Top 7 Best R6 Exhaust Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

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The most essential and mechanical part of any bike is its exhaust system. This system ensures that your vehicle will run smoothly without any internal issues. Therefore, you have to purchase the best R6 exhaust item for your vehicle’s safety.

We understand how frustrating and troublesome it can be to search for a sound exhaust system. Therefore, let us introduce some of the best methods available in the market for you.

These products will perform not only okay but also adequately ensure your vehicle’s longevity.

Our Top 7 Best R6 Exhaust Reviews in 2021

As the exhaust system is a significant element of your bike, you will have to ensure that it contains quality features. We have taken the time to research for you. Therefore, please sit back and go through our review.

Best Overall Exhaust
JFG RACING Universal
Best Slip-on Exhaust
MGOD Carbon Muffler
Best Noise Suppression
ISTUNT Universal
JFG RACING Slip On Exhaust Universal 1.5-2" Inlet...
MGOD 1.5-2"Imported Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Carbon...
ISTUNT Universal 51mm Slip-on Modified Motorcycle...
Removable DB Killer
3-air-out design
Removable DB Killer
Best Overall Exhaust
JFG RACING Universal
JFG RACING Slip On Exhaust Universal 1.5-2" Inlet...
Removable DB Killer
Best Slip-on Exhaust
MGOD Carbon Muffler
MGOD 1.5-2"Imported Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Carbon...
3-air-out design
Best Noise Suppression
ISTUNT Universal
ISTUNT Universal 51mm Slip-on Modified Motorcycle...
Removable DB Killer

Best Overall Exhaust: JFG RACING Universal

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One of the main issues with any exhaust fan is the noise level. While its primary function is to allow the gases created by combustion to pass, it often makes a racket of noise while doing so.

For some drivers, that can feel quite distracting. To avoid such issues, you need a product that will allow you to attach a removable DB killer.

JFG RACING product comes with this removable DB killer attachment option. You can say goodbye to the annoying and vibrating noise by attaching the instrument when needed. Furthermore, it will also offer you different kinds of sound effects.

Additionally, the body of the exhaust contains stainless steel material. This type of material is famous and known for providing longevity. Aside from the primary stainless steel core component, it also includes a carbon fiber color vinyl covering the steel material.

If you want your bike to look modern, then this exhaust will be the best option. Moreover, this device will be a good upgraded addition to your vehicle because it provides an increase in your bike’s power performance.

Therefore, this device will not only provide a luxury and attractive look but also excellent performance. It truly is the best Yamaha R6 exhaust available in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a removable DB killer
  • A welding adaptor of stainless steel provides 38-51mm fit
  • Maximum output possible due to reduction of weight
  • Carbon fiber color vinyl covers the stainless steel body
  • This device is a universal muffler
JFG RACING Slip On Exhaust Universal 1.5-2" Inlet...
  • ✔ [SHIP FROM US STOCK] Removable DB killer offers difference sound effect
  • ✔ The body is made of stainless steel covered with carbon fiver color vinyl that make the...
  • ✔ It's a good upgrade to increase the power performance for the bike

Best Slip-on Exhaust: MGOD Carbon Muffler

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Before purchasing any exhaust product, you have to ensure that it comes with superior quality. If the device’s material and primary component does not contain high-quality features, it will not last very long.

What is the point of purchasing something that you will eventually have to replace soon? For this reason, you need the MGOD Motorcycle Exhaust product.

This particular product does not contain any ordinary material. It includes 304 stainless steel components that have high-quality properties.

The main enemy of any exhaust product is rust. However, you will not face that issue even with prolonged usage because it has rust-free and corrosion-free components.

Furthermore, it is lightweight, and because of that, it will reduce the overall weight to enhance your motorcycle’s performance. This way, your vehicle will achieve optimal performance.

Additionally, this device comes with a slip-on feature. Meaning, it can retain factory head pipes and act as a replacement for mufflers.

Moreover, unlike other conventional products, it provides a tolerable and nice growl. Its sound will not feel like a hindrance at all. The ease of installation is also a significant plus point of it. Therefore, you will not go wrong if you choose it. This product is the best slip-on exhaust for Yamaha r6.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a 38-51 mm adapter and mounting clips
  • Optimal performance for maximum output is possible
  • You will have no trouble installing it
  • Overall length is 370 mm
  • Anti-rust and corrosion-resistant properties are available
MGOD 1.5-2"Imported Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Carbon...
  • 💨【High quality】 The material is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is durable,...
  • 💨【Color】Carbon Fiber Painted,Overall Length: 370mm,Connection: 51mm Slip-on type
  • 💨【Sound】Sounds amazing, nice growl, loud without being too annoying.

