-sore and a big no-no. More importantly, turmeric stains are one of the most stubborn splatters out there and it’s …

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12 Easy Steps To Start Carpet Cleaning Business From Home

A white vacuum cleaner on a brown carpet

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Awesome! However, with great power comes great responsibility. And despite all the glam that comes with the word “Entrepreneurship”, it has its own sets of risks and difficult challenges that you must endure to become successful. As a beginner, you most probably don’t have enough money to incur a huge …

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Top 15 Best Carpet For Stairs – Reviews and Buying Guide

Stairs with a carpet and a statue

Are your stairs looking a little dull? A good carpet is just what you need to give them a brand new, warmer look. Instead of taking so much time and money to change the stairway material, try a stairway carpet. It will instantly transform your staircase into what you have in mind. There are many …

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How To Clean Car Carpet Properly In Different Ways

A person cleaning the car's carpet

​A neat and clean environment is very beneficial for the well-being of our mental health, be it in your home or inside your car. If you drive your car almost every day, it will get dirty. It will attract dirt, dust and even trashes. I think, many of us probably have this horrible experience of …

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