Top 14 Best Furniture Pads For Hardwood Floor Reviews in 2021

Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance to your home. They offer a timeless look and an unmatched beauty.

However, due to the constant shifting of home equipment, scratched floors are a common issue many of us face. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

Furniture pads prevent your floors from getting scratched. You can think of them as a barrier between your luxurious hardwood floor and the base of your sofa set.

They will absorb the weight of heavy furniture and keep your floor look new for years to come. It is a small investment that will eliminate any costly floor repairs.

As the pads come in various forms, you need to know which one will work the most for you. You’ll need nothing less than the best furniture pads for hardwood floors to facilitate your classy furniture.

Interested? Let’s get going.  

What Is The Furniture Pads And What Are The Major Benefits Of Using It?

Furniture pads act as a shield that protects floors from getting scratched or damaged by furniture movement. They are applied to the bottom of common household equipment such as a sofa, table, or bed. Some of the major benefits of using the pads are:

It Prevents Floor Damage

Heavy home equipment applies a great amount of force to the floor surface. Pads act like a cushion and spread the pressure evenly, reducing the stress on the floor. The pads also prevent any floor scuffing or scratch caused by dragging home equipment.  

Makes Moving Furniture Easier

If you are someone who likes to relocate their furniture very often, then you are going to love this product. These pads make moving your home equipment a lot easier as it allows you to easily slide them across the floor with minimal effort.

It Protects The Furniture

Moving home equipment can put a lot of stress on the furniture feet. Friction caused by moving the furniture may damage the feet. The pads prevent this problem by acting as a buffer between the surface and the home equipment itself.  They can also protect the furniture base from damp or wet surfaces.

Eliminates Noise

Ever pulled a chair and heard that annoying screeching noise? By using the best furniture pads, you can get rid of this problem.  The noise is caused due to friction between the furniture feet and the floor surface. As the pads are soft it dampens the screeching noise, eliminating most of the screeching sounds.

Helps To Balance Furniture

Uneven furniture can be difficult to use. For instance, if you have an unbalanced table, keeping items on it can be risky as there is a chance they might fall over. The pads can be used to level out any uneven furniture, making them usable.

Top 15 Best Furniture Pads For Hardwood Floors Reviews in 2021

1. X-PROTECTOR Premium Two Colors Pack Furniture Pads

Hardwood floors are appealing to look at, but they can be difficult to maintain. Dragging furniture across the room may scratch hardwood floors. With the furniture Pads from X-PROTECTOR, you can relocate or move your heavy furniture without damaging the floor.

X-PROTECTOR pads form a solid sheet between your furniture and the floor. The pads can be used on chairs, sofas, dinner tables, and other similar items. The 133-piece set comes in dark and bright colors to match your home equipment.

The product is very easy to install. Simply clean the bottom of the furniture feet and apply the pads. The set comes in various sizes, which will fit almost any feet. The set also comes with large pads that you can cut in order to fit your desired home equipment.

Quality-wise, the product is amazing. The pads have a good amount of adhesive and sticks firmly to the feet. Once applied, they will not come off easily. The pads are designed to stay on your furniture for a long time.

The pads are perfect for hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl floors. You can also use it to protect your carpet floors as well. By using these pads, you can keep your floors scratch-free!

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in dark and light colors.
  • It protects almost all types of floors.
  • Sticks firmly to the furniture feet.
  • Pad comes in various sizes.
  • Forms a strong shield between furniture and floor. 

2. SlipToGrip Furniture Gripper

Worried about getting your floor damaged from moving furniture? Well, now you can prevent it by using SlipToGrip pads.

The pads work for all equipment. They come in square, rectangle, and L-shapes. Although they have boxy shapes, you can still use them with furniture that have round feet.

SlipToGrip contains a strong adhesive that firmly attaches to your home equipment. You don’t have to nail them in. To install, simply clean the base of the furniture and apply the pads. 

