1 HP Waste King Garbage Disposals Reviews

The waste king legend series garbage disposal is a unique and refined garbage disposal with state-of-the-art features that promise to make your kitchen and your sink look clean and smart.

This garbage disposal is one which can be easily installed. It is very reliable and has an exceptional design which will not overfill your sink.

When you use the waste king legend series garbage disposal, you are sure to save a lot of space under the sink you use it in.

This garbage disposal makes little or no noise as it is insulated against sound. The cleaning feature is straightforward as so the installation method.

To add, you can get the legend series garbage disposal with a lifetime warranty when you use it in the home. The installation is very easy that you can do it yourself without needing any electrical expertise.

It boasts a composition of stainless steel and is very durable for long-lasting use. The grinding component is so virile that it is useful for a long time. Its power cord is pre-installed together with the easy installation. The response is swift as it grinds food quickly and continuously.

No waste king l-8000 reviews would be complete without mentioning the unique feature of retrieval of items that were dropped already. This feature also makes cleaning the disposer super easy.

The legend series garbage disposal is also safe and easy to use with septic tanks. It will keep running until it is turned off giving the best grinding experience for your comfort.

#. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP

Why Choose Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal?

This garbage disposal has a trusted making with a unique design and a suitable grind. This garbage disposal is insulated against sound and makes for easy use alongside other activities, and this would prevent noise in your kitchen.

With varying horsepower for different grades, the legend series garbage disposal has a high speed and is well adapted for easy mounting.

Easy to Clean and Install

One beautiful feature of the waste king l-8000 reviews is its ease in cleaning and installing. It can be readily installed under your sink, and you can comfortably fit it in your kitchen.


The waste king garbage disposal has a high speed with efficient work. It quickly shreds your waste with the unique 1 HP and the unique volt and run; you are promised a jam-free work.

Lifetime Warranty

This garbage disposal has a permanent in-home warranty. You can easily use it indoor and get adequate security with the warranty status.


This unit comes durable, compact, and is light-weighted. The stainless steel composition adds to the durability and makes it easy to use.

No Need for An Electrical Expert

The legend series garbage disposal is so easy to install as it comes with a pre-installed cord. Even more, you will not need the expertise of an electrical expert and this will, of course, save you a lot.

Unique Design

Its design is very sleek, and it occupies a very little space in your kitchen. This makes it adapted for even the smallest of kitchen space, and you can easily use it without the fear of using a large space.

Apt Components

The components are very suitable as they provide an extension of life for the garbage disposal. This is achieved with the stainless steel component that prevents rusting.

Nice Internal Components

Its internal components are also well chosen for long-lasting use, and they also serve to abate rust and corrosion.

Insulated Against Sound

Apart from the jam-free feature, the legend series garbage disposal also has good insulation against sound, and you can easily use it without any worry of making noise or disturbing you while you carry out your other activities.

Some Ways To Ensure A Long-Lasting Use of Your Garbage Disposal

You can put into your garbage disposal citrus fruits anytime as this serves to clean your garbage disposal and makes it smell nice. Also, shells of eggs are helpful to get into your garbage disposal as these will help clean the inner part of the disposal and also sharpen the disposal's blades.

Vegetables are also okay to go into your disposal. However, be careful with the type of vegetable you will put into your disposal as some very fibrous ones can inhibit your garbage disposal. Also, you can put bones that are small in them as it will not cause any havoc at your disposal.

Ensure, however, not to put large bones into your garbage disposal as this can bring turmoil to them. Not all shells are also suitable for your garbage disposals. An example is shrimp shells. These are tough, and it is advisable not to get it down your garbage disposal.

Grease can also make the pipes of your garbage disposal clogged up, so you will be good to avoid it. Also, try to go against putting the skins of onions into your garbage disposal as this can negatively affect it.

Pasta can also bring about clogs in your garbage disposal, so you will be good to avoid it too. They tend to expand when they are in the pipes, and they can even do so after they are already grinded into bits.

This will consequently clog up your pipe. In addition, try to toss the peels of your potato into the bin and don’t toss it into the garbage disposal. These are starchy and can negatively affect your garbage disposal.

Customer Reviews?

The Waste King Legend Series garbage disposal has been reviewed by customers as efficient to use with a quiet grinding cum powerful working. It has also been reviewed as affordable with a great warranty. This garbage disposal has been praised for its easy installation.

Some reviews, however, argued that it could not be used with a particular sink. This, though, is a customer review which has not yet been verified but mostly the reports of the product are very attractive and close to a 100% of them are so positive and inviting.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does this unit turn on?

This unit does not have an “on” and “off” button. Once you have connected it to main supply, then it is on. To turn it “on” and “off” use the wall outlet switch.

2. Am I required to buy the sink stopper and splash guard separately?

No. you are not required to buy the sink stopper and splash guard separately as the unit comes with them.

3. What is the dimension of this unit?

When mounted, it can measure up to 16’ from the bottom of the unit to the bottom of the sink.

4. Will this accommodate a dishwasher?

Yes, it does, though you should remember to unplug the dishwasher.

5. Does this unit come with the required tools for installation?

Yes, It comes with everything you need for installation.


Made by a known company, this is a unit that you need for your garbage disposal needs. From its durability, quality, reliability, price, and design, it means that there is no need to look for other models.

The Waste King Legend Series garbage disposal is for you if you have been looking for a cheap, high-efficiency unit with a lifetime warranty. It is an environmentally friendly device that will accommodate all of your needs.

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