Best Glow Plugs [2024 Review]

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If you are looking for a glow plug that fits your diesel engine’s specs and justify its needs can turn confusing. Why? Because there’s a lot of of glow plugs available in the market. But, we both know that only a few can fit the purpose. That’s why, this guide highlights one of the best glow plugs to buy for diesel engines.

Our Top Best Glow Plugs Reviews

The ignition quality is what differs an ordinary glow plug from a premium quality glow plug. The add ons are secondary factors one must consider while making a purchase. Remember, a good glow plug is the one that can ignite the spark at the lowest of temperature without any hassle.

ACDelco 9G Professional

The ACDelco 9G Professional glow plugs control cylinder ignition and improve throttle response. Moreover, this glow plug gives the heat that diesel engines require for cold starts. These advantages alone make it stand out and the preferred buy for its affordability.

The ACDelco 9G is straightforward to set up, and you only need a standard kit to install it. While installation is hassle-free, removing them when required can be difficult. That is the only downside of the product.

ACDelco glow plugs are known for their dependability and long-term performance. The feature of reducing exhaust emissions gives them an edge over other plugs. The cost is also reasonable. These plugs will satisfy all of your requirements.


  • Easy installation because of a user friendly guide.
  • It offers high durability because of its robust build.
  • The ACDelco 9G glow plug is a premium quality product because of  its long lasting performance.


  • It is pretty challenging to detach from the system.

ACDelco 62G Professional

The ACDelco 62G Professional glow plugs can dispel any reservations you may have because the product is reliable and timeless. It complies with the highest quality standards, making it a durable, reliable product that you can trust your car with.

If you’re having trouble starting your automobile in chilly temperatures, the ACDelco 62G Professional is a perfect fit for your needs. Its pre-heating duration is less than 5 seconds, thanks to innovative materials and advanced technologies. As a result, it will start your engine far faster than its competitive glow plugs in the market.

The ACDelco 62G Professional glow plug is capable of operating at higher voltages than conventional glow plugs. In addition, it shields coils from exhaust gas contamination and prevents corrosion and vibration.

These glow plugs are an excellent example of a well-engineered product. Furthermore, ACDelco has attained extremely high-quality standards in manufacturing these plugs, which will far exceed your expectations.

Adding to that, the rigorous design and precision engineering provide a simple installation that any automobile enthusiast owner can complete.


  • A high-performance product with exceptional design.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • It is easy to install and remove, hence doesn’t linger with the system.


  • Some buyers complained of receiving remanufactured glow plugs instead of new ones.


The preheating period for Moostore glow plugs is concise.

For a variety of reasons, this product will immediately pique your attention. For starters, because of its high quality and meticulous engineering. Second, you can also use these glow plugs for post-heating, which means they are more environmentally friendly and emit up to 40% less pollution during the warm-up phase.

They claim to be able to start your car in under 3 seconds. Furthermore, they will begin even at shallow temperatures, such as -30 °C! It, I believe, is a clear advantage.

However, you should know that these light plugs may get damaged during shipping, and there have been numerous reports of broken products. 

Also, don’t expect too much from this product if you’re replacing ACDelco 9G. Performance-wise this glow plug is decent but not as good as its other mates under the same banner.



  • Fits with fewer models than others.

Features To Consider While Buying Glow Plugs

Getting acquainted with the best products the market has to offer isn’t enough to make the right purchase decision. There are various qualitative factors about glow plugs that make a difference in your experience with them.

Product Core Strength Electrical Insulation Safe To Environment Glow Plug Type
ACDelco 9G ProfessionalSelf-regulating coreSuperior insulationYesGN-Type
ACDelco 62G ProfessionalSelf-regulating corePremium insulationYesGN-Type
Moostore2-second pre-heating timeGood to excellent insulationUp to 40% less pollutantGN-Type

There are a lot of add ons available that can enhance the delivery of your glow plug in a minimal funds as follows:

#1 An Additional Coil

Several advancements have helped to improve and enhance glow plugs over the years. SRM Glow Plugs are one example. Meanwhile, the ACDelco 62G discussed above, comes with an additional coil for enhanced outputs.