These non-slip furniture pads for hardwood floors have a phenomenal anti-slip ability.  It has a dotted design that provides traction. By installing the grippers, you can prevent any accidental slippage.

The grippers are incredibly effective in protecting solid floors. Using this product will prevent you from damaging your hardwood, vinyl, tiles, or even concrete surfaces. It works great on carpets as well.

The product is also waterproof. This prevents liquids from damaging the wooden base of your furniture.

When it comes to quality, this is one of the top-notch quality furniture pads for hardwood floors. It will leave no marks on the floor when moving any furniture. It also helps eliminate the annoying screeching noise caused when dragging chairs or tables.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in various shapes and sizes.
  • Adhesive firmly holds the pads.
  • Waterproof pads prevent any liquid damage.
  • It prevents furniture from slipping.
  • Leaves no marks on the floor. 

3. X-PROTECTOR Best Non Slip Furniture Pads

Screeching noises and damaged floors done by furniture are the issues you don't have to face any more thanks to the X-PROTECTOR anti slip furniture pads!

The premium quality grippers offer more than preventing costly floor damage. It holds the furniture firmly, ensuring they stay in place. Furniture slippage is not something unheard of. Not only can it damage the home equipment, but it can also cause injuries as well.

By installing these grippers, you will instantly feel the difference.  The chances of your chairs or tables slipping over will reduce considerably, decreasing the chances of any potential damage.

Installing the grippers is straight forward. Just peel off the grippers and apply them to furniture feet. You do not have to put any adhesive on it as the pads stick to the feet securely.

If you have vinyl, tile, or hardwood floor, then this product will work perfectly. It will also work on carpets.

The set contains 16 grippers shaped in 2-inch squares. It is made up of three layers, adhesive, felt and rubber foam. The grippers will also dampen any forces that may damage the floor. They are heavy duty pads that will not wear out easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set consists of 16 rubber grippers.
  • Prevents furniture slippage and screeching noises.
  • Works perfectly with multiple floor types.
  • Firmly sticks to home equipment.
  • Heavy-duty pads don't wear out easily. 

4. Non Slip Furniture Pads X-Protector –Premium

Large furniture such as sofas or beds can damage your hardwood floor. With X-PROTECTOR premium grippers, you can prevent any type of floor from getting damaged.

These no slip furniture pads work perfectly well for any furniture that has thick feet. As the grippers are square-shaped and measure 4 inches in length, it will cover a large surface area of the furniture. They are also ⅜-inch thick so they won't add much height to your sofa set.

The grippers prevent home equipment from slipping. It has a dotted design that provides traction, keeping home equipment securely in place. The set consists of 8 grippers that have triple combined technology.

The grippers have a felt that is between two layers of rubber foams. It is perfect for any furniture that puts a large amount of stress on the floor.

You don't have to apply any glue or nail it to the furniture feet. X-PROTECTOR pads have a layer of adhesive that sticks well, and will not come off easily.

The grippers can be used to protect any hard floors and can be used on carpets as well. You can also cut the grippers to fit the desired feet shapes.

Highlighted Features:

  • The grippers measure 4-inches in length.
  • It is ideal for large equipment.
  • Reduces the stress on floors.
  • Triple technology ensures proper protection.
  • Keeps the furniture firmly in position. 

5. X-PROTECTOR Premium Ultra Large Pack Felt Furniture Pads

No more dealing with scuffs or damaged floors. With the X-PROTECTOR premium furniture pad set, you can protect your hardwood floors and keep it damage free!

The 181-piece set consists of grippers of different shapes and lengths. It also comes in various thicknesses, so you can use this best furniture pads for hardwood floors.

It is made from recycled eco-friendly materials that are strong and can withstand a good amount of force. It forms a protective shield between the furniture and the surface, which prevents any scuffing to occur when any home equipment is moved.

Apart from preventing floor damage, these pads are also good at dampening screeching noise. They can be used in various home items. You can use them on electrical equipment such as lamps, or vases and plant pots.