Best Noise Suppression: ISTUNT Universal

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B07GS58C9W” locale=”US” localize=”n” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”toolspecialist-20″ width=”500″]

If you want a quality exhaust for your motorcycle alongside an elevated look, the ISTUNT product will be the perfect option. Often the most critical problem is durability and installment. Even if you get these two features right, there is always the problem of design and your vehicle’s overall look.

You can easily say goodbye to that issue if you choose the ISTUNT product. Their product comes with a sleek look and stainless steel component. It comes with a silver and chrome finishing, which will give your vehicle a modern look.

Furthermore, this exhaust muffler will come with a DB killer that has removable properties.

A DB killer is one of the most crucial parts if you want to control the noise level. The removable option makes it easier to control and manage the noise suppression to your required level. Therefore, you will be able to insert or remove it whenever you need it.

Additionally, this device is suitable for a 51 mm downpipe or link-pipe. As a result, the exhaust system will be able to act optimally to remove the exhaust gases in a more controlled manner.

Interestingly, it comes with superior fitness. You can use this device on both the left or right sides. Without a doubt, this device is the best exhaust for the Yamaha R6 model.

Highlighted Features

  • This comes with a removable DB killer
  • You cant fit it on both the right and left sides
  • Suitable for 51 mm downpipe or link pipe
  • Core component is stainless steel
  • Glossy blue carbon fiber available
ISTUNT Universal 51mm Slip-on Modified Motorcycle...
  • Condition:100% Brand New AFTERMARKET PARTS,Material: Stainless Steel, Color: As the Picture
  • Size: Overall Length: 300mm / 11.8", Connection: 51mm / 2" Slip-on type. Please Check the size if it...
  • Exhaust Muffler Come with a Removable DB Killer, Easy to install without the instructions. Suitable...

Best Combustion Control: FLBETYY Universal Black

FLBETYY 38-51mm Universal Black Motorcycle...

The primary purpose of using any exhaust in a motorcycle is to allow a proper passageway for exhaust gas to move out after the combustion occurs.

With dual-outlets, you can incorporate a system that will provide each exhaust manifold with its separate exit. As a result, your vehicle will force out double the amount of exhaust from the engine.

FLBETYY comes with a dual-outlet, as you can see from the title. As a result, this device will be the perfect exhaust system for your vehicle. It comes with high-quality stainless steel material.

Hence, it will not become rusty with long time usage. Also, you will not have to worry about corrosion ruining the properties of the device.

This product will provide a nice growl instead of any annoying loud noise. It contains designs by the manufacturer to push the exhaust gases in a downward motion. As a result, the exhaust system will remove the gases away from the vehicle.

As the design contains a dual-outlet for the exhaust system to perform optimally, your vehicle will not have to endure much weight to function in a top-notch manner. With this device, you will get strong practicability. In our opinion, this device is the best R6 exhaust slip-on you will find anywhere.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a dual air out feature
  • A decrease in the overall weight allows superior performance
  • Sound will not be annoying
  • Dual-outlet helps to push the gases downward
  • You will get bolt fixings
  • High-quality stainless steel material available
FLBETYY 38-51mm Universal Black Motorcycle...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】: Made of high quality stainless steel, durable, corrosion resistant, rust proof.
  • 【SOUND】: Sounds amazing, nice growl, loud without being too annoying
  • 【STYLISH DESIGN】: Designed to push exhaust gases downwards away from vehicle.

Best Exhaust Efficiency: M4 Muffler Box

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B0065741BG” locale=”US” localize=”n” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”toolspecialist-20″ width=”500″]

The main issue with most exhaust products is the lack of compatibility. Not all products will match your vehicle and its muffler. If you choose a product without checking its compatibility, you might be wasting your precious money and time.

To avoid such confusion, you need a product that will fit most of the stock muffler.

M4 Muffler Box Eliminator Kit comes with that same feature. If you choose this device, you will no longer have to worry about compatibility. This product will not only fit stock muffler but also most of the aftermarket slip-on that is available.

This Yamaha R6 exhaust slip-on will take care of your vehicle and keep you worry-free.

