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10 Best Automotive Primer in 2020 – Analysis By an Expert

Dings, dents, and scratches! These three words are enough to keep a car owner awake at night. No matter how carefully you drive, they eventually find their way on to your vehicle.  Fortunately, this issue can be fixed without having to go through expensive repairs! Primers play an important role in restoring your vehicle’s beauty. In the automotive […]

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Wave Cap vs Durag: Know The Actual Difference Between Them

“Spinnas” or “360 Waves” first gained its popularity around the ‘90s. This hip-hop hairstyle was inspired by some famous icons in the entertainment industry like rapper Nelly and the three-time Grammy winner P.Diddy.   Why does the name have “waves” in it? Before I answer this question, let me introduce the ethnicity and hair structure of African-American […]

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