Applying the grippers is a breeze. Simply peel off the thin adhesive cover and stick it onto the furniture feet. The adhesive is tenacious and can hold on for a long time. It won't come off easily, making it durable and a great investment.

The pads come in circular and rectangle shapes. If they grippers don't fit the base of the furniture feet properly, you can simply cut it to your desired shape without any issue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large set of gripper pads.
  • It comes in various shapes and sizes.
  • Strong adhesive sticks incredibly well.
  • Made with recycled eco-friendly materials.
  • Reduces noise and keeps floors protected. 

6. Felt Pads X-PROTECTOR - Giant 235 Pack

Looking for felt pads to go with your beige-colored furniture? Then this felt pad set by X-PROTECTOR might be exactly what you have been searching for.

This giant set consists of 235 beige colored felt pads. It goes perfectly with any light-colored furniture. These felt pads do an excellent job of protecting your hardwood floors. By using this product, you can drag your equipment across the room all day and it won’t scratch or damage the floor.

The set comprises pads of different shapes and sizes. The grippers come in a circular, pad, and in strips which makes it compatible with a wide range of furniture bottoms. You can also trim the grippers to fit the desired feet shape.

The product has a thin layer of adhesive that allows it to stick to the bottom of your home equipment. To apply the product simply clean the area where the gripper is going be applied and adhere it to the surface.

The product is made from high-grade materials, which makes it one of the best felt pads for hardwood floors on the market. It is made from a mix of natural fibers that makes the coasters durable. The grippers won't wear out easily so you don't have to replace it very often.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set consists of 235 felt pads.
  • Beige pads go well with light-colored furniture.
  • It comes in various shapes and sizes.
  • Made with a mix of natural fibers.
  • Prevents floor from getting damaged. 

7. X-PROTECTOR Premium Giant Pack Furniture Pads 235 Piece 

Want to keep your polished hardwood floor damage-free? Then this is the best hardwood floor protectors will do the trick!

X-PROTECTOR felt pads give you excellent protection on any type of surfaces. They are also great for balancing uneven furniture and eliminating screeching noises.

The set consists of 235 felt pads that are of different shapes and sizes. The grippers come in three different forms, which makes it compatible with any furniture feet. As the grippers are brown in color, it will suit any dark-colored home equipment be it is a sofa, cabinet, or even a plant pot. 

As the grippers are self-adhesive, it doesn’t require any glue to stick to the bottom of your home equipment. The heavy-duty adhesive will keep the grippers firmly in place and will prevent furniture from slipping.

These furniture coasters for hardwood floors are designed to work on a wide range of surfaces. It also prevents furniture from scratching laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring as well.

As the set consists of grippers of varying shapes and thickness, you will be able to use it will large furniture such as sofas, or small household items such as electric lamps.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brown colored grippers go well with dark furniture.
  • Self-adhesive so doesn’t require glue.
  • Works well on any hard surface.
  • Set consists of 235 felt pads.
  • Balances out any uneven furniture.

8. "SlipToGrip" 8 Pack Best Furniture Grippers by iPrimio

iPrimo furniture pads are a good quality furniture pads for hardwood floors of quality and value. If you have furniture that slips on hard surfaces, this set can prevent it from moving. 

The set consists of 8 grippers that measure two inches in diameter, which will be compatible with most furniture base. The grippers provide incredible grip and has the ability to stop any home equipment from sliding on hard surfaces.

The grippers have a dual technology. They have a solid felt core that is situated between two layers of anti-slip rubber. The felt core helps to absorb the forces exerted by heavy home equipment, and protect the floor under heavy forces.

Applying the product is fast and simple. You don't have to nail them to the furniture or stick it with glue. The product have a thin layer of adhesive the securely sticks to the base. You can also use the grippers to level out any unevenness in your home equipment.

