Best Drywall Anchors for TV Mount [2024 Review]

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If you’re looking for the best drywall anchors for tv mount or other objects, let my research and experience guide you. In this post, I will be telling you about some of the most efficient models I have come across.

Our Top Drywall TV Mount Anchors Reviews

No one wants to make or leave ugly holes on their drywall. Rather than experimenting with nails and other stuff, it would be better to use these drywall anchors, as these are designed to create and leave a small, clean hole that is easy to fix with putty.


Good design, ease of installation, and strength are some of the most important factors to look at when looking for the best drywall anchors for mounting tv.

When I bought my 40-inch tv, I was looking for a drywall anchor that met these qualifications. I’m a stickler on value, so I was very keen to get the best option for my 3/8 drywall. Saying they did the job would be an understatement.

The TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE Drywall Anchor went in easily and they have held up great. It is 3 years since I installed them, and my TV is still firmly attached.

Before you get these, realize that they’re meant for weights of up to 80 pounds. Something else you need to know is that they are meant for hollow walls with a thickness of between 3/8 and 3 5/8 inches.

Most of the time, it is the white plastic guide bar that breaks. But don’t be alarmed. I have used like 20 units of these, and so far, only 2 have broken. Just be careful not to bend the anchors and all should go well.

Highlighted features

  • High-quality.
  • High-strength and durable.
  • Ideal for all types of hollow walls.
  • Excellent deal.
  • Made in the USA.
  • For hollow walls between 3/8 and 3 5/8 inches thick.

Toggler 44-Piece Combo Drywall Anchor Kit

If you’re a DIYer, then it’s likely you need lots of the best drywall anchors. And the reasons are plenty – mounting photo frames, TVs, wall clocks, speakers, window blinds, and so much more.

If that is the case, why go for a single drywall anchor or a small pack of several units when you could go for the Toggler 44-Piece Combo Drywall Anchor Kit? As the name suggests, this one comes with 44 anchors.

A most fascinating thing about the set is that it offers you variety. These are the best drywall anchor if you’re looking for self-drilling units. There are 20 self-drilling drywall anchors. Self drilling means you don’t need a drill to install. As soon as you activate the screw, the unit goes in easily on its own.

One issue with self-drilling units is that they come out as easily as they go on. But these are different, thanks to the innovative design.

You also get 10 plastic toggle drywall anchors. These are designed for the most secure grip. With their creatively designed enhancements, the plastic toggle anchors provide secure holding power.

Other things in the package include 10 all-purpose drywall anchors and 4 heavy-gauge toggle bolts. And of course, you get matching screws for all the best drywall anchors.

These all-purpose drywall anchors are the best drywall anchors for general use. These feature a patented design, and are able to hold more than the adhesive drywall anchors and epoxy anchors.

Highlighted features:

  • Excellent deal.
  • High quality.
  • Highly effective.
  • Ideal for light, medium and heavy-duty projects.
  • Spring wings disperse the weight over a large area.
  • Super strong and heavy-duty zinc plated steel.

Qualihome 100-Piece Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors

Another option for someone who needs a set as opposed to one unit is the Qualihome 100-Piece Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors. As the name suggests, this kit comes with 100 drywall anchors.

If you’re on a tight funds, then these are the best drywall anchors for TV mounts that I highly recommend you.

These are the best drywall anchors for someone looking for drywall anchors that are easy to install, these would be a perfect selection. Forget the traditional process of creating wall mounts and dealing with all the dust. With this unit, you just drill in the drywall anchor using one bit. The unit goes on easily, leaving very little dust.

The drywall anchors are so easy to install that you can put in 10 of them in just a few minutes. No struggles. Another thing I loved is that they unscrew easily if you need to pull them out.

We all know the main problem with standard anchors – breaking. They often break as you bang them against the wall trying to drive them in. if you’re tired of the issue, try these quality anchors from Qualihome. I have used around 25 of them and not even one broke apart during installation.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality – made of durable plastic.
  • Holds up to 50 pounds.
  • Excellent deal.
  • For walls with a thickness of ½, 3/8, or 5/8 inches.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Improved design.


Game changers – these two words perfectly describe what I really feel about the TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE BA. If you’re looking for something that can withstand weight, this would be it.

According to the manufacturer, the anchor has a tensile strength of 238 pounds in ½ inch drywall. You can also install it in a concrete block, in which case you will enjoy a tensile strength of 802 pounds.

As I have already suggested, the Toggler anchors are quite versatile. You can install them on almost any hollow material, from drywall and gypsum board to concrete blocks. They are compatible with 3/8 to 3 5/8 inch thick materials.

