Easy Steps To Clean Concrete Garage Floor

A clean and shiny concrete garage floor

Who likes to have a dirty garage? We all know the answer. Nobody likes to have an oily, stained garage. Having a dirty, unclean garage adds embarrassment in front of family and friends. Moreover, greasy chemicals would be really damaging for your concrete garage floor. If you do not clean your garage floor once in …

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How To Measure Rim Bolt Pattern Easily and Effectively?

A drill on the bolts of the wheel

​The bolt pattern refers to a circular pattern which determines how lug holes are designed in the wheel. Different vehicles come with different types of bolt pattern in their wheels. First, you need to understand what a lug hole is. You can see a big hole in the center of your wheel. Around this large …

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How To Use A Tap And Die Set: Let’s Find Out

How To Use A Tap And Die Set

We are living in the age of scientific achievements. In no era in history, mankind have made so much advancements in science and technology. We are literally living with machines. Machines have made lifestyle easy and comfortable for us. So let me ask you a simple question. What is the contribution of nuts, bolts or …

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How To Use Dovetail Jig: The Complete Guide

Crosschecking the result

Do you know what a dovetail joint is? A dovetail joint is  is basically a joinery method. It is very popular among carpenters. People mostly use it as a joining technique. The joints are very firm and well known for tensile strength. Carpenters use dovetail in making jwellery boxes, drawers, file cabinets etc. Carpenters combine …

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Standard Vs. Metric Wrench: Know The Difference with VIDEO

Standard Vs. Metric

The benefits of having a fastener tool such as wrench set is immense. People need wrench to fix their machines. Most people use wrench mainly to adjust nuts and bolts of their home appliances or vehicles, let it be bicycle, car or motorbike. If you drive a lot, you may often need a wrench set …

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What Happens When Rack and Pinion Goes Out: Definitive Guide

A shot inside a car with a steering wheel and a sound system

​Losing control of the car is the worst thing you can face during a ride. It happens when there are problems with the rack and pinion. Steering system these days comes with rack and pinion. It works as a central unit receiving input from the driver and sending a mechanical signal to turn. It is …

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Symptoms Of Clogged Catalytic Converter And How To Fix It Properly?

How to Fix a Clogged Catalytic Converter

You know your car of being oil efficient or at least doesn’t need to feed the tanker like your neighbors and co-workers. But recently, the car is giving poor mileage. Don’t worry; it is not always that the engine is malfunctioning or the exhaust system isn’t working properly. The catalytic converter might be the culprit …

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How to Etch Metal With Vinegar? Let’s Find Out

A person trying to etch something with a metal

​How many times did you want to have your own customized logo etched on a metal object you use? Whether it be a stainless steel knife or a random metal sheet, you can etch text, logo and whatever you like by applying vinegar method. You heard me right. You no longer need to take the …

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What Are the Differences Between 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Engine

An engine of a blue car

As a car owner, you probably know some of the key features of your engine. But have you ever wondered how they work prior to the number of strokes? Cars these days come with either 2 stroke engine or 4 stroke engines. Both their mechanism differs from one another. In this article, I’ll discuss in …

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How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades? Try Multiple Methods!

Top view of sharpening a blade

​No blade stays sharpen if that is used continuously. Sharpening could even be a next step for hardening. Same goes with the bush hog blades. As these blades need to do more tough works than the typical blades, that’s why they need to be sharpened now and then. Bush hog blades not only have to …

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How To Make An Anvil And Take Care It Properly For Long Lasting

A close up shot of an anvil

​Are you planning to buy an anvil for your early stage of blacksmithing? Why not you make one? Take making an anvil as an introductory project for early blacksmithing. My thoughts after doing some research on how to make an anvil is that; making one isn’t that difficult as it seems. After reading quite a …

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How to Harden Mild Steel? Check Out Different Solutions!

Person handling steel with sparks and protective equipment

If you ever came across to a mild steel, then you probably wondered how to harden this piece of metal. It’s very interesting to see mild steel that you can give whatever shape you want. Things get interesting when it’s about hardening it. There are various ways to harden mild steel that doesn’t require industrial …

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