Best Powder Coating Gun [2024 Review]

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Have you ever wished you could apply a protective and decorative finish to virtually any type of object or appliance? And then, end up with a finish as even, vibrant, and durable as your car paint?

Take it or leave it, you got to try your hands on powder coating! While it is a remarkably simple process, it guarantees a beautiful and perfectly uniform finish. Imagine a surface devoid of drips and sags?

Our Best Powder Coating Gun Reviews

Redline Model EZ50 with Bonus Powder Cup Kit

The Redline Model EZ50 with Bonus Powder Cup Kit is a top performer par excellence that delivers more than it promise.

The powder coating gun that comes with this versatile kit is the same as that of the EZ50. So, if you loved the easy to use features on the previous product, then you’ll fall in love with this one.

It borrows the convenience that comes with a lack of foot pedals and switches that are often tricky to operate.

But why the EZ50 with Bonus Cup Kits over the Ordinary Red Line EZ50 powder coating machine? Well, the latter comes with additional accessories, which make it more convenient and adaptable.

The bonus package has three extra powder cups. Switching from one color to another is easier. All you need to do is replace one cup with the next one.

It takes less than a minute to do that. In the process, you save a lot of time often used in cleaning the cup for the next color.

The portable powder coating system comes with a United States Airline adaptors. The model also includes extra tips and nozzles, just in case you need to replace them in the future.

This equipment doesn’t stop there. Most of the best powder coating guns of this kind have a power cord that is merely 5 feet long. This Red Line portable powder coating system gives you a power cord and cable twice that length. Imagine the comfort and ease that you enjoy from a 10 feet long cable!

Highlighted Features

  • Power cord and adaptors compatible with us Airlines.
  • Longer cable, easy to handle and use.
  • Adjustability range from 0 to 50 kV.
  • Powder flow adjustment knob increases control and precision.
  • Three extra cups make switching from one color to the next effortless.

Eastwood Hotcoat Pcs-150 Single Voltage DIY Powder Coating Gun System

Eastwood Store gives homeowners a DIY equipment without having to break the bank. The Eastwood Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun System is a perfect tool for home use. Small shop owners will also find this powder coating gun ideal for small or mid-size powder hopping assignments.

The coolest feature you’ll like about the Eastwood Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun System is its ease of use. With the ability to produce a thin line or a thick cloud of powder, the flow on this powder coating gun is incredible. Play around with the knob to achieve a preferred pigment output.

All the controls are inbuilt. You won’t need to deal with box controllers, hand switches, and foot pedals. Everything is in the knob. More importantly, there is an integrated powder control mechanism in powder coating gun.

The 10-foot power cord further adds to the convenience of the Eastwood Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun System. It is possible to reach longer distances between your power source, air, and the appliances or surfaces you are working.

The powder coating gun is highly versatile and perfectly able to shoot any powder paint. It will excellently work with chrome, metallic and textured pigments. You don’t need any other additional powder coating gun just because of a change in pigment type.

Its versatility doesn’t stop at that. A hard fact you’ll have to enjoy about this powder coating gun is its ability to work on nearly every type of surface. It produces top-quality coating and re-coating applications on glass, metal, and wood.

If cleaning the powder coating gun and switching colors in a jiffy is your primary concerns, this is the Top Quality of powder coating gun you can get your hands on!

Highlighted Features

  • A built-in control mechanism for easy use.
  • Lightweight for comfort during use.
  • Full voltage adjustment up to 15000 V at the back of the hopper.
  • 10-foot cord is convenient when the power supply is far.
  • Comes with a free powder coating guide book

Chicago Tools Powder Coating Gun (10 to 30 PSI)

Are you a car enthusiast or a car shop owner who wants a powder coating gun that will handle the workload?

This Chicago Tools Powder Coating Gun System is an excellent powder coating gun for people hoping to create a smooth finish on trucks, vehicles, motorcycles, and aircraft parts.

When it comes to the manufacturing of high quality and functional power tools, the Chicago Electric Power Tools is a dominant player. The versatile, durable, and effective Powder Coating System is an equipment that will appeal to you.

Well, this powder paint gun is easy to use. The design allows you to use both hands on the handle while either of your feet operates the switch. This feature enables you to provide more precise direction and control.

Finally, we would be doing injustice to this professional system if we don’t acknowledge its robust but compact nature. The system will need little or no maintenance at all.

Highlighted Features

  • Requires a stable psi of between 10 and 30.
  • Additional accessories- moisture separator, sealing gasket, and spare fuse.
  • Ideal for all standard powder paints.
  • Convenient when the power supply is far.
  • Easy to use, control and direct.
  • Compact, robust, and require little or no maintenance.

