Best Paint For Leather [2024 Review]

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Whether it’s the raw appeal of a black leather jacket or the allure of a red leather purse, our obsession with these materials never fades away. Even in household items like sofas and couches, or parts of automobiles like seats and steering wheel covers, leather reigns supreme.

In this guide, we have provided you with all the necessary information to repaint or fix your favorite leather items with the best options for leather. If you are into painting leather or customizing fashion accessories, don’t feel left out. We have included the finest leather paint that will take your art to the next level.

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s our top 3 recommendations for the top leather paint:

Our Top Leather Paint Reviews

Jacquard Lumiere, Exciter Pack of 9

Lumiere has brought you this amazing leather paint. The Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack contains 9 bottles of metallic paint, allowing you to create a wide range of shades for painting leather. Each bottle contains 0.5 ounces of paint. The lid of the bottles effectively seals in the liquid to avoid damage.

The color choice is quite impressive as well. You have Gold, Halo Blue, Halo Pink, Halo Violet and Sunset. The pack also includes Pewter, Russet, Pearlescent Green and Turquoise. Since this is a versatile leather paint, you can mix them with other colors to create many unique variations for painting leather.

Lumiere uses a clear coating of acrylic polyurethane for this leather paint. As a result, you get a glossy paint job with extra protection every time. The manufacturer also complies with ASTM D4236, a protection standard which ensures that the acrylic paint does not contain any harmful elements.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses a clear coating of acrylic polyurethane to deliver gloss and protection.
  • Works with versatile tools such as rubbing sponge and air brush.
  • Can be mixed with other paint to create unique shades for leather painting.
  • Complies with ASTM D-4236 protection standards.

Kaps Dye Paint With Sponge And Paint Brush 

It is important to understand the distinction between leather paint and leather dye. The Kaps Dye Paint With Sponge And Brush is a leather dye, not leather paint. Which means, it is able to seep into the leather material and therefore is more durable.

This dye, like most of its kind, is alcohol based. Leather paint dissolve in water, allowing you an easier clean up and multi-layering, but they also tend to fade and crack quicker. A dye, on the other hand, offers longevity and can withstand daily, rough handling.

This is a great example of top-notch quality paint that smoothly covers up the stains of your Gucci purse or scratches on your favorite leather jacket. The package contains necessary accessories like a paint brush and a rubbing sponge.

Each jar contains 25 ml of liquid, which is enough for a complete paint job. You have 70 color options to choose from, which is a big plus. However, you must let the leather dye sit for at least 24 hours to let the color set in properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers greater durability than leather paints.
  • Allows 70 color options to choose from.
  • Comes with a rubbing sponge and a paint brush.
  • Can be used to repaint stains and scratches.
  • Less prone to crack, crease and fading.

Angelus Leather Paint Autumn Red

The Angelus, Acrylic Leather Paint Autumn Red is the best option to renovate all your favorite red leather accessories. Whether it’s a high-end heel or a beautiful jacket, leather paints can be used to repaint or fix them to your liking.

Since this is an acrylic leather paint, it is water-solvent. Which means you can easily clean this paint up and reapply. Being acrylic, it also smoothly mixes with other colors to deliver you a wide variation of shades.

The paint comes in a securely sealed jar, which contains 29.5-ml of paint. The acrylic paint looks fresh and vibrant on most materials.

You can use this acrylic paint on elements like plastic, but do remember, acrylic attaches to only certain kinds of plastics. So, do the research before applying.

Angelus claims that the product is waterproof, if you prepare and paint it properly. Though leather paints have a higher risk of fading and peeling, that is not really an issue with this paint.

We recommend to use it for subtle paint jobs like leather-crafting or customizing sneakers. This paint may not be as useful for heavy-duty activities like painting a leather furniture.

Highlighted Features

  • The paint is water-solvent.
  • Works better for subtle paint jobs like leather-crafting.
  • Looks fresh and vibrant on most materials.
  • Does not crack or peel off when applied correctly.
  • Easy to wash up and repaint.

Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12

If you share our taste for the peculiar chemistry of leather paints, you’ll love this Angelus leather paint set. Angelus brings you a powerful palette of colors to unleash your imagination with this leather paint set. The Angelus, Leather Paint Set of 12 contains all the necessary elements to create custom shades.

