Best Brake Line Flaring Tool [2024 Review]

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Brake line flaring tools are useful items to have for your long-term car maintenance. Flaring tools are useful no matter if the maintenance is done professionally or for personal use. If you’re planning to buy the best brake line flaring tool, here are some that might interest you.  

Our Top Brake Line Flaring Tool Reviews

Doing your own car maintenance always comes in handy especially in emergency situations. It’s a useful skill to have and will save you costs from going to a car repair shop. 

One of the most useful tools to have in car repair and maintenance is a brake line flaring tool. Brake line flaring tools check and ensure that your brake works properly especially for older cars. 

The process works by flaring the brake lines so you get a leak-proof connection without the use of sealants. Be careful though, if you improperly flared the brake lines, it can result in brake failure. 

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best brake line flaring tools you can use for your car. We’ll also add how you should properly use your brake line flaring tool. 

Mastercool 72485-PRC Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set

Without a doubt, the Mastercool 72485-PRC Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set is the best on this list. It has everything you need and makes work much easier. 

For every brake line flaring tool, make sure that every part of it is working properly. Therefore, you should always buy one that has a warranty just in case. 

This Mastercool Flaring Tool Set has a 1-year warranty on its hydraulic pump. The adapters and dies are only covered by a 90-day warranty. 

This Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set is a professional-grade tool. The hydraulic power makes it stand out from the other brake line flaring tools on this list. 

This works really well and with hydraulics, the work is done much faster and more conveniently. Unlike the mechanical style where you manually do it and sometimes you put too much pressure on it. 

The hydraulic system prevents any risks of twisting or bending the line as you are making flares. It also secures you won’t crank the tool and apply too much pressure in the process. 

Another great thing about this Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set is the adapters and dies that come with it. This allows you to perform on a wide range of flare styles with various tubing diameters. 

Overall, an expensive brake line flaring tool. It’s definitely worth it for its easy operation and wide range of use. 


  • Wide range of dies and adapters for different types of flare styles
  • Comes with a magnetic adapter holder to keep the device in place
  • Easy to operate thanks to its hydraulic system


  • Not applicable for push connections
  • A bit expensive for some people’s liking

K Tool International Brake Line Flaring Tool

If you want something that’s an excellent deal, the K Tool International Brake Line Flaring Tool is the one for you. It works with single, double, and bubble flares. 

The K-Tool has a 1-year warranty according to the back of its manual. Compared to the Mastercool Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set, it has a better warranty because it does not only cover some parts. 

What makes this different from the other brake line flaring tools is it can easily form 45-degree single, double, and bubble flares. It works on OE steel, stainless steel, and soft metal tubings. 

The process is simple and easy. Only requires a bit of pressure application from you. 

During the process, the T-handle screw clamp ensures the line is in place by holding it securely. This helps reduce the risk of any faults or damage. 

The K Tool International Brake Line Flaring Tool is easy to use although not as easy as the Mastercool. It will take some time to get used to the process. 

However, it’s not complicated and doesn’t require you to be an expert on technicals. Just make sure to follow the instructions in the manual. 

Overall, This is a really great versatile brake line flaring tool that you can use for single, double, and bubble flares. It’s simple to use and has safety features in place too. 


  • Contains precision pieces with excellent fit. Doesn’t deform the pipes.
  • The clamp system secures the line in place.
  • Contains a built-in flushing tool for setting the proper depth on the line.
  • Making 45-degree single, double, bubble flares a breeze.


  • Sometimes need to be bent and form the line before you use the tool
  • Lacks accessories so you might have to spend more to get the accessories you want

Thorstone Double & Single Flaring Tool Kit

If you don’t want to drain your funds, the Thorstone Double & Single Flaring Tool Kit is a great choice. Despite being exorbitant, this brake line flaring tool kit is durable because of its heavy-duty design. 

The Thorstone works right out of the box. It is only used for single and double flares though unlike the Mastercool and K Tool which works for bubble flares. 

What’s really impressive about this brake line flaring tool is its durability. This 45-degree flaring tool uses a steel yoke and swivel-type hardened steel. It also uses a chrome-plated flaring cone. You can’t ask for more for an affordable brake line flaring tool for durability. 

Despite being at a reasonable price, this flaring tool kit also comes in a durable plastic case. 

It even comes with 5 pieces of steel flaring adapters which is greatly appreciated for a brake line flaring tool. 

This flaring tool kit works for copper, aluminum, magnesium, soft steel brake line, and brass tubing. It pretty much works the same tubings with the Mastercool and K Tool brake line flaring tools. 

Using this brake line flaring tool is difficult at the start especially if you’re new to it. However, experienced people will have no problem with this and love using it because of its reasonable price and effectiveness. 