The set also comes with additional adhesive stickers, which you can use in case the grippers do not stick properly. The grippers are made with high-quality materials which makes it durable.

Highlighted Features:

  • It prevents furniture from slipping.
  • Protects the floor under heavy forces.
  • The adhesive keeps the grippers firmly in place.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • It helps to level out any unevenness.

9. Self-Stick Heavy Duty Felt Strip Roll for Hard Surfaces

Breaking home items from accidental slippage can be costly, especially if it’s your favorite. With this felt strip from Softtouch, you can keep your home items intact!

The felt strip can be used with any items. You can use this on the base of your furniture to prevent it from slipping on most hard surfaces. It can be used on small items such as lamps or plant pots. The product can also stop large home appliances such as a refrigerator from slipping.

The felt-strip has neutral oatmeal which goes well with the dark decor.

The strip not only stops your furniture from slipping, but it also does a great job of reducing the screeching noise caused by friction.

As the gripper comes in the form of a strip, you have to cut it according to the length of the base of your furniture. For small appliances, you can trim the strip into small parts which will provide great traction.

These felt pads are made with high-quality materials that provide extra strength and lasting durability. It is a great solution at a relatively affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strip can be cut into sizeable parts.
  • Made with great quality materials.
  • Has a neutral oatmeal color that goes well with dark decors.
  • It can be used with small home appliances.
  • Prevents home items from accidental slippage. 

10. Super Sliders 4334495N Formed Felt Furniture Movers For Hard Surfaces

Protect your luxurious hardwood floor with these amazing felt pads from Super Sliders!

One of the advantages you get with these felt coasters is that it makes sliding heavy furniture a breeze. The pads help to reduce friction considerably. Anyone can single-handedly shift their large home equipment with ease.

The set consists of 4 felt pads that measure 1.5-inches in diameter. You can also use these pads with home equipment that have a smaller base. 

The cup-shaped felt coasters prevent hard floors from scratching or marring. It can be used with a wide range of furniture as long as the base fits in the felt pads perfectly well. If the fit the base of properly, it will last more than the traditional adhesive grippers.

As the felt pads are dark brown in color, it virtually disappears which gives it a pleasing aesthetic. You can use these grippers on tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, and more.

The product not only allows your furniture to slide easily on hard surfaces, but it also dampens any noise caused by friction. If you are looking for a best furniture pads for hardwood floors, then this may be exactly what you are looking for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cup-shaped felt pads stick well to the base.
  • Can be used on a wide variety of furniture
  • Lasts longer than traditional adhesive pads.
  • Brown color grippers go well with the decor.
  • Grippers allow you to effortlessly slide heavy home equipment.

11. Furniture Pads 136 Pieces Pack Self Adhesive Felt Pad

Put an end to scratched floors by using these hardwood floor furniture pads from Furnimate!

The pads feature an advanced design that prevents any hard surface from getting scratched. The pads have a premium feel to it. The soft dark brown grippers effectively absorb the forces exerted on the floor by the furniture preventing costly floor damage.

The pads also help to dampen noises caused by friction.

The set consists of 136 grippers of varying shapes and sizes. It also comes with a pad sheet that you can cut it into your desired shapes. You can use it on chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, and more. The grippers are made with high quality felt that won't wear out easily.

Furnimate pads are fast and easy to apply. It has a strong adhesive layer that ensures the grippers stay attached to the base of your furniture. The felt pads offer amazing protection to your hardwood, laminate, or vinyl floors.

To apply, simply clean the base of your furniture legs, peel off the pad and attach it to the base. If you have any leftover grippers, you can store them on the supplied plastic storage box.

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents hard floors from getting scratched.
  • Plastic container box can be used to store leftovers.
  • Felt pads are quick and easy to apply.
  • High-quality grippers won't wear out easily.
  • Dampens in noises caused by friction.