Mophorn WX-958 Powder Coating Machine

Mophorn is a market leader in the production of industrial tools and powder coating guns. Well, they do not disappoint with the Mophorn WX-958 Powder Coating Machine. You can’t ignore the device because of its functional features.

Mainly fabricated from stainless steel, the 12-gallon machine is pretty robust. That is enough space for your pigment and resin.

The considerably large capacity enables you to work for a longer time without frequent refills. The feature makes the machine very convenient for a professional.

Another important feature that makes this powder coating gun a piece of professional equipment is its speed. At 550g per minute, it is faster than most counterparts. That’s about 16 ounces in one minute. You’ll move pretty fast if you are working on flat panels.

You certainly want to achieve super fine powder coatings with stable quality, don’t you? Look, if you’ve worked with a spray gun before, then we bet you know that you must get the voltage right for a fine, stable powder coating.

The system is unique and comes with a dual voltage auto-adjustment. You don’t have to fumble with the settings. This feature, coupled with the circuit protection feature, guarantee that you have a perfectly fine and stable application.

Irrespective of the type of surfaces you are working on-flat or recessed- this is a top equipment for the job. It has a wide range of current and kV adjustments to help you regulate pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • A 12-gallon, high capacity electrostatic machine.
  • A kV output range of between 0-100 ensures versatility.
  • Considerably fast speed of 16 ounces/minute.
  • Circuit protection and auto dual voltage features.
  • Stainless steel body makes it durable.

Hyper Smooth 02 LED Electrostatic Powder Coating System

Are you looking for a powder coating kit that will conveniently handle three or more coats? Take a keener look at the Hyper Smooth 02 LED Electrostatic Powder Coating System.

Kool Koat did remarkably well with its powerful Electrostatic Powder Coating System. There’s no doubt that the Hyper Smooth 02 LED Electrostatic Powder Coating System is a high-end device.

This powder coating gun features a complete package consisting of an efficient powder coat gun, ground cable, and power cable, to mention a few. Once you acquire the box, you are fully set to begin your application process. Of course, we assume you already have your ideal paint pigments.

Not so many powder coating systems with an adjustable dual voltage ranging from 0-100 kV charge as low as the Kool Koat product. 100 kV is an industrial level voltage.

Operating the powder coating gun is not a difficult task.  There’s a simple to use adjustment knob. Use the adjustment knob on the powder coating gun to meet the right kV for the job.

In addition to the dual voltage regulation knob, the powder coating gun has an air supply regulation knob. Based on your needs, you can set your desired air output without any problems. Air output adjustment allows a slow stream, or a fast flow of powder for various types of spraying jobs.

The powder coating gun manufacturer incorporates a pressure gauge into the tool. This feature eliminates guesswork. And you can effectively increase or decrease the air pressure to an accurate figure.

This powder coating gun is a professional, industrial workhorse. Yet beginners will also find this powder coating gun ideal and easy to use.

This powder coating gun comes with two tips and two nozzles. Connect the right combination of nozzle and tip to suit the kind of task at hand.

Highlighted Features

  • This powder coating gun has a combination of 2 nozzles and 2 tips for increased versatility.
  • The Hyper Smooth 02 LED Electrostatic Powder Coating System is easy to handle and use.
  • An adjustability range of 0-100 kV
  • LED display gauge ensures accuracy.
  • The package contains 1 and 2 pounds standard hoppers.

2017 The Newest Pulse Digital Powder Coating Machine

Kingkun is one of the few Chinese powder coat gun brands with a reputation in manufacturing high quality coating equipment. Hence, it is by no coincidence that 2017 The Newest Pulse Digital Powder Coating Machine makes it on this list.

This robust powder coat gun is ideal for you if your tasks include multicolor coatings. Again, you are not only going to paint flat surfaces.

The machine doesn’t limit you to that. It is ideal for both contoured and flat surfaces. All you need is to make the right adjustment.

You will find this machine worth every penny due to ease of use. It features one-touch buttons for easy and quick set up.

This will help you achieve the finest finishing for different surfaces. Irrespective of your professional experience, you are guaranteed of the paramount results.

The Kingkun machine has advanced electrostatic efficiencies, thanks to the intelligent technology and the new pulse. The device is effective for coating product corners and sharp edges.

Usually, with high-grade powder coating guns, you’ll get the thicknesses of 50-90 um. Pulse electrostatic coatings enable 40-70 um, which ensures that you will get the finest finishing for high-end powder coating guns.