  • Comes with a hard plastic case for portability
  • Uses premium steel and chrome plating for extreme durability
  • Contains 5 adapters for versatile use and even works on different tubing types


  • Hard to operate early on. Takes time to get used to.
  • May need extra accessories to make it work smoothly

Titan 51535 Double Flaring Tool

The best compact and portable flaring tool on this list is the Titan Double Flaring Tool. This is one of the smallest flaring tools on this list. Some people like to only buy for what they need and this flaring tool kit matches it. 

The whole flaring tool kit just includes four different specialized tools that help you with the process. They make it easy for you to make a 45-degree double flare into copper or soft steel tubings. 

However, its usage is also limited. It is only designed to work with 3/16 inch tubings. The other brake line flaring tools on this list work with different tubing diameters and this does not. However, there are also other options to choose from that work with different tubing diameters. 

What we really like about this flaring tool despite this huge flaw is you can use it in tight spaces especially under your car. This removes the difficult process of removing your car’s brake line. 

You can also use the handle for your bench vise. The handle is removable from the brake flaring tool which comes in handy should you ever want to use it for your bench vise. 

This brake line flaring tool sets itself apart from the rest because of its compact built that you can fit inside tight spaces. 

Overall, a great compact brake line double flaring tool that works solidly. It’s just a shame that it only works for specific tubing diameters. 


  • You can use it for repairs even when the brake lines are still in position.
  • Easily removable handle that you can also use for bench vise
  • Compact design enables it to fit in tight spaces
  • Makes a 45-degree double flare


  • Limited usage to 3/16 inch tubings
  • Might be too expensive for such limited usage

TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

If you want to own a professional-grade brake line flaring tool and don’t want to spend too much on the Mastercool Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set, the TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool is another good option. 

The TGR brake line flaring tool contains dies for:

  • 3/16 inch tubing
  • ¼ inch tubing
  • 5/16 inch tubing
  • ⅜ inch tubing

It’s almost the same with the K Tool for the dies it has. It also works single flares, double flares, and bubble flares much like the Mastercool and K Tool. 

It’s also easy to use and handle. This is perfect for people who want to try how a professional-grade brake line flaring tool works. There’s no complicated process involved with it much like the Mastercool Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set. 

It’s a smooth operation and you can mount it in a vise for better use. There’s a T-handle screw clamp that you can use to hold the die and tube. 

The only thing you have to worry about this tool is you have to safely store it and do some proper maintenance. 

It operates smoothly and consistently. You will feel professional just from using it. 

Overall, this is a solid buy for those who want to upgrade to a professional-grade brake line flaring tool. The smoothness and ease of use are unparalleled except for the Coolermaster hydraulic system. 


  • Contains dies for different tubing sizes
  • Includes a T-handle screw clamp for holding dies and tubes
  • Easy and smooth to operate even for beginners
  • Comes with sample flares so you can test it without worry


  • Doesn’t feel durable because of its small size
  • Needs proper storage to protect from rust

Neiko 20656A Auto Double Flaring Copper Tool Kit

If you want something that has accessories you need for an affordable price, the Neiko Auto Double Flaring Copper Tool Kit might interest you. 

It comes along with a blow-molded case and some useful accessories to boot for a low price. However, it’s only limited to double flaring operations. 

It works pretty smooth and like most of the brake line flaring tools on this list, work on copper, aluminum, brass, magnesium, and soft steel brake line tubing.

Despite being inexpensive, it has great durability and will be good for long-term use. The components of this flaring copper tool kit are steel-treated and can hold enough pressure for brake line flaring.   

It even uses alloy steel and chrome plated materials for added durability just like the Thorstone Flaring Tool Kit. It’s mostly used on the swivel and aids in reducing friction which in turn reduces wear and tear. 

Make sure you don’t throw away the lid. The instruction manual can be found on the lid. It’s easy to understand and will be greatly helpful if you’re a beginner. 

It also comes with a wide range of adaptors so you can use it for different tubing diameters. 

Some people say it works great while others find it lacking. You can do some tweakings to it to make it perform even better. 


  • Includes a molded case for portability
  • Comes with an easy to follow instruction manual
  • Extremely durable thanks to its build quality


  • It may not work with other adaptors like 3/16 
  • Performs excellent only when you do some tweakings to it

Features to Consider for Brake Line Flaring Tool

The brake line flaring tool needs to have certain features checked. Remember they are tools for checking your brakes so it’s important that they should work effectively. 

Impervious to Leaks

Brake line flaring tools should always be leak-proof. If you find any leaks, replace the product right away and ask for a refund. Leaks may cause your brakes to not function properly. 

Close up of a car wheel

Use materials that are not susceptible to leakage. This means the materials used should be durable and thick to prevent any leakage, especially from corrosive substances. 