These Glow Plugs have two metal coils: a heating coil and a regulating coil. The regulating coil assists the Glow Plug in maintaining a high final temperature once the heating coil has reached a temperature of roughly 900°C, allowing for longer post-heating durations. 

Three glow plugs

#2 Corrosion Resistance

Glow Plugs, like many metal goods, are subject to corrosion in some of their parts. To guarantee that it does not occur too soon, any decent Glow Plug would be specifically constructed and made of corrosion-resistant material.

Corrosion is slowed down thanks to an interior synthetic rubber seal within the metal component. Glow plug shells can withstand oxidation from any external entity. Glow Plugs with Stainless Steel bodies last far longer and are more dependable.

#3 Core Strength

A solid iron core is essential for glow plugs to heat up efficiently. Because of how efficiently it heats up, an excellent-quality iron core will provide a more dependable and faster cold engine start.

In addition, the core of the glow plug must have excellent heat transfer qualities, as this allows for much faster ignition. A robust iron core with greater mechanical strength is also more dependable and long-lasting.

#4 Electrical Insulation

SRM Glow Plugs’ two coil technology provides excellent electrical insulation. Furthermore, if your glow plug contains Magnesium oxide packing powder, it may be boosted even further.

Magnesium Oxide packing powder protects the coils from wear and tear, extending the life of your glow plug. Moreover, the packing powder provides excellent electrical insulation, resulting in improved glow plug performance.

#5 Safe To Environment

Some of the world’s leading Glow Plug manufacturers place a high value on environmental conservation. As a result, some of the top glow plugs in the market have been created and made to reduce dangerous gas emissions in the environment.

As a buyer, it’s critical to prioritize environmental protection and purchase products that help protect the environment.

#6 Glow Plug Type

There are various types of glow plugs that have unique sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs (PSG)

The sensor and electronics in the PSG’s pin optimize glow plug function, lowering particle emissions significantly to fulfill current exhaust gas limit values.

These plugs boast an integrated sensor enabling them to measure the pressure in the combustion chamber. The collected data is sent to the engine management electronics in the vehicle and then used to identify the required heating pattern.

Ceramic Glow Plugs (CGP)

Revolutionary and knowledge-based high temperatures CGP glow plug allows significant automobile makers to be first to market. These can achieve a high temperature of 1300°C in no lesser than 3 seconds, resulting in better stability, performance, and fuel efficiency.

High-Tech Steel Glow Plugs

These glow plugs comprise options for two- and three-phase heating requirements;

  1. GV-Type glow plugs (two-phase technology): These glow plugs suit older diesel engines’ pre-heating and heating needs. They have a short pre-heating period of 5-7 seconds and provide reliable cold starting.
  2. Types GE & GN (Three-phase technology): By breaking down the heating process into three phases, these plugs ensure that the diesel in the automobile burns as efficiently as possible. All of the discussed glow plugs in this guide are GN-type.

Commercial Vehicles Glow Plugs

A variety of glow plugs can be used in commercial vehicles depending on the automobile’s age and requirement:

  1. The Flame Start System (GF-Type): provides dependable, convenient, and environmentally friendly cold-starting performance even at low temperatures.
  2. Glow plugs (GH-Type): for auxiliary heaters for further heat and comfort even when it’s bitterly cold outdoors. Auxiliary heaters in both gasoline and diesel vehicles have several types to satisfy their needs.
  3. Wire filament heating-element glow plugs (GD-Type): for older diesel vehicles such as tractors, tow trucks, and construction equipment. The heating element is a wire filament, and the glow plugs are resistive to heavy disturbances.


If it is your first time buying glow plugs, we highly suggest you not settle for low-cost bad quality products and temporary solutions. Moreover, if one of your glow plugs falls short of service, then change all of them at once.

It is because the others may be on the verge of getting short of service too. Thus, to prevent any dangerous situation, it is better to stay cautious beforehand.