12. SuperSliders 4703295Z Multi-Surface 2-in-1 Reusable Furniture Carpet Sliders

Keep your floor scratch-free by using these incredible sliders from SuperSliders!

These sliders will make sure that you never scuff your floors again and keep your floors look aesthetically pleasing.

It effectively reduces friction which allows you to slide the furniture across hard surfaces without damaging either the floor or the base of your home equipment. You can also slide furniture on carpets.

The combo pack consists of 8 2-in-1 multi-surface sliders, which can be used on any hard surfaces. You can apply the sliders in beds, sofas, chairs, and more. The set contains four 3.5-inch and four 5-inch sliders.

Although they work best with furniture that has circular bases, they can be used with square-shaped base as well.

Installing the sliders is super simple. They fit most furniture bases and can be removed very easily. One of the most interesting features of the sliders is that you can reuse them. In case they start collecting dust or gets dirty, you can just wash and install it back again.

These sliders excel when it comes to quality. They don't have any weight limit so you can use them with for heavy furniture. Being the best chair pads for hardwood floors, it will not deteriorate easily and will provide long-lasting performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Makes sliding large furniture a breeze.
  • Protects floors for getting scratched.
  • Pads can be washed and reused.
  • It can be used on carpets.
  • Sliders are easy to install.

13. Super Sliders 4318795N Best Furniture Floor Protectors

There is nothing worse than getting your new floor scratched by moving furniture. With these sliders, you will be able to relocate them without damaging the floor.

These pads are designed to make you move your heavy furniture easily. The pads reduce the resistance and make sliding super easy. You can single-handedly shift furniture in a flash.

The pack consists of 20 sliders, measuring 1.25-inches in diameter. It has a cup design that fits perfectly with the furniture base. If fact, the sock-like grippers hold better than most traditional adhesive pads.

With these grippers, you can keep your laminate, tiles, or hardwood flooring free of scratches or scuffings.

The felt pads have a deep brown color, which will go well with most decors. They can be used in a variety of home equipment such as chairs, sofas, cabinets and more.

The sliders are incredibly durable. Once it is installed, it will stay fixed in position for a long time. The pads are made with great quality materials that enhance their longevity. If you are searching for non-slip pads, then this product will suit your home equipment needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set consists of 20 sliders.
  • Protects your floors from scratches.
  • It makes moving furniture fast and easy.
  • Deep brown color goes well with any decor.
  • Installing the product is quick and easy.

14. Scotch Brand SP802-NA Scotch Felt Pads

Don't let the scuffy floor tarnish the beauty of your decor. With scotch brand felt pads because this is the best chair leg floor protectors, you can keep your luxurious floors completely scratch-free!

The pack contains 32 felt pads, which measures 1-inch in diameter. It is beige in color which matches perfectly with most light-colored furniture. Apart from protecting the floors, the pads help to reduce friction noises.

The product can protect any type of hard floorings such as laminate, vinyl, or tiles from scratches. They can be used on any furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas, and more.

They can also be used on small home appliances such as lamps to prevent them from damaging the surface they sit on.

They have a thin layer of adhesive which is strong enough to stick to the base of your furniture. They are very easy to apply and sticks firmly to the base.

The felt pads are made with quality materials, which increases the pad's longevity. They have an innovative dome-shaped design, which is compatible with most base shapes. They can withstand the weight of heavy objects and don't fall off or wear out easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set consists of 32 felt pads.
  • Beige color pads go well with most furniture.
  • Pads firmly stick to the base.
  • Reduces noises caused by friction.
  • Prevents hard surfaces from scratches.

How To Choose The Best Furniture Pads For Hardwood Floors?

Pad Size

Furniture pads come in various sizes.  Before purchasing a gripper make that it fits the size of the furniture feet. For finest results, get the pads that will completely cover the bottom of the home equipment. This will ensure that the floor won't get scratched easily.

Pad Shape

Furniture feet are usually circle or rectangle in shape. There are also those that are L-shaped. Select the pads keeping the shape of your home equipment’s feet in mind.