As you’ll see (if you purchase these), the Toggler anchors are super easy to use.

One thing you have to be careful with though, is the brittle make of the unit. It is plastic, and pushing against metal, there’s a chance it will break.

Be careful not to bend the anchor. If all goes well, you should have a strong and sturdy installation that can withstand over 150 pounds weight.

Highlighted features

  • Versatile – installs on gypsum board, drywall, concrete block, etc.
  • Comes with 3/16″-24 UNC-threaded bolts.
  • Made in USA.
  • Ultimate tensile strength.
  • Easy to use.

Qualihome Wall Anchor Assortment Kit (112 pieces)

When it comes to variety, the Qualihome Wall Anchor Assortment Kit is a nice option. As the title suggests, the kit comes with 112 pieces.

Of these 112 pieces, there are many types of anchors to ensure you can mount almost anything. Some of the included varieties are: 22 pieces of plastic anchors, 4 pieces of augar anchors, 6 pieces of ¼-inch wall anchor hooks, 6 pieces of hollow door anchors, and a few other types of items.

As a matter of fact, you get up to 10 different types of anchors when you purchase this kit. So, if you’re looking for variety, this is a kit you want to check out.

One thing I note about these is that the plastic ones have really large ribs. You know how some anchors turn and become looser every day after installation?

The issue can be frustrating but it’s the truth about most anchors. Well, if you want to avoid it, you will be happy to know how useful the ribs on the plastic anchors that come with this kit are.

They work efficiently when it comes to holding the anchors in place and preventing play.

One thing I have to tell you, however, is that these are not the strongest anchors. I would only recommend them for hanging lightweight items such as picture frames and window blinds. You can also use them to mount your TV, but be sure not to exceed around 40 pounds.

All in all, I find them to be a really great choice. As long as you don’t overload the anchors, they should serve you for years.

Highlighted features

  • For light-duty support.
  • Screws are included in set.
  • Ribs on the plastic anchors to prevent play.
  • Free plastic organizer case.
  • Many varieties of wall anchors.

Self Drilling Drywall Plastic Anchors by Toofix

For someone looking for something very easy to use, self-drilling anchors would be a perfect choice. And when I think of the best drywall anchors for tv mounts in the self-driving class, nothing seems as good as Self Drilling Drywall Plastic Anchors by Toofix.

The product is available not as a kit but as a single unit, but you can bet the quality is exceptional. It is made of plastic, but the screw is made of steel.

What’s special about this anchor? That is the first question I asked when I first heard of it. Upon inspecting the unit, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the deep-threaded design of the anchor.

For that, there’s one thing I was sure the unit offered – a powerful hold. And it was true – upon installation, the anchor provided a very strong engagement. The threads hold the wall strongly, ensuring that even if the mounted item is heavy, there are no chances of falling off or coming loose.

Because of the level of strength offered, you can hang almost anything with this, from wall sconces to heavy mirrors and TV sets.

There’s just one issue when using this drywall anchor – the dust. I found out that the drywall anchor creates a larger hole in the wall than one would imagine. That subsequently means there’ll be a pile of dust on the ground.

On the brighter side, the installation is a piece of cake. You only need a driller or a screwdriver and the task will barely take 5 minutes.

Highlighted features

  • Deep thread design for a strong connection.
  • Sturdy construction – durable and reliable.
  • Works with 3/8, ½, or 5/8 inch walls.
  • Works on gypsum wallboard.

SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor Set (20 Pieces)

Perhaps you’re on a tight funds but you need good quality self-driving anchors. What if I told you there’s somewhere you can get a pack of 20 of them for a great deal? And not from just anyone – from the Toggler brand.

As you’ve probably realized, I have lots of Toggler anchors on this review. Why? Because it is one of the most reliable brands out there. Toggler will very rarely let you down.

The SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor Set are made of plastic, but the screws they come with are made of steel. Plastic is not the strongest material, and I would advise you against bending the unit, as it might crack, but you can bet on the durability of these. They’re made in the US from quality materials.

If there’s one these units guarantee you, it is that whatever you hang up there will be secure. They’re very strong and they hold stuff efficiently.

That being said, there are a couple of issues to know about before buying.

To start with, these units make a pretty big hole in the wall. That also means there will be plenty of dust to deal with.

The second problem has to do with the effort needed to get these in. They require quite a bit of work, and it’s almost impossible to avoid breaking a few.

Nonetheless, as I have stated before, the SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors offer a really efficient way of hanging stuff on the wall. They offer a secure place to mount your items.

Then again, if you’re on a tight funds, they would be a really fine selection.

Highlighted features

  • For 3/8 to 5/8 inch thick drywalls.
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration benefits.
  • Easy to remove.
  • A very secure hold.