Moreover, the dimension of this device is 18 x 7 x 12 inches. Such measurement, alongside 2.59 pounds weight, will be perfect for your motorcycle to function optimally without any hassle. Unlike many of the R6 exhausts, this device will come with additional clamps so that you have no trouble installing it.

Overall, this product will help to open up your stick exhaust efficiently. Even with a stock muffler on, you will notice an improvement in your vehicle’s sound system. As you do not need any professional help for installing it, you will not have to spend extra money on that.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent compatibility allows a proper fit
  • Installment process is easy
  • Improvement of sound system
  • Comes with additional clamps
  • Relatively expensive but worth it
  • Dimension of 18 x 7 x 12 inches
M4 Muffler Box Eliminator Kit (Y-Pipe) 06-16...
  • Removes stock muffler box with cutting of the stock exhaust system.
  • Will fit up to the stock muffler or most aftermarket slip-ons.

Best Reliable Exhaust: Radiant Cycles

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”331″ identifier=”B00KN1T4M6″ locale=”US” localize=”n” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”toolspecialist-20″ width=”500″]

When it comes to purchasing exhaust for your motorcycle, you need to look out for the brand. Some brands have been manufacturing exhaust systems for motorcycles for years.

As a result, they have the proper experience and knowledge about this type of product instead of a brand that may be relatively new.

A reliable and experienced brand like Radiant Cycles can help you choose the perfect exhaust for your vehicle’s safety. Their product comes with all the necessary features to ensure that your vehicle performs optimally. It comes with a quality powder-coated finishing and lightweight properties.

Moreover, it comes with OEM properties. Meaning, you can achieve direct fitment onto the OEM headers if you choose this product.

Such a slip-on design will allow you to install the product without any professional need. Why pay extra when you can get the job done correctly by yourself.

As this exhaust has a hollow shape and thin baffle inside, you can slip it onto the factory catalytic converter chamber without any hassle. The chamber consists of a 45 mm OD size, which will be perfect for the slip-on.

Furthermore, additional GP baffles are available in case you want to lower your motorcycle’s sound level. This R6 exhaust will be an excellent addition to your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • Converted catalytic chamber contains OEM properties
  • Additional GP baffle available with the product
  • Contains a hollow shape with a thin baffle inside
  • This device is lightweight
  • You will have no trouble with the installment
  • A high flow baffle is available
Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust Motorcycle Slipon...
  • Fits 2006 - 2020 Yamaha YZF-R6 YZFR6 R6
  • Size: This exhaust fits 45mm OD OEM Catalytic Converter Chamber Pipe. Remove your stock muffler and...
  • This exhaust is hollow and has a thin baffle inside. These are manufactured to slip onto the factory...

Best Optimal Performance: YAMAHA M4 GP Series

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B002FDGTD2″ locale=”US” localize=”n” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”toolspecialist-20″ width=”384″]

Yamaha is one of the best racing motorcycles in the world. To maintain this kind of bike, you will need an excellent and top-notch exhaust system. For this reason, the M4 Performance Exhaust product will be the perfect choice for you. This device will add both power and a race-inspired sound to your vehicle.

Additionally, this device will lower the overall weight of your bike without decreasing the speed level.  The manufacturer took extra time to do the proper research and development. As a result, the product comes with an easy installment method, quality craftsmanship, and optimal performance.

At times, the mounting method of the exhaust system can be quite troublesome. If your vehicle does not contain a proper configuration for mounting, you will not get a stylish look.  However, with the M4 GP Series product, you will be able to get both standard/race and GP series configuration for mounting.

Furthermore, the GP series will mount in a much lower and forward position near the right rider footpeg. As a result, you will get that elevated and stylish look. Overall, this R6 exhaust will be the best choice for you if you want a neat sound and elegant look.

Highlighted Features

  • You will have no trouble installing this device
  • Dimension of this product is 26 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Will add a race-inspired and excellent sound
  • Both GP series and standard/race mounting available
  • Relatively expensive but provides superior service
  • Comes with a weight of 4.74 pounds
06-16 YAMAHA YZF-R6: M4 GP Series Slip-On Exhaust...
  • M4 Exhaust manufactures exhausts which add power and a more race-inspired sound to your bike as well...
  • Extra time on research and development ensures your exhaust has the ultimate in quality workmanship,...
  • M4 Exhausts are available in both Standard / Race and GP Series mounting configurations.The GP...