The Kingkun Machine lets you save more by reducing the amount of powder you use by up to 20%. Isn’t this a machine worth your penny?

Highlighted Features

  • One-touch buttons for easy setup and best results.
  • It reduces the amount of powder by up to 20%.
  • Great electrostatic effect by pulse and intelligent technology.
  • It comes with additional spare parts.
  • The equipment saves powder consumption.

Aftermarket Replacement For Gema 03 OptiFlex2

If you know about the Aftermarket Replacement For Gema 03 OptiFlex2, then this aftermarket equipment will appeal to you. It is a suitable tool to replace the not-so-great nozzle that comes with the Gema 03 OptiFlex2.

To start with, this equipment is most ideal for the Gema 03 OptiFlex2 powder coating system. So, you do not have to play with many brands looking for the most compatible system for your OptiFlex2.

Why the Aftermarket Replacement? Well, the most obvious reason for purchasing this system is to replace a worn-out gun and cascade for your machine.

You don’t need to buy a complete system if the control box is still functional. Buy the replacement gun, and fit in your machine.

The aftermarket replacement comes with more exciting features than the original gun. It is easier to control and use, making it more ideal for industrial processes.

It has a better tip and nozzle for painting uneven surfaces. Moreover, this nozzle will deliver cleaner work on sharp edges and steep contours.

This equipment will serve you for decades, thanks to the transparent material closed in the cascade. It provides sufficient insulation and protection.

This package includes a shell of electrostatic powder coating gun, an HV cascade, and a wire. All the inclusions make it an ideal system for an aftermarket replacement.

Highlighted features:

  • Fully compatible with the Gema 03 OptiFlex2.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • Reliably insulated and durable.
  • It comes with a complete spray kit.
  • Adjustable pressure enhances precision and maintains correct thickness.

How to Choose the Best Powder Coating Gun

The task of choosing the top quality powder coating gun is both daunting and confusing in equal measure. We know and understand what you are going through. We feel you, and for that reason, we provide you with essential tips to consider when shopping for a spray gun.

Transfer Efficiency

Honestly, the name of the game of an ideal pigment hopper is transfer efficiency. It is the level of proficiency with which the dry powder is transferred to the surface of the object.

Look for a spray gun with high transfer efficiency. Inferior powder coating guns have low transfer efficiency, and that’s a recipe for material wastage. On the other hand, powder coating guns with high transfer efficiency minimize wastage.

You want to save on material, choose a spray gun with a high transfer efficiency.

A black powder coating gun


Peeps, everything you purchase is an investment. Do you want to invest in an item that won’t last long?

You need a resilient gun. You need a reliable hopper that will serve you for a long time amidst the rigors and vigors of your schedule. Do you want to be in the market every often shopping for the same item?

You need to know that durability is determined by the type of materials used and the quality. We suggest that you try out powder coating guns that are made from steel, or any other metallic material. Metallic components can withstand wear and tear associated with industrial schedules.

On the other hand, the right choice of tool should be compact and easy to handle. Compact tools and equipment have a lower probability of disintegrating.

Spray Rate Or Speed

Another critical factor to consider when shopping for a powder coating equipment is the spray rate. This is defined as the amount of space covered by the powder gun in a minute. However, some people define it as the amount of powder paint in grams, that the machine can spray in one minute.

Whatever way you want to put it, consider a powder gun with your desirable spray rate. A higher spray rate hastens manufacturing processes. It also saves time.

Type Of Work At Hand

Do you need a powder gun for several machine parts every day, or just for a once in awhile DIY home activities? Or, do you intend to purchase your machine to powder coat several parts and components?

If you have a lot to powder coat, you will need a workhorse. Such a machine must have a high transfer efficiency and an equally high spray rate to powder coat. These factors help you to complete your powder coat projects on time. In the process, you not only save, but you also get ready for business.

On the contrary, little DIY powder coat jobs may not require a highly professional machine. You need just a simple tool to make your work efficient. Well, if you can afford it, you can enjoy the convenience of a professional powder coating gun.

Ease Of Use and Cleaning

Buying a powder coating system that you will have trouble using is a futile mission. Go for a powder coat machine that is easy to understand and use. Consider a powder coat system that has an easy to follow instructions manual.

However, if you are a geek who has probably handled most types of powder coating guns, then you may not need to worry. Professional powder coat expertise comes in when you choose your most appropriate powder coat spray gun.

Again, when you need to switch from one color to the next one, you’ll undoubtedly need to clean the powder gun. You will also need to clean your powder hopper before you store it. Cleaning should, therefore, be easy to save you time and human resources.

