Best Grille Guard for Deer [2024 Review]

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Installing a grille guard is one of the ways in which you can show yourself to be a tough driver on the streets. But that’s not all that grille guards are for.

With the best grille guard for deer, you get to protect your SUV or truck from damage in the event that hit another vehicle or an animal crossing the road.

Our Top Deer Grille Guard Reviews


Do you own a Ford pickup truck? If it is an F150 (2004 to 2020) or an Expedition SUV (2003 to 2017), then the TAC Bar might just what you need.

This is a 3-foot front bumper grille guard made of stainless steel.

In summary, this is the best grille guard because it’s extremely sturdy, super easy to install, and very well made. You will like the stainless finish – looks really good on trucks and SUVs. The end cap welds are high quality and as the bar is heavy, that is a good sign in terms of grille guards quality.

There are plastic plugs on the end caps. These serve the crucial function of keeping the moisture out of the grille guards. That is one of the reasons why the grille guard doesn’t rust on the inside.

The other major factor that keeps rust at bay is the quality of the material – stainless steel, which is effective at resisting rust.

Being able to mount lights on grille guards is a factor many people consider important. The TAC Bar has provision for that. You can mount up to about 4 lights on it.

There’s just one disadvantage I found – there’s no provision for attaching the license plate. That being said, you can drill pilot holes and use self-taping screws to mount your plate.

Highlighted features

  • Made of marine grade stainless steel
  • Awesome design – mirror polish finish
  • Heavy duty look
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included
  • 3-years’ manufacturer warranty

Westin 57-2505 HDX Black Grille Guard

If you want a larger grille guard that offers more protection, then you might want to get a grille guard that covers your vehicle’s front fully. The Westin 57-2505 HDX is one such grille guard.

It gives your vehicle a full wrap around the headlights, going nicely from end to end.

This bar is designed for most Ford F150 trucks.

One reason why many people find this the to quality of grille guard for deer is the fact that it is well made. It is a heavy duty, solid construction.

The grille guard is a 2-inch tube with enough strength to prevent damage to the front in the event of impact.

The end caps feature heavy duty rubber pads that prevent the entry of moisture, thereby keeping rust at bay.

Ever seen (or even used) a grille guard that shook violently on a rough road? It wasn’t a good experience, was it?

The Westin 57-2505 HDX Grille Guard is so well made that you never have to worry about such issues. Installed correctly, the bar holds on tightly and doesn’t shake or vibrate when you drive.

Speaking of the installation, it is easier than most folks would imagine. It is something you can do alone if you have a hoist to suspend the 130-pound unit.

One drawback is that if your truck is An F150 2011 to 2014 model, you’ll have to trim a little around the tow hook openings before installing the grille guard.

But don’t worry; it’s only plastic that you will need to trim. You’ll need a Dremel tool as well as a coping saw and tin snips for that.

The other drawback I found is that the provided instructions are not very clear/helpful. On the brighter side, there are lots of useful guides on YouTube.

The Westin 57-2505 HDX Black Grille Guard is not one of those bull bars that are just for the looks. It provides reliable protection in the event of a collision.

Highlighted features

  • Material – mild steel
  • Gives a full-wrap protection
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Several finish options – stainless steel, black powder
  • Heavy duty rubber pads

WARN Front Bumper Grille Guard

Is your vehicle a Jeep Wrangler JL or Jeep Gladiator? The WARN Front Bumper Grille Guard is here for you. It is a mid-height and best bar that offers extra protection to the front end of your jeep.

In terms of ease of installation, quality, and looks, this is a really good unit that y’all got to try out. The bar features a 2-inch tubular design to offer strength and reliable protection without being too heavy.

To many of us DIYers, ease of installation is a critical factor to look out for when purchasing stuff. Tell you what?

Unlike many other bull bars, the WARN Grille Guard doesn’t give you a headache during installation. It is really easy to install. You needn’t do any drilling, grinding, or cutting.

You just remove 6 bolts from your jeep’s front and use the same bolts to mount the brush grille guard.

Highlighted features

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Beautiful black powder finish
  • 3 height options – low, mid, and high
  • 2-inch tubular design
  • Extremely easy installation – no cutting/drilling/grinding


Here’s yet another great option for those owning a Ford F150 2004 t 2020. The AUTOSAVER88 Bar not only offers protection but also gives your old truck a fresh new look.

The unit is also compatible with the Lincoln MK-LT 2007 to 2017 and the Expedition truck 2003 to 2017.

Strength is another aspect that makes this push grille guard really useful. It is a tubular structure made of stainless steel. It is really strong and can be relied on to avert the force in case of a collision accident.

Another important consideration we all like to make when buying grille guards is the ease of installation. Now, guess what? The grille guard features a 100 percent bolt-on installation.

You don’t need to drill, cut, or grind anything. You can install grille guards like these alone at home, using common tools.

