12 Easy Steps To Start Carpet Cleaning Business From Home

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?


However, with great power comes great responsibility. And despite all the glam that comes with the word “Entrepreneurship”, it has its own sets of risks and difficult challenges that you must endure to become successful.

As a beginner, you most probably don’t have enough money to incur a huge loss and at the same time, you want to test the water and see how your skill matches up with the rest of the competition. Right?

Well, the safest way to start a career is to choose a service that has great demands on the market and people are willing to pay for professional help for that particular job.

For instance, carpets are commonly seen in almost all households and offices. A carpet accumulates lots of dust and debris over the years.

And no matter how much you vacuum and try to keep it clean, it becomes essential to try to deep-clean this material at least twice every year. That’s why demand for a carpet cleaning service is always growing. In fact, this industry makes around 5 billion dollars in the U.S alone!

Does this idea seem like something you would be interested in?

If the answer is “Yes”, then let’s give you some guidelines on how to start carpet cleaning business from home, which will lead you to the road of success eventually!

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12 Easy Steps To Start Your Carpet Cleaning Business From Home

1. Get Prepared

Before you start planning your work model, first, gather as much information you can. Resources and information will always be the best guide for getting your job done throughout the whole journey.

Remember, countless people have gone through what you are about to do right now. They made mistakes and corrected them eventually. If you want to be successful, you have to learn from their mistakes and gather knowledge from their experiences.

You can work as an apprentice in a cleaning company to see how they roll their company. There are plenty of business training programs available both online and offline. You can get yourself a certificate from doing these trainings, which can enrich your profile and make you more reliable to the customers.

Also, you can start practicing your job by cleaning your family, friends and relative’s carpet and get their feedback to take your skill to the next level.

2. Save Money

Capital is a big concern for every start-up company.

One of the major reasons why a lot of companies fall apart within the first year is their negligence towards calculating the total cost for an entire year beforehand.

There’s a lot of factors to consider at the initial stage.

You will need to purchase the necessary equipment. Once purchased, you have to find reliable transport, which you can use to carry all these tools to your client’s home. You will need to have enough cash to pay for the gas for your vehicle.

After a while, you might run out of your cleaning supplies and chemicals, so you need to make a plan on when to purchase them again and how much that’s going to cost you approximately.

To help you collect the necessary fund for this project, we have made a short check-list that you can follow.

  • Use your own savings.
  • Collect money from friends and family.
  • Sell an asset that you no longer need.
  • Reach out to an investor.
  • Take a loan from the bank.

Before starting your career, make sure to have at least 3 months' money in reserve to begin on a good note.

3. Create A Business Plan

A well-thought-out work model is the roadmap to achieve your wildest dreams!

This step is very much crucial for every entrepreneur. A work model can literally make or break your game at this point. You have to carefully organize your thoughts, document the ideas in a written format and plan to execute each step with caution.

Although your idea may vary from ours, we have crafted some basic questions that should be addressed at the initial stage.

  • How will your business earn profit?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What products you need to purchase?
  • What is your plan to lure the customers for your company?
  • How much will you charge for your service?
  • What are your long-term financial goals?

4. Analyze Your Competitors

You might get tempted to skip this step, but you really shouldn’t!

Frankly speaking, if you aren’t bringing any innovative idea to the table, then you can expect that a lot of other people are doing the same thing you plan to do! So, you must do something that sets you apart from the rest of the service providers on the market.

Analyzing your competitors will let you have a clear idea of why the big companies are doing so well, what are the facilities they are offering, what are their biggest disadvantages etc.

You can even talk to the companies directly and gather their experiences. Find all the info that you need, note them all down and make your strategies based on that. 

5. Think Of A Catchy Name

The first impression lasts for a long time.

In this scenario, the name you choose for your service makes the impression for you!

You might think that a unique name does the trick, right?

Well, you can choose any name you want as long as it’s easy to remember and have a strong connection to the services you are going to offer.

You can also select your own name to be attached to the title if you want, for instance, Brad’s Clean-Up Carpet Service will let your audience who is the owner and what does the company provide at the same time.

6. Get Your Business License

Plan a Make-It-Official day in your schedule!

Whether you live in a city, small-town or a country, you need to get the clerk's office and know all the detailed requirements for getting a permit for your service.

The office will let you know about your options and what should be your next steps. If you plan to run this business alone and are fully ready to take all the responsibility, then you can go for a sole proprietorship registry option.

