InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer Reviews

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The InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposer makes your kitchen look clean and smart by efficiently grinding your food scraps and effectively disposing of them.

Makes your home look and smell fresh. With a history of excellence, the InSinkErator has been a leading food disposal with unique features that assures excellence. The InSinkErator Badger 5 reviews would not be complete without mentioning the environmental consideration of this disposer.

This food waste disposer serves as a good environmental-loving alternative for sending into landfills leftover foods. Even more, these foods can be recycled and used for various organic purposes.

It helps to reduce the amount of waste that is transported into landfills and this, thus, reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. With features accommodating a maintenance-free use, this disposer is integrated for home use as well as for commercial uses.

The Badger 5 is adequately patented, and the installation is very easy. It can easily be mounted, and it is reliable, efficient, and affordable.

This disposer has 1 or 2 horsepower for a fast grinding at just one stage. The capacity of the grind chamber is 26 oz. and provides for effective grinding.

The in-home warranty efficiently caters to a two years warranty for maximum use. It is well assembled in the US with the utmost trust, standard, and code.

The InSinkErator Badger 5

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP...

Long-lasting Components

The components are very suitable as they provide an extension of the life of the food waste disposer. This is achieved with the stainless-steel component that prevents rusting and corrosion.

Moreover, the internal components are well chosen for long-lasting use, and they also serve to decrease rust and corrosion.

A Unique 2-Year In-Home Warranty

The limited warranty of the InSinkErator Badger 5 is so unique in that an in-home service is maintained for the duration of the warranty period. The quality, however, speaks better as there is less need for electrical attention due to faults.

With lots of technicians on board, the in-home service makes the disposer a choice to get. There are about 1500 professionals who can attend to your need with just a call. They are well trained and operate on the best standard of operation.

Grinds Many Types of Food Waste

One of the outstanding features of the Insinkerator Badger 5 is the ability to grind lots of food wastes. From foods to eggshells to vegetables, this disposer grinds almost anything it comes in contact with leaving you with a green environment and health friendly home.

Easy Switching

The features in the InSinkErator Badger makes it easy to switch between two disposers. The quick lock feature, as well as the stainless-steel component, allows for easy installation and switching.

High Performance with the Dura-drive IM (induction motor)

The Dura-drive motor provides this disposer with a performance which is not only fast but consistent. It also has a reset overload which is manual, and this adds to its efficiency and durability.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP...
  • RELIABLE & EASY INSTALL: Badger Series disposers are a reliable & functional choice when...
  • DURABLE COMPONENTS: This garbage disposal features our exclusive 1/2 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor...
  • AMERICA'S #1 DISPOSER BRAND: There are more American-built InSinkErator garbage disposals in US...

Why Choose InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposer

It has a grinding system which is galvanized and steel-made providing a solid guide against corrosion and ensuring long-lasting use. A trusted making and is made with a unique design coupled with virile grind system.

This food waste disposer has a connection for anti-vibration and makes for an easy switch between the two disposers preventing stress and total overhaul. With varying horsepower for different grades, the InSinkErator Badger disposer has a high speed and is well adapted for easy mounting.

Pros and Cons

The InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposer has been reviewed by customers as efficient to use with a fast grinding action that works powerfully. It has also been reviewed as easy to install and has a great warranty feature. This food waste disposer has been praised for its perfect working state.

Moreover, the product has been praised for an easy fit when replaced and no-leak feature before and after replacement. It has also been applauded for its quiet nature.

One downside to this is that it lacks the power to crush bones and tough shells. Don’t go putting them in there or you’ll end up with a broken machine.

Ways To Ensure A Long-Lasting Use of Your Food Waste Disposer

Citrus fruits are what you can put into your food waste disposer anytime. These serve to clean your disposer and make it smell nice and fresh. You can also put shells of eggs in it as these will help clean the inner part of the food waste disposer and also sharpen the blades.

It is also okay to put vegetables into your disposer, and one advantage of the InSinkErator Badger 5 is its ability to attract many vegetable types. However, be careful with the kind of vegetables you put as some very fibrous ones can inhibit your disposer.

You can also put bones that are not too big. You don’t need to stress out over this as they will not cause any havoc to the machine.

You should, however, avoid putting large or big bones as these can cause a bit of havoc to it. Additionally, not all shells are suitable for your food waste disposers.

One example of them is the shell of shrimps. These shells are tough, and it is advisable that you don’t allow them into it in order to ensure that your food grinder lasts long.

Furthermore, grease can make the pipes of your disposer get clogged up. Hence, you should try to avoid putting grease into it.

Also, you would be good to avoid putting the skins of onions into your waste disposer as these can affect the longevity. Pasta can also bring about clogs, so try also to avoid putting them there. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does It Come With a Power Cord?

Yes, it is designed with a power cord that can extend up 32 inches between the base of wall plug to the base of the unit.

2. How Can I Discharge This Unit, From the Down to a Trap or From the Side?

When wanting to discharge this unit, you can do it from the side into the trap.

3. Should I Buy One With a Stainless Color or Visible Chrome Ring?

Though for this unit the choice of the ring does not measure a lot, you can opt for the one with stainless color.

4. Is a Complicated Process to Install This Unit?

Not complicated process. To install this unit is straightforward does require expertise.

5. How Can I Extend the Lifespan of This Disposer?

The only way to extend the lifespan of your disposer is through good caring. This only because your disposal has moving parts, mechanical failures can occur at any time. For this reason, taking care of your garbage collection will extend the life of such a versatile device that you will use for several months to come.


Pastas tend to expand when they are in the pipes, and they can even do so after they are already grinded into smaller pieces.

Consequently, this will clog up the pipes. In addition, try to toss the peels of your potato into the bin and don’t toss it. Potato peels are starchy, and they can go ahead to inhibit the proper functioning of your food waste disposer.