The mounting hardware are included, along with the instructions to follow to mount it properly. Unlike some other grille guards I have encountered, the instructions that come with this grille guard are clear and practical. Really easy to follow.

Highlighted features

  • Stainless steel material
  • High gloss mirror polish finish
  • Pre-drilled holes for attaching extra lights
  • Easy to install
  • Installation hardware are provided

Go Rhino! 3160B Black Series

The Go Rhino! 3160B Black Series comes with a built-in step on the bottom bar is the platform provided to give you easier access to the engine bay. It’s a strong place with good traction that you can step on to work on the engine.

What many people like most about this unit is that it offers the benefits of a high-grade grille guard without blocking or affecting any of the vehicle’s accessories.

The grille guards design is such that there are three horizontal bull bars, joined together by two vertical bars, one on each end.

There is plenty of space between the horizontal bull bars, which leaves enough room for the vehicle’s accessories, including the sensors and the license plate.

Aside from the aspect of looks, the black powder finish offers something else – protection against rust. That reduces the rate at which the metal deteriorates, thereby boosting the durability of your bar.

Want to be able to mount several accessories on your push bar? This unit is built for that. The middle cross-member offers a perfect flat platform on which you can install siren speakers, lights, and other accessories. so in one word this is the best grille guard.

Highlighted features

  • Built-in step on the lower crossmember
  • Beautiful black powder coating
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to install


Got a Jeep Wrangler TJ or YJ 1987 to 2006? Want to give it a hot new look? You can do so with the RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 7659 Black Euro. This is an outstanding grille guard designed as a perfect fit for the aforementioned Jeep models.

The unit is a tubular Euro-style metal structure made such that it protects the front end of your Jeep reliably.

It offers protection for some of the most important front end parts including the headlights, fender, and grille. And not just in the case of a collision. The unit is a good grille guard against scratches and dents.

How is it able to do that? The structure is made from high-endurance steel. It is thick steel manufactured using machine-welding for a look that is not only clean but also durable.

When it comes to the appearance, there are various options for the finish.

Aside from the black powder coating, you can get the marine-grade stainless steel finish, which looks awesome.

As for the installation, there is nothing to worry about. The grille guard is designed for easy fitting on the bumper. It goes well with the OE bumpers as well as the tube bumper.

What makes the installation so convenient is that there is not drilling, cutting, or grinding to do.

Highlighted features

  • Sturdy, solid construction
  • Euro-style design
  • Clean paint
  • Full coverage
  • Black powder and stainless steel finish options
  • Rugged appearance

What to Look Before Buying a Best Grille Guard for Deer

To many people, appearances are the primary factor to consider when looking for the best grille guard for deer. But there are several criteria for finding it. Here are the top considerations to make when shopping for a grille guard.


Bull bars and grille guards come in a wide range of styles and shapes. For instance, some offer full coverage while others cover only the grille area.

One thing you have to know is that not all types can fit your ride. For example, a grille guard made for Jeep Wrangler will not be a good fit for pickup trucks or SUVs. You want to get grille guards that suit not only your lifestyle but also your type of vehicle.

Be sure to check the recommended models and years before buying grille guards to make sure it’s a fit for your vehicle.

A front view of a truck with a grille guard


A grille guard might look awesome, but when it stops air from flowing into the radiator well, it is no good. The radiator is your engine’s cooling system. For it to work properly, it needs an unrestricted access to air. Otherwise, you will have overheating issues.

You should install grille guards that leave enough space through which the air can get in.


Apart from appearance, another critical factor to think about is the sturdiness of grille guards. You want a strong grille guard that offers reliable protection, and one that lasts.

Get a push bar that can take the obstacles you might meet on the road. The grille guards material matters a lot. Something like stainless steel should be enough. Also, make sure the tubing’s diameter is sufficient.


The finishing of the grille guards affects not just the appearance but also the durability of the grille guards. A good finishing is that which is beautiful and resistant to corrosion.

There are various choices of grille guards finishing. You can get stainless steel, chrome, black, and powder grille guards . Also, you can go for grille guards finishing that are matte or glossy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Install a Grille Guard?

In most other parts of the world, and especially in the US, it’s legal to install grille guards. However, there are usually conditions, especially regarding the grille guards design. Be sure to read the conditions or ask an attorney or your insurance provider to walk you through the terms.

Is It Okay to Install a Full Metal Bar?

In some cases, it’s not legal to install full metal grille guards. Full metal grille guards don’t crumple in the event of impact. Thus, if the impact involves a human or an animal, it can be certain death for them. That is why it’s better to go for metal tubings or fiber/plastic grille guards.

A front view of a red truck with a grille guard

Final Word

That’s it, folks. With the best grille guard for deer, you never again have to worry about traveling in an area that is packed with deer, elks, and other game. The grille guard is there to keep your vehicle’s front end protected from damage if you accidentally hit one of these animals.