Toofix Premium Quality Zinc Drywall Anchor (Self-Drilling, 40 Pieces)

Earlier on, I told you about the Toofix self-driving anchor. As I mentioned, the unit is made of plastic, with a steel screw. I also talked about the ribs on the anchor, which offer a secure engagement and prevent whatever you hang from falling off.

Perhaps you liked the design but didn’t like the fact that the drywall anchor is made of plastic. If you want something sturdier, check out the Toofix Premium Quality Zinc Anchors.

These are not made of plastic. Instead, they’re made of zinc, with steel screws. That translates to more strength and durability.

As such you can hang items that are over 50 pounds up there, which is the limit with the plastic ones. In fact, as long as the items are not over 80 pounds heavy, you have nothing to worry about.

Something else I found extremely pleasing about these anchors is the overall value of them.

The kit comes with 20 anchors and 20 plastic screws. On top of that, you get a plastic case where you can keep the anchors and screws securely.

How easy are they to drive in? With a screwdriver, the task should take no more than 5 minutes per anchor. It’s a piece of cake.

Just one precaution for new users – use this for a mount you intend to keep for a long time. It leaves a really large hole on the wall. But don’t be alarmed; you can patch that up without much difficulty.

Highlighted features

  • Deep thread design for a sturdy connection.
  • 20 Zinc Anchors.
  • 20 Phillips screws.

Glarks Heavy-Duty Molly Bolt Hollow Dryall Anchor (30-Piece)

Plastic anchors are fine, but when you need exceptional strength, you got to go for something metallic. One product many people tend to prefer is the Glarks Heavy-Duty Molly Bolt Hollow Drive Wall Anchor.

This is a heavy duty steel drywall anchor that offers great strength, allowing you to mount heavy objects such as TVs and large mirrors.

When you purchase this product, you get 30 pieces of items in the set. These include anchors and screws.

The length of the anchors is about 2.6 inches. That means you can use it on walls that are ½ inch to 1.06 inches thick.

One thing I loved about the unit is the versatility it offers. You can use it to mount items on drywall, plaster, and even tile.

Durability is an essential factor to consider when looking for wall anchors. This unit assures you of durability in the fact that it is made of steel and not mere plastic. Aside from that, the unit is zinc plated. That protects it from rust and corrosion.

The only problem I found with this unit is the installation process. I wouldn’t say it is super hard, but it’s not easy.

You have to struggle a bit to get the screw in. The task can take up to 10 minutes per anchor.

But, as I have said, it is not difficult to the extent of being daunting. Just be prepared to use some elbow strength and possibly have to use a drill.

If you want strong anchors that you can use to mount anything, go for the Glarks Heavy-Duty Molly Bolt Hollow Drive Wall Anchors.

Highlighted features:

  • Heavy duty hollow wall anchors.
  • Durable – made of carbon steel.
  • Zinc plated for rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Versatile – can be used on hollow block, drywall, plaster, tile, etc.

Leanking Plastic Drywall Wall Anchors (300-Piece)

Last on my list, I have the Leanking Plastic Drywall Wall Anchors. As title suggests, this one comes with 300 pieces.

With 300 pieces, you can be sure you have a really wide variety to choose from. The anchors come in different sizes from 5 by 60mm to 8 by 38mm. As a matter of fact, there are 10 different sizes to choose from.

One thing you will love is that the provided sizes are the most common ones for home wall mounts. You can handle virtually all jobs with these.

Also, there are different colors to choose from, including white, yellow, green, and grey. So, as you can see, the choices are plenty with this unit.

The different shapes and types of anchors provided also mean you can complete different mounting projects. These are the best drywall anchors for shelves, artwork, large mirrors, window blinds, and hanging a whole lot of other items.

Longevity is one of the reasons why I love these. Made of nylon plastic anchoring units and stainless steel screws, the units are strong and durable.

You can depend on them to hold your items for years on end. Besides, the anchors feature unique designs that keeps items securely attached with minimal risks of falling off.

Keeping such a large number of anchors in place can be hectic. But not to worry. When you get the product, you’re provided with a sturdy plastic case that makes it easy to organize and store the anchors so that you never lose or mix them up.

Highlighted features

  • 4 different colors.
  • 10 sizes to choose from.
  • Common sizes to handle all jobs at home.
  • 300 pieces.
  • Plastic organizer case.
  • Strong and durable.

A conference room with chairs and a mounted tv

Final Words

Before purchasing, I urge you to look at factors such as weight/load capacity, size, and the sort of material you’re installing the drywall anchor on. That way, you’ll be in a good position to choose the best drywall anchors for the job.