All the brake line flaring tools on this list are leak-proof so you should not worry when picking any on the list. 

Quality Construction

Don’t settle for inexpensive materials. Even the low price brake line flaring tool on this list, Thorstone Flaring Tool Kit uses quality materials to ensure its durability.  

You also have to ensure the brake line flaring tool produces quality flare whenever you use it. This is your car’s brake we’re talking about so quality is important. 

Go for well-designed line-braking tools like the Mastercool Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set that ensures you are doing the operation smoothly and precisely.

Simple Application

The simple the operation, the better it is for you. The brake line flaring tool should be effective and efficient at what it does. It works smoothly and with no hiccups. 

Also, make sure that the brake line flaring tool is compatible with your car and its brake parts. For that, you can go with either the Mastercool Flaring Tool Set or the K Tool International Brake Line Flaring Tool. 

Both tools are simple and easy to use. They even come with instructions to help you along. 

Compatibility with Brake System

The brake system plays a huge part in selecting your brake line flaring tool. Make sure you know the fittings, pipes, and parts of your brake system. Knowing how they work will make your work much easier. 

It will also help you choose the right compatible brake line flaring tool for your brake system. You will know the right size and fit for your brake system. 

If you are still unsure, ask for expert advice. You can also get a brake line flaring tool that is compatible with most brake systems like the Mastercool Flaring Tool Set and K Tool International Brake Line Flaring Tool. 

Adapters for Flaring Tool

Flaring tool kits usually. They are extremely useful when piecing together difficult sections of your piping. Flaring tool kits with adapters are a good option to have. 

It’s also hard to buy adapters separately. The adapters you buy may not be compatible with your brake line flaring tool. Hence, it is always preferred to have them alongside your flaring tool. 

All of the brake line flaring tools on this list come with a wide variety of adapters. Having more than them shouldn’t be a problem. 

Extra Essential Tools

Some brake line flaring tools come with accessories that make your work a lot easier. For example, the T-handle of the TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool makes it easier to work with. It holds down the dies and tubes in place while you are working. 


While it isn’t much needed, portability in your brake line flaring tool is an added bonus. It makes it easier to bring along with you and for storage purposes also. 

A brake line flaring tool with a durable case like the Neiko Auto Double Flaring Copper Tool Kit is a great example. You can bring it along with you without having to worry about where you should store it. 

Types of Brake Line Flaring Tools

There are three common types of brake line flaring tools. You should know about this too since they have a lot of differences that you may find useful for choosing the one you want to buy. 

Car parked in a grass covered lot


The traditional brake line flaring tools use a bar and yoke to flare lines. The use of the bar is to clamp the brake line in place while the yoke drives the flare adapter into the line to create a flare. 

What’s great about traditional brake line flaring tools is that they don’t need additional tools to work. However, not all are like that. Some still do need some extra tools in order to proceed smoothly. 


The Hydraulic brake line flaring tool is the most convenient of the three. It uses hydraulic power to drive the flare adapter towards the line. It makes your work much easier and less effort on your part. 

Hydraulic brake line flaring tools are mostly used by professionals. They are the best when it comes to performance and consistency. It’s no wonder the best brake line flaring tool on this list is a hydraulic type. 

However, hydraulic brake line flaring tools are expensive. It’s definitely worth it though since we are talking about the brakes in your car. It’s always better to invest more when it comes to your own safety. 


Traditional and hydraulic brake line flaring tools are often too large to use for flaring lines on cars. Compact brake line flaring tools are known for their single opening for lines and interchangeable adapters. They will fit any tight spaces under your car. 

However, they are only compatible with one diameter of tubings. Their extreme usefulness in tight areas still outweighs this.  

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions when people are looking for more information about brake line flaring tools and how they work. 

What Type of Flare is Best for Brake Lines?

The most commonly used is the SAE flare. They are typically found on all American and Asian cars. However, European-style DIN flare is also slowly gaining popularity. 

Do Brake Lines Need to be Double Flared?

Brake lines need to be double flared all the time. Not doing so may damage it from the high hydraulic pressure. It can lead to brake leaks or hose cracks which can cause an accident. 

What is the Common Brake Line Size?

The common brake line sizes are 3/16 inch and ¼ inch. 3/16 inch is found on almost all cars and trucks found in the world. That’s just how universal it is. 

¼ inch is commonly found in short pieces between the master cylinder and ABS pump. They are also found in the long run to the rear of cars, trucks, and hydraulic clutch lines. 


Brake line flaring tools are extremely helpful for your car’s maintenance. It’s also for your own safety. Choosing the best brake line flaring tool means you’re also investing in your own safety and your passengers’ safety.