Look for a powder gun that needs a simple cleaning mechanism, possibly by blowing over it using a compressor.

kV Output

The powder  gun’s kV output represents its voltage output. As you would put it to a layperson, kV output is the amount of voltage needed to charge the spray particles coming out from the nozzle.

In most cases, you need a different kV output for various surfaces. It would, therefore, be ideal to consider a powder gun with adjustable kV output or a dual voltage output. The feature allows you to set the kV output to a convenient requirement.

A higher kV adjustment releases much-charged particles for faster adherence to the surface. The opposite is valid for a lower adjustment.

An industrial powder coating system like this should have an adjustable dual voltage output of up to 100 kV or more. On the contrary, you’ll do pretty fine with an output of 50kv and below for a home powder coat gun.

Spraying a blue color to a car with a powder coating gun

Nozzles and Tips Replacement Option

The type and design of the tip and nozzle of a spray gun affect the spray rate. But more importantly, they influence the way the powder comes out.

This consideration is quite straightforward! A smaller nozzle will release a thin stream of particles, while a bigger nozzle will release an enormous cloud of particles.

You will most certainly need both tips for various surfaces. Use smaller nozzles and tips for smaller objects and larger tips and nozzles for wider surfaces to save time, and material.

It is for this reason that this top-notch powder coating system should allow for tip and nozzle replacement with ease. Some powder coating guns come with extra tips and nozzle. For others, you may need to buy compatible replacements.


We know that these powder coating guns are ideal for industrial or home use. However, depending on the nature of your work, you will most certainly need to travel with it. Or move it from one worksite to the next.

If that’s the case, then portability should be a concern. Consider the weight and packaging. In the case of robust powder coating guns with 10-gallon powder containers, ensure that it has a push trolley.

Safety Tips Before Using a Powder Coating Gun

While powder coating is a 100% safe process, it is vital to take a few safety precautions. The following are essential while using powder coating systems:

  • Use a dust cover for your nose and mouth. Inhaling dust may not be safe for your health.
  • Ensure you are in a completely dry workplace. The equipment must equally be dry. Powder coating systems generate static high voltage electricity.
  • Avoid electric shock and protect the machine by ensuring that the device is securely grounded. Ensure that the grounding plug is secure and intact throughout the period of your work.
  • It is a severe risk to unload the needle into the clamp after each use. Try as much as possible to avoid that.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean off waste powder from the ground.

Types Of The Best Powder Coating System

All the best powder coating guns and brands fall into two categories. The difference between the two best powder coating guns is how they charge powder particles.

A silver colored powder coating gun

1. Corona Style Powder Coating Guns

In Corona powder coating guns, an inbuilt electrode creates an electric field between the nozzle and the surface of the item due for coating. The high dual voltage cascade is part of the gun.

The control module regulates the dual voltage module. So, as the powder gun releases more powder, there is equally more dual voltage to help charge the particles.

Sprayed particles move along the electrostatic line. The grounded powder coating guns attracts the charge and allows scattered particles to attach themselves to the surface of the product.

This is the most type of the best powder coating guns in the market today. Its advantages include low air consumption and a reduced wear rate of the best powder coating gun. Finally, the best powder coating guns are ideal for universal application.

2. Tribo Style Powder Coating Guns

The best powder coating guns of this type base their performance on frictional charging. In this case, charging happens in the walls of the PTFE tube. The particles charge by rubbing themselves against the walls of the tube.

While friction is the primary means of getting the particles negatively charged, the walls of the PTFE tube have incredible anti-frictional properties to avoid particle buildup.

The Tribo process is less common. However, it has a better penetration depth as compared to the corona style. Again, surfaces do not exhibit the “orange peel feel.”

On the flip side, this type is not ideal for a variety of powders. This is the reason why it is only applicable in specific industrial setups.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply a powder coat on a surface with dry liquid paint?

No. You can’t powder coat over a liquid painted surface for two reasons. One, the barrier prevents the powder from adhering to the surface, as should be the case. Secondly, liquid paints are susceptible to peeling. Once they peel off, your powder paint will also go.

The ideal thing to do is to scrape off the dry paint, smoothen, and clean the surface before you coat the item.

2. My powder coating system does not show any kV reading, what could be the problem?

If your powder coating system does not show any kV readings, there might be loss of power to the entire unit, failure of the circuit board, or a cascade failure. These are all minor mechanical problems that an electrical technician can help you solve.

A man using a powder coating gun to a metal object

Final Word

Consider your transfer efficiency, spray rate, ease of use, and portability to make an informed choice. Again, it is essential to prioritize these factors to choose the best powder coating gun that meets your needs.