The furniture pads for hardwood floors are usually customizable. You can get two square-shaped pads from a rectangle pad, or two semicircular pads from one large circular gripper. If the shape of the gripper is too large, simply cut them to match your furniture feet.


Thickness is an important factor to consider when purchasing furniture pad sets. Pads that are thick can absorb the weight of the home equipment. This makes it ideal for heavy home equipment such as sofas and large tables.

Using thicker pads will allow you to maintain a good distance between the home equipment and the floor.

Thick pads can also be used to level furniture that is slouching on one side. If you have a sofa or table that is uneven, you can easily balance them out using thick pads. You can also stack multiple pads and use them for balance.

Types Of Furniture Pads

There are two ways to apply the pads. They can be either glued or nailed to the bottom of the furniture.

With nail pads, there is almost no chance that the pads will separate from the furniture. However, the negative side of nailing pads is that it will leave holes on the bottom of your home equipment. This is something that you may not want to do with new furniture. 

Pads that have an adhesive layer will stick to the bottom. They are easy to apply and provide a good grip. Although they may not attach as firmly as nail pads, you can easily replace them with new pads if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can The Pads be used to level furniture?

Although the main purpose of the grippers is to prevent your floors from getting damaged, they can be used to level uneven furniture. You can either use a thick pad or stack multiple pads together to balance out the unevenness.

2. Can You Cut The Pads To Change Its Size?

Some pads are customizable. They can be trimmed into any shape to match the base of the furniture. Before cutting it, make sure you know the exact measurement of the base.

The grippers must cover the entire surface area of the base for the finest results. If the pads are cut too short, it may make them useless.

3. How To Apply Them?

Installing the pads is very straightforward. Before applying the pads, clean the surface of the application area. Simply peel the sticker exposing the adhesive side and adhere it to the surface. Hold the pads tightly for a couple of seconds to ensure that they have firmly attached to the base.

4. How Long Does The Gripper Last For?

It depends on the quality of the product, the surface of the floor, and the adhesive on the grippers. Pads that have a good amount of adhesive holds firmly to the base.

Also if the furniture is moved often, the pads may hold less securely as the friction causes them to become loose over time.

5. Will The Grippers Leave Marks On The Floor?

Good quality grippers can withstand the pressure of heavy furniture and will not leave any marks on the floor. The outer layer of the pads is made out of durable rubber which doesn’t wear out easily.

It provides a strong grip and holds its shape so you don’t have to worry about any rubber marks on the floor.

6. How Can I Maintain The Pads?

Furniture grippers have to be properly maintained. It is not an item that you simply install and forget about it. The pads need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure they aren't lost or worn out.

The buildup of dirt overtime may weaken the hold of the pads. If dirt accumulates around the grippers, clean them using a brush. If the pads are loose, worn out, or flattened replace them with new ones.

7. What Is The Difference Between Sliders And Grippers?

Grippers help to keep the furniture in a fixed position by preventing them from slipping. The outer layer is made from a rubber that stops home equipment from moving.

Sliders allow your home equipment to smoothly move on hard surfaces. This is used to shift heavy furniture such as a sofa or cabinets from one place to another.

8. Can Grippers Be Used On Home Appliances?

You can use grippers on any solid surfaces. Apart from heavy furniture, you can use the pads in electrical appliances such as lamps, or use it on items such as plant pots to prevent it from slipping from tables.

Final Word

We all possess an emotional attachment to our home. For this reason, we don't want any places in our home to get damaged by a newly bought furniture.

Hardwood floors are visually pleasing. It gives your home a natural atmosphere and enhances the look of your apartment. However, they can get scratched when moving heavy home equipment.

The products we reviewed are some of the best furniture pads for hardwood floors. They will keep your floor look new by protecting them from scrapes and scratches and will last longer than your expectations. We hope this article helped you get the desired product!

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