The 12 color options in this Angelus leather paint set come in tightly sealed jars. Each jar contains 1 ounce of liquid. The label on the jars are clear and bold, so you won’t end up confusing one paint for another. The manufacturer also adds a display case with the package for added convenience.

The paints are produced using safe non-toxic materials, which means you have no risk of contact toxicity.

This leather paint set is great for customizing shoes, sneakers, bags, jackets, and other leather items. Since it dissolves in water, you can easily create multiple layers or mix them with other colors. The Angelus leather paint set is also comparatively easy to clean up and reapply the paint if necessary.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a wholesome range to do crafty leather-works.
  • Comes in tightly sealed and clearly labelled jars.
  • Offers a display case for increased convenience.
  • Water-solvent, thus easy to clean, mix, reapply and multi-layer.
  • Great for customizing leather shoes, sneakers, bags, jackets and other leather items.

Angelus Leather Paint Black

Many of us share a special weakness for black when it comes to any type of leather items. The dominance of black is prominent, ranging from scarfs to boots. For those cherished black retrofit of yours, we added the Angelus Leather Paint Black to the list.

The leather paints come in a 4-inch jar, containing 118-mL of liquid. You can use multiple, thin layers of the paint instead of a few, thick layers. This will prevent crease, crack and fading of the color.

The paint is water-proof if you allow it to dry properly. You need to let the paint sit on the leather surface for at least two days to have the maximum result.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from bio-safe materials.
  • Delivers a semi-gloss varnish.
  • Can be mixed with other dark colors to create different shades.
  • Comes with a water-proof feature.
  • Equipped with elasticity to prevent fading, creases and cracks.

Types of Leather Paint

Acrylic, metallic, pearlescent and leather dye are types of leather paints. Each of these types of leather paint have unique characteristics and is used for various purposes.

Acrylic Leather Paints

Acrylic paints are produced by dissolving pigments through acrylic polymer emulsion. These types of leather paints are water-solvent paints, and achieve a water-resistant feature when dried. Acrylic paints are generally used for leather-crafting, cosplaying, and customization of personal, fashion accessories like sneakers and belts.

Acrylic leather paint is easy to mix with other colors. They are also quickly washable and can be reapplied.

These features will make experimenting with leather-crafting and customization techniques easy for you. Acrylic leather paint is also used to fix stains, scratches, cracks, creases, discoloring, and fading of leather purse, boots, sports footwear, jacket and belts.

Metallic Leather Paints

This paint is made of metal flakes. It uses a clear top-coating of acrylic polyurethane to deliver a glossy finish. These paints are mostly used along with vinyl paint in automobiles, as they offer glaze, protection, and durability of the colors applied.

Close up shot of painting tools

Pearlescent Leather Paints

Pearlescent leather paints are produced from tiny ceramic specks or “mica”. Both metallic and pearlescent paints are popular for coloring automobiles, usually by using an air-brush. However, pearlescent leather paints offer a more versatile glaze or sheen than metallic leather paints.

This paint is also used to color the interior leather surface parts such as seat cover, gear cover, steering wheel cover, dashboard of a car.

Leather Dyes

Leather dyes are usually based on either oil or alcohol. Unlike leather paints, leather dyes seep into the leather surface, and, therefore, are more durable.

Leather dyes can be used to do complete makeovers, and for heavy-duty paint jobs like recoloring furniture. Leather dyes also tend to be less vulnerable to dust, scratch, stain, discoloring, cracking, and fading.

However, leather dyes are not ideal to do crafty coloring that requires precision and attention to detail. They have a limited color range compared to leather paints and offer low vibrancy.

Leather dye on display

Final Words

Leather painting can be a complicated affair. Without legit information, provided in a structured way, you may feel confused and frustrated, or overspend on an unworthy product without realizing it.

Which is why, along with all the necessary information, we provided in this guide our picks of the best leather paint. This manual will help you not only to make the best paint, but also take care of your leather materials.

And, remember, safety is a must. So, take care of yourself alongside your cherished, leather goods.