Wax vs Sealant: What’s the Difference?

A man wiping a shiny car outdoors

In maintaining the paint, texture, and polish of your car, you would need to choose the best protector for this. When you want to do this, you need to think about the wax or sealant preservation. The wax or sealant are two ways of preserving the paint of your car. Both of them have come …

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Difference Between Synthetic Blend Oil and Regular Oil

An oil pouring to the surface

The oil acts as the lifeblood of the engine of your car. It enables the parts of the car engine to move smoothly without one wearing out the other. After going kilometres and miles, you will need to change the engine oil of your vehicle and leave with the choice of synthetic blend oil vs …

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How To Measure a Rim Bolt Pattern Easily and Effectively

A drill on the bolts of the wheel

Wheels generally have 4 lugs, 5 lugs, 6-lug or 8-lug bolt patterns. The technique for measuring 4, 6 or 8 lugs wheel is same. However, the measurement technique for odd number of lugs pattern is difficult. That being said, it’s not impossible, you just need to learn how to measure a rim pattern. How To …

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What Happens When Rack and Pinion Goes Out: Definitive Guide

A shot inside a car with a steering wheel and a sound system

​Losing control of the car is the worst thing you can face during a ride. It happens when there are problems with the rack and pinion. Steering system these days comes with rack and pinion. It works as a central unit receiving input from the driver and sending a mechanical signal to turn. It is …

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Symptoms Of Clogged Catalytic Converter And How To Fix It Properly?

How to Fix a Clogged Catalytic Converter

You know your car of being oil efficient or at least doesn’t need to feed the tanker like your neighbors and co-workers. But recently, the car is giving poor mileage. Don’t worry; it is not always that the engine is malfunctioning or the exhaust system isn’t working properly. The catalytic converter might be the culprit …

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How to Bleed Brakes by Yourself – Easiest Way

Handling a car break with tools

​Noticing your car isn’t slowing down as you expect when you pull down the brakes? It might be because the air bubbles got access to your brake system. Wait, you don’t need to seek professional help if you need to bleed the brakes. Don’t worry, fixing this issue doesn’t require you to be a repairman. …

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How to Remove Chrome Plating? See Different Ways!

Wiping the headlights of a car with a red towel

Chrome plating doesn’t only make any metal object look shiny; it also makes the metal long lasting by making it corrosion and tarnish resistant. However, there are various reasons when you will need to remove this durable coat from a metal object. The shiny and durable coat damages easily through wear and tear becoming unsightly. …

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What Is the Difference Between 5w20 and 5w30 Oil? Expert Answer

A man pouring oil unto the car

5w20 and 5w30 oils are types of oil which have differences in their rate of viscosity. The rate of viscosity of a liquid describes its thickness and stickiness and, therefore, talks about the property of that liquid to flow easily. When the number is higher (an example of this here is the number 30), then …

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