7. Consult The Experts

Before diving in the real world, it’s recommended to talk to an expert and go over your plans one last time to make sure everything is just the way you need it to be.

You can also talk about your pricings with an accountant. He/she will help you estimate the total cost of a particular service and come up with a reasonable price list that’s going to leave you with a good margin of profit.

8. Get The Equipment And Chemicals

Depending on what type of service you are offering, there are lots of equipment you need to purchase at the initial stage.

Whether you are starting with a stain removal, carpet deodorization, restoration, shampooing or steam cleaning services, you will need some basic tools that every cleaner should have that are listed down below.

  • A portable rug cleaner.
  • Brushes of different sizes.
  • Stair tools.
  • Air mover.
  • Water tank.
  • Vacuum machine.
  • Rotary extractor.
  • Hose.
  • Water sprayer.

Don't forget, you will also need to purchase some cleaning chemicals to complete a cleaning properly!

  • Different types of detergents.
  • Encapsulation.
  • Deodorizer.
  • Odor remover.
  • Stain remover.
  • Sanitizer.
  • Scotchgard.
  • Rust Converter.

9. Bring In The Customers

You have finally opened up your business. Hip-Hip-Hurray!

Wait. Does anyone know about this apart from your friends and family?

Marketing is really important, especially, if you are operating out of your home with no physical appearance. You have to let everyone know what service you are offering, how conscious you are about on-time delivery and what makes your service so special.

You can print out a paper flyer and stick it on the walls for advertising your service to other people. You can also put up an ad on the radio or TV to reach out to a bigger platform in a short time.

Another great idea is to purchase the mailing list of the homeowners of your local area and mail them a copy of your advertisement.  

10. Digital Marketing

Making a digital presence on this today’s time is compulsory. Right from the beginning, you can create a customized website where all pf your cleaning services will be displayed in a list with their respective prices.

An easy-to-navigate website will more likely to bring in more customers for your service. You should also purchase a domain name for your website to give it a more professional appearance.

Don't forget about marketing your brand on social media either! As people spend more time on Facebook, you can create a commercial page on that platform totally free of charge!

While you are working on a project, ask your clients to give feedback on your page. Also, don't forget to take a clear picture of your finished work and share it on Instagram with a link to your website to bring more traffic!

11. Hire More Employees

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps closely, then within a few months you should start to see some positive results.

Don't just sit and celebrate your success yet! You have more work to do in the future. At this stage, it’s probably a good idea to think about recruiting more employees and grow your business to the next level.

You will also need a strategized plan on training those employees so that you get 100% customer satisfaction at the end of the day!

12. Create A Network

This step is important for a long-term plan. As you are starting to see your business grow and prosper, you should take some essential steps to ensure that you keep getting orders in the future.

You can talk to some of the cleaning companies in town that don’t belong to the same category as yours, such as, a sofa cleaning team and convince them to refer your services to their customers. And in return, you can do the same!

Another way of expanding your network is to deliver free carpet-cleaning services to the local orphanage or old home and ask the owner to refer to your service to his friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I Need To Have An Insurance For My Carpet Cleaning Business?

Answer: Well, it’s actually a nice idea. Insurance will help you cover any losses in case any accident occurs while working. Also, if a client falsely charges you of theft or incompetence issues, you will be able to file reports. But it’s okay if you opt for that plan later in your business career.

2. What If I Don’t Have The Money To Buy Expensive Equipment?

Answer: In that case, you will need to find a good rental company which will lend you the expensive machines for the time being. And you also have to adjust your profit margin according to that situation.

3. How Do I Get My First Client?

Answer: I agree, it's hard to find the first client! You can charge less for the first service to grab the attention of your potential clients. Attending the local festivities and awareness programs is a good idea since you can advertise your business idea with everyone there.

4. How To Build Up A Strong Corporate Identity?

Answer: Be honest in what you do. When you build yourself as a reliable and trust-worthy person, success will automatically follow.

Do something innovative. Wow your clients with some eye-catching content. Make a business card that features what you do perfectly and choose a brand logo for a more professional identity.

Final Words

The secret of any successful business lies in knowing exactly what your clients want and follow their preferences. Start with a low price, give seasonal discounts and watch your career bloom in a short amount of time!

When your start-up gains some recognition, you can start modifying the pricings as per your need.

Hopefully, this article on how to start carpet cleaning business from home has helped you find some motivation and proper direction for your upcoming project.

Chase your dream and success will find you on its own!

Good luck.

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