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Top 10 Woodworking Tools Every Carpenter Must Have

​Carpenter is someone who works with wood. They are artists who make a plane looking slab of wood into fantastic work of art from sculpture to furniture. Just like any other artists, they need their tools to express their artistry. Being a carpenter is no easy task as one has to deal with loads of situation […]

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Coolest Guideline to Prepare for Winter ATV Riding

​A common myth about All-Terrain Vehicle is that, it’s a ride for summer. Most people think that, they can’t use ATVs in winter season. But, ATV is called All-Terrain Vehicle for a reason. You can ride it in all season, on all terrain. Riding ATV in the snow is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activities […]

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How To Easily Remove Galvanized Coating From Steel

​Zinc coating is applied in steel to protect it from oxidization and corrosion. This process is known to us as galvanization. Zinc coating must be stripped from steel before welding it. Otherwise, it will contaminate the environment by releasing toxic fumes. In this article, we will learn how to strip zinc plating from steel in easy way. Zinc […]

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How To Use A Tap And Die Set: Let’s Find Out

​We are living in the age of scientific achievements. In no era in history, mankind have made so much advancements in science and technology. We are literally living with machines. Machines have made lifestyle easy and comfortable for us. So let me ask you a simple question. What is the contribution of nuts, bolts or screws in our […]

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How To Use Dovetail Jig: The Complete Guide

​Do you know what a dovetail joint is? A dovetail joint is  is basically a joinery method. It is very popular among carpenters. People mostly use it as a joining technique. The joints are very firm and well known for tensile strength. Carpenters use dovetail in making jwellery boxes, drawers, file cabinets etc. Carpenters combine multiple pieces […]

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