Best Degreaser For Mechanic Clothes [2024 Review]

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Getting rid of the mechanical grease is not a cup of tea. One has to wash the clothing frequently to get rid of the stains. But with the advent of laundry degreasers, laundry degreasers can remove tough stains like mechanical grease with ease. So, what are the best laundry degreasers for mechanic clothes that are practical and excellent deals?

Best Laundry Degreasers For Mechanic Clothes Reviewed

Finding the right detergent can be just as hectic as getting the grease off your clothes. Here’s a shortlist of the best laundry degreasers in the market. It’s best to go for non-bleaching detergents as they are the least toxic and don’t discolor the clothing.

Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy 10x Duty Power PODS

The best thing about the Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy 10x Duty Power PODS is that they work great in any water temperature and do wonders cleaning clothes of all colors.

Pods are a convenient choice for laundry detergent cum degreasers to most people. It is so because, unlike the powdered detergent cum degreaser that settles down at the bottom, the pods dissolve effectively in the water. Since the medium is water-water, the detergent cum degreaser mixes easily and produces foam for cleaning.

Further, Tide pods work well with both standard and High-Efficiency washing machines. It has a delightful scent that adds to the comfort that your clothes provide. The pods can remove dirt, oil stains, and grease marks from the cloth after certain washes.


  • Works excellent irrespective of the nature of water hardness and temperature.
  • The Laundry degreaser leaves a pleasant odor after washing.
  • It removes the foul smell of sweat and grease from the mechanic clothes effectively.
  • Non-toxic in nature.


  • Unlike other products on this list, it is ineffective in removing tough grease marks and thick oil stains.

Permatex Grease X Mechanic’s Laundry Detergent

A product that works like magic and fits the pocket limit is undoubtedly an excellent deal. That’s why Permatex Grease X Mechanic’s Laundry detergent is an excellent deal laundry degreaser.

With it, you will be spending a bill that would be $0.40 or even less per load. The degreaser will get rid of all the foul smells of the mechanic grease and sweat. Your mechanic clothes will shine as if there were no oil stains.

This Permatex product goes a step ahead of other degreasers by protecting your clothes from stains with its protective residue. But most importantly, it won’t dirt the washing machine and keeps it grease-free.


  • Can clean the toughest grease marks in one wash.
  • It provides guaranteed results at an affordable price.
  • The degreaser is non-toxic and safe to use in adequate quantities.
  • It works well with standard as well as HE washing machines.


  • Unlike other detergent/degreasers that have added fragrance, Permatex laundry detergent has a chemical-like smell.

Persil ProCLean Laundry Detergent

Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent is a renowned name in the laundry detergent industry. The reason why everyone loves Persil cleaners is their efficiency at the most affordable price. This laundry degreaser is known to brighten up the clothes without damaging the fabric.

The list of advantages doesn’t end here. This German-based brand offers the best quality performance and tops the list of best-selling detergents in the United States.


  • It works well for colored and non-colored clothes.
  • Can be used in standard as well as HE washing machines.
  • Fights tough grease marks and removes oil stains from the clothes.


  • It has a chemical-like smell that can be irritating to the consumer.

Features To Consider For Laundry Degreaser For Mechanic Clothes

Mechanic clothes are crafted from various fabrics. This makes the clothes rugged enough to last in oily and greasy working conditions. The added strength also ensures that the clothes don’t tear easily in case they get tugged on by something sharp.

Product Grease Removal Effectiveness Degreaser Strength Degreaser Toxicity
Tide Heavy Duty Power PODSRemoves most marks. Not effective against tough stains.One pod does the job.Non-toxic. Great fragrance post wash.
Permatex Grease X Mechanic’s Laundry DetergentEffective against automotive stains and oils.1 oz. required for most loads.Non-toxic, but strong chemical smell post wash.
Persil ProCLean Laundry DetergentMechanic-approved grease removal.One disc for one load.Non-toxic, but strong chemical smell post wash but tolerable and fragrant.

These clothes need specific care to keep serving their purpose. When looking for a laundry degreaser, here are the factors you must consider to ensure the longevity of your clothes.

#1 Grease Removal Effectiveness

Not every type of grease you find on your clothes is the same. Some are because of the motor oil, while some can be because of oily dirt from the machines and automobiles.

Some of the laundry degreasers can remove the oily stains of cooking oil very efficiently from your mechanic clothes but cannot degrease the mechanic grease. Hence, as a responsible consumer, you should thoroughly check the instructions on the bottle and see whether the laundry degreaser is suitable for removing oil from mechanic clothes. 

Car mechanic working on a car

In case of any query, you can drop your questions in the contact mail ID of the company/brand. Or you can call them for an inquiry.

#2 Degreaser Strength

Another critical aspect of a laundry degreaser is its usage to efficiency ratio. Companies and brands advertise their product to be 100% effective and efficient. But only a few of them talk about usage to an efficiency rate of their laundry degreaser.

Usage to efficiency ratio refers to the amount of the laundry degreaser used to get effective results.

From a commercial point of view, a product used in a large quantity to yield minimal results is not worth it. Therefore, only those laundry detergents should be considered efficient that can be used in a minimal amount yet deliver good results.

Along with this, the amount of load should also be considered. When you wash your mechanic clothes in bulk, it’s evident that clothes will use more detergent and degreaser. But even then, you cannot use half of the product for a one-time cleaning. 

The Tide Pods are one of the potent degreasers because only a pod is enough to get rid of the toughest stain from the clothing.

#3 Degreaser Toxicity

To make the degreaser or detergent effective and make up the manufacturing price and minimize the expenditure, brands often include toxic chemicals in their product and sell them in the market. These chemicals are considered very harmful and can affect the person and the environment.

Person putting a laundry degreaser in the washing machine

Some of these toxins may include:

  • SLES or SLS (Sodium Laureate Sulfate): sodium Laurite sulfates are foaming chemicals present in degreasers to remove soil marks. 
  • Formaldehydes: it is a very toxic chemical that is present in laundry degreasers. Its fumes are so dangerous that they can lead to cancer.
  • 1,4-Dioxane: Dioxane is a member of the carbon family used in many solid degreasers and harmful to the consumer.
  • Brightening agents: Some laundry degreaser brands include UV brightening agents in their laundry degreaser to brighten up the clothes. It can lead to inflammation in the eyes and lungs.
  • Benzyl Acetate: Benzyl acetate is very dangerous to handle. If it comes in direct contact with the skin, it can rupture the person’s nervous system. 

The degreasers discussed above are all non-toxic and work best as per the customer’s satisfaction.


Today the market is flooded with a variety of options you can choose from. Brands are getting more progressive these days; they are concerned about their consumers and the environment. These brands endorse their degreasers as toxins free which is an excellent initiative towards protecting the environment.