What to Look Before Buying R6 Exhaust

As there are many types of exhaust available in the market, you have to look out for certain features not to purchase the wrong one. Here are some of the basic things you have to keep in mind before buying an R6 exhaust.

Brand Value

While it is often easy to miss this step, we suggest you look out for the brand. Especially regarding OEM parts, if you choose the right brand, you will get a reliable product. Since the most important feature you look for in exhaust products is longevity, it is better to choose one from a reputed brand.

In our opinion, the JFG RACING brand is impressive because they have been experimenting with creating the best exhaust for R6 for a long time. Their exhaust comes with a universal slip-on feature, which allows you to use it in different models without any hassle.


To make sure your R6 comes with proper durability, you have to look out for the materials and core components. Some products arrive with an exterior carbon fiber material that you can use to cover up the exhaust. This carbon fiber often has vinyl covers that can help to keep the exhaust working correctly.

Removable DB Killer

This feature will be an excellent addition to your exhaust system. DB or decibel level killers are the aftermarket baffle you will need for your exhaust. It helps to reduce and decrease the level of noise emission. Meaning, they help to bring the sound level of the exhaust to the legally permissible level.

Some products like JFG RACING and ISTUNT come with removable DB killer options.

A close up shot of a black exhaust attached to the bike


What component your exhaust contains will ultimately determine how well it will function. The most popular choice is a stainless steel material. This material is known for providing superior functionality and longevity.

A high-quality stainless steel material will ensure that your product does not become rusty with time.

Moreover, with standard steel components, the main issue is the corrosion of the product. You can avoid dealing with this problem if you choose an exhaust with superior stainless steel material.


Now comes the critical question of how easily you can install an exhaust in your motorcycle. If you are a new bike rider and do not know much about the installment process, it is better to seek professional help.

But some products are relatively easier to install and contains user-friendly mechanisms. A product like that is Radiant Cycles Exhaust Slip-on.

On the other hand, if you are experienced and have a knack for trying out different products by yourself without any professional help, you can choose any of the products we have discussed in this review.

Noise Level

If you feel annoyed and distracted by your vehicle’s noise level, you have to check out the exhaust beforehand. Some products come with a low-growl noise and vibration that is preferable to people who do not enjoy loud noise.

The M4 Muffler Box Eliminator is a product that will provide you an improved sound level. Therefore, you can purchase this exhaust product without any worries.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why Is Exhaust Needed in Motorcycles?

Your bike creates carbon monoxide when you run it. The exhaust system helps to blow away that carbon monoxide properly from the vehicle. As a result, you will not breathe any toxic gas component.

Q. How Can I Install an Exhaust in My Bike?

Some exhaust is easy to install. You will not need professional help if you choose one of those types. For example, Radiant Cycles exhaust comes with a user-friendly mechanism. On the other hand, if the installation process is too tricky, we suggest getting professional help.

Q. Which One Is the Best R6 Exhaust?

There are many excellent quality exhausts available in the market. Although it mainly depends on what type of vehicle you have and what your requirements are, in our opinion, JFG RACING is a superior R6 exhaust.

It comes with a universal slip-on design that is perfect for many vehicles. Furthermore, it will provide longevity alongside its compatibility.

Q. What Is the Function of DB Killers?

The exhaust system creates a way for the toxic gas components to leave. However, this system often makes loud noises, and that can feel not very pleasant. DB killers aid in silencing the noise that the exhaust system creates.

This device contains a perforated and long tube that streamlines the exhaust’s flow path. As the course has a narrow shape, the sound level decreases and becomes muffled.

A bike burnout with exhaust surrounded with smoke

Q. Which Material Is Better for Exhaust Products?

We suggest you go for the exhaust products containing a superior quality stainless steel material among many materials. This type of component will help your product to remain rust-free in the long run.

Furthermore, you can also avoid corrosion-related issues if you choose this material. For example, the ISTUNT exhaust product contains stainless steel material.

Final Words

We understand how frustrating you may feel about choosing the correct one. There is no alternative to selecting the appropriate R6 exhaust system to make your racing motorcycle more effective. Herein, following our guide should help!

Our review of the best R6 exhaust products will get you the correct one. Even though we have talked about the seven best ones in the market, the M4 Muffler Box Eliminator Kit is the best one. It will improve the exhaust note